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Shoes to Wear With Black Jeans

Shoes to Wear With Black Jeans

Since the 1950s, when Levi Strauss chose to improve their classics, black jeans have been a fashion statement. They got a pair of blue jeans and dyed them black, and the rest is history, as they say. Fast forward to now, and black jeans have established themselves as a staple of both the luxury and streetwear cultures.

Balmain, Saint Laurent, John Elliot, and Nudie brands have added their own washes, rips, cuts, and flair to black denim staples. There’s undoubtedly a pair out there for you, regardless of your body type.  In this article, we will look at the finest shoes you can wear with your black jeans. You can style your black jeans with a wide range of shoes, whether it’s for a weekend launch, concert, or work. Below are several shoe colors and types you can pair with your black jeans.

Shoe Colors to Wear with Black Jeans

If you don’t have any inspiration, matching your shoes to your black pants can be difficult. Are you more of a bright-shoe person, or do you like a more neutral look? We’re intrigued by this subject as well and have done some research into which shoes work best with black jeans.

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes to match with your black jeans, a bright color is the way to go. Brighter-colored shoes combine nicely with black jeans and offer your ensemble a more fashion-forward appearance. Animal print, yellow, pink, and red are some of the most popular hues to match with black jeans. Another approach to spice things up is to wear a white or tan shoe. With that being said, let’s dive in and find the best shoe inspiration!


Bright red shoes go well with black jeans and offer a high-end style. Wear a white shirt with red stripes to complete the outfit and to make you feel fashionable.


Pink, in any shade, is another excellent shoe color to pair with black jeans. Men wearing pink is considerably more common these days, and it’s a great look for any age or gender.


When you wear yellow shoes with black jeans, you seem very stylish and upbeat. Wearing a softer yellow with black trousers is an excellent compromise for individuals who don’t want their shoes to be overly flashy.

Animal print

Another eye-catching shoe suggestion for black jeans is an animal print design. Wearing a printed or patterned shoe with black pants is a fun and bold approach to accent your look and suits both men and women.


You might go for a tan or nude shoe if you want to stick to a softer and more neutral color scheme. Tan or nude go with almost anything and still stand out when coupled with black jeans, which is a massive bonus for this color.


Here’s another bright color alternative for your black jeans footwear that’s easy to accessorize and pairs well with almost anything. Because white shoes are generally fashionable and we all own a pair, this is a simple style to replicate at home.

Shoe Types That Go Well With Black Jeans

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to the finest shoes to wear with your pair of black jeans, but there are some superior possibilities. Heels, sandals, and sneakers are the most popular shoe alternatives for wearing with black jeans. As a result, it is suggested that you give them a try. A trendy pump or even a sensual flat for women could be a fun choice to try out, while a loafer or a sneaker for men will look incredible. Shoes have no gender, so go for it if you see one you like and locate it in your size.


Sneakers are one of the top choices for wearing with black jeans. This will result in a beautiful outfit for running errands or going to the movies with your friends. Sneakers have a laid-back, on-the-go vibe comparable to that of black jeans, and therefore the two work well together.


Slip-on flats or a pair of sandals are two alternative shoe styles to try with black jeans. This pair of shoes have a summer/spring vibe that you’ll adore, and they’re always a stylish alternative to try on at home.

Nikes Men’s Training Shoes

These Nike shoes are stylish and will look great with black jeans. This pair of sneakers is made of mesh and rubber and promises to be both comfy and sturdy.


One of the more common trends is to wear heels with black jeans, which is a chic and high fashion alternative. You can even see how black jeans and heels look great combined for a casual appearance.

Chinese Laundry Women’s Holliston Pump

The Chinese Laundry’s shoes will add just the proper amount of elegance to your black jeans ensemble too. These 4.5-inch heels have a peep-toe design.

Can You Wear Brown Shoes With Black Jeans?

Many individuals are unsure whether or not brown shoes may be worn with black jeans. Although it may appear strange, black jeans and brown shoes go great together. Wearing a brown shoe in a more neutral color with a pair of your black jeans is fashionable and will give you a more neutral appearance suitable for both men and women. Brown Chelsea boots or loafers are recommended in this circumstance because they blend nicely with jeans.

Wrap Up

Finding the appropriate shoe to go with your black jeans is easier than you might think. To stand out and create a trendy statement, pair your black jeans with a bright and lively colored pair of shoes. You have many options to try out with your black jeans, whether you want to wear red heels or brown loafers. Trends come and go with the seasons, but owning a good pair of black jeans never goes out of style. Showing off your personality via fashion, regardless of your gender, age, or style, is a terrific way to tell the world who you are and inspire those around you.