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Brooks Ghost 7 Versus 8

Brooks Ghost 7 Versus 8

Without question, Brook has had a significant impact on the evolution of running shoes. The brand’s primary focus, however, was not necessarily running. Brooks made roller skates, ballet shoes, and baseball cleats from 1914 through 1974 before producing the Villanova, its first running shoe. In 2001, the firm expanded into a full-fledged running shoe manufacturer and started making trainers such as Hyperion Tempo, Catamount, Glycerine, Launch GTS, and Ghost trainers that provide energized cushioning with every step.

The Brooks Ghost provides a straightforward neutral ride and a generous fit and has been one of the best-selling Brooks running shoes year after year. This article will review Brooks Ghost 7 and Brooks Ghost 8 to help you decide which one is right for you.

Brook Ghost 7

The Brooks Ghost 7 has a balanced cushioning that makes it a solid alternative for people looking for a reliable running partner to help them meet their requirements for comfortable performance on the roads. It uses high-quality design and technology to ensure that each stride is as smooth and supported as possible. It also has an excellent appearance that adds to its overall attractiveness.

Key Features of Brooks Ghost 7

Size and Fit

The Brook Ghost 7 is a regular-length running shoe. It is available in men’s and women’s sizes that conform to industry standards. Since its available width is medium, it can fit those with medium-sized feet. The shoe also has a semi-curved design that mimics the natural curve of the human foot, enabling the runner to adapt to it quickly.


HPR Plus is a high-quality rubber compound responsible for the Brooks Ghost 7’s sole unit’s long lifespan. It effectively protects the mid-sole from wear and tear, allowing it to maintain its original shape and function.

The material utilized in the forefoot area is Blown Rubber. It has a receptive disposition, which can cushion the foot more and elevate it slightly during the toe-off phase.

The Omega Flex Grooves permit the platform to move in lockstep with the runner’s foot movement. It doesn’t feel rigid, so you’ll love the increased flexibility.


The midsole’s DNA technology adapts to the size, shape, and movement pattern of the foot wearing it. It’s basically a material that personalizes the underfoot experience. Because of its form-assuming characteristics, the underfoot contour is even well-supported.

BioMoGo is a biodegradable materials-based technology.  It effectively cushions the foot well, ensuring that it is always well supported. It also doesn’t break down readily, ensuring that it remains effective even after several uses.

The Caterpillar Crash Pad is designed to wrap around the heel and mid-foot. It aids in transitioning movement from the heels to the toes by supporting these areas. This part also makes each step more comfortable by reducing impact sensation during each foot strike.


The Brook Ghost 7’s upper is comfortable against the foot, thanks to its breathable mesh. It doesn’t feel constricting or cumbersome. It also allows air to flow freely into the shoe, keeping the feet cool and dry. It can even keep dampness away.

Overlays, both stitched and no-sew, add structure and aesthetic interest to the upper unit. However, since they are attached to the lacing system and can easily adjust when the shoelaces are adjusted, they are also supposed to create a snug but customizable fit. 

Brook Ghost 8

The Brooks Ghost 8 also has some excellent characteristics, like a breathable and comfy designed mesh upper. This shoe also features a full-length section Crash Pad that makes the ride more pleasant and allows for a smoother transition from heel to toe. Below are some of its key features.

Key Feature of Brooks Ghost 8

Size and Fit

The Ghost 8 is available in a standard running shoe length. The mid-foot and toe boxes are both spacious and snug, while the heel area is quite comfortable. This shoe has a true-to-size and width fit that accommodates a broad range of foot sizes.


The outsole of the Brooks Ghost 8 is HPR Plus, which is highly abrasion-resistant while still providing exceptional traction and durability. Whether on wet or dry ground, slipping is never an issue. The outsole is also made of Blown Rubber, which provides flexibility and durability while maintaining responsiveness.


The BioMoGo DNA midsole, which is Brooks’ distinctive midsole, is used in the Ghost 8. This is a full-length midsole made of aggressive waffle rubber that adapts to all types of ground conditions.

The Omni Flex Grooves in the midsole and the Cush Pod Configuration in both the outsole and the midsole provide extra flexibility. When jogging, the Caterpillar Crash Pad travels with the foot in segment form, providing a seamless heel-to-to-toe transition. At the same time, it provides stability and comfortable cushioning.


The Ghost 8’s upper is made of Element Mesh, which keeps the foot cool and dry during the performance. Underneath the upper mesh material, the Element Linings are also present. It keeps the foot wet and comfortable. For a snug and secure fit, synthetic overlays are used.

The Strobe Last is also attached to the sole and provides flexibility and cushioning. The upper also features a BioMoGo foam Profile Sock Liner. As a result, the shoe is soft, supportive, and comfortable, making speedrunning a pleasure.

What are Some of The Major Differences between Brooks Ghost 7 and 8?

Below is a summary of some of the key differences between Brooks Ghost 7 and 8:

  • The Brook Ghost 7 features a conventional stitched-on overlay that goes from the heel to the mid-foot on the upper. It has been replaced with a non-sew overlay on Brooks Ghost 8.
  • On Brooks Ghost 7, the Crash Pad goes down the lateral side of the midsole from the heel to the midfoot. On the medial side, there is a second component. The pattern resembles a horseshoe. The Brooks Ghost 8, on the other hand, has a full-length Crash Pad on the lateral side but no piece on the medial side.
  • Compared to the Brooks Ghost 7, the Brooks Ghost 8’s outsole features smaller squarish lug components, particularly in the forefoot.

Final Take 

Both Brooks Ghost 7 and Brooks Ghost 8 appear to be good running shoes. However, according to this article, it is clear that Brooks Ghost 8 is superior to Brooks Ghost 7.