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Shoes Like Nobull

Shoes Like Nobull

Over the past decade, cross-training and functional fitness style workouts have gained massive popularity as the benefits of hybrid training have become more apparent. The fact that cross-training can include multiple exercises means that the workouts can vary dramatically. Thus, the need to wear the right shoes.

Numerous cross-training shoes have emerged in response to booming demand from athletes and sneakerheads alike. Nobull Trainers are some of the best shoes under those descriptions. Nobull brand makes some of the best Crossfit training shoes employing a simple design that works.

Naturally, Nobulls come with a durable upper and a flat compression-free sole, which makes them an excellent option for gym workouts. Those who often train hard and want a training shoe could also benefit from these shoes.

However, budget-wise, Nobull shoes aren’t the most accessible. The brand offers new and improved cross-training footwear alongside great tech to match even the high demands for high-intensity workouts- thus it’s easy to expect these shoes to come at a not-so-pocket-friendly price range. Luckily, we’ve sifted through them all and developed a quick rundown of the best shoes like Nobull that you can buy.

Here are the Best Nobull Alternatives

Reebok Speed TR Shoes

From CrossFit Games to Local Boxes, Reebok has been on the frontline, working with athletes around the globe to deliver shoes specifically designed for CrossFit training. At under $100, the Reebok Speed TR is an excellent alternative to Nobull, especially for someone looking to save bucks on kicks that are also ideal for Functional fitness.

As the name suggests “Speed”, the Reebok Speed TR Shoes are designed for faster-paced workouts. They’re relatively lightweight, weighing in at just 8.5. Another pleasant highlight is that these shoes work well in lifting- meaning it’s an easy recommendation if you’re someone who wants maximum support from your shoes.

While some folks need the responsiveness from a dense midsole or sturdy heel cup, the Speed TR comes with plenty of EVA foam. That means the shoes will absorb your feet during performances, rather than leaving them vulnerable to a stiff platform to push against.

You can comfortably have the Speed TRs in your personal collection of cross-training shoes. While Rebook doesn’t offer Speed TR in women’s sizes, you can simply drop 1.5 sizes off the men’s sizes for a perfect fit. Besides, there are Speed variations available on the company’s site for women.

Nike Metcon 6

Aside from being among the most breathable versions on the range, the Nike Metcon is designed to keep your feet cool even when you’re working full steam. It bears the pull and push of high-intensity and heavily weighted workouts, providing excellent stability and durability.

Most people love the Nike Metcon, and we think Nike saw what Nobull was doing with their collections. Based on reviews, the Nike Metcon gets better with every iteration. One would even say, these are arguably the best shoes like Nobull that you should buy.

Another thing why we like the Metcon 6 is that it’s equipped with all the features found on other Metcons. They tend to run narrow so you might want to go half a size up for wide feet. The stable heel makes it suitable for squats while the cushioned foam in the midsole comes in handy for plyometrics and running.

The outsole is all-rubber, meaning it’s hardcore enough. Similar to Nobull shoes, the Nike Metcon 6 comes with a hard bottom to withstand rope climbing. The upper is extremely breathable as the large perforations in the material do a great job, especially when working in hot conditions.

Adidas AdiPower 2

Redesigned for the modern reign, boasting a streamlined silhouette, these lightweight shoes from Adidas are yet another excellent pick for shoes like Nobles. The shoes feature a breathable woven textile upper with inner reinforcement for maximum stability. It accommodates your foot for optimal support while adapting to the natural flexing of the toes.

While professional weightlifters should wear shoes purposely designed to handle different types of lifts, the AdiPowers 2 are carefully built to fit Crosslifters who want to wear lifting shoes like Nobull.

The shoes are noticeably flexible but still of the best quality. They’re made of full Canvas outer to keep your feet cool and flexible. These features make them ideal for workouts, particularly where you have to do more than squatting movements.

It does all these while keeping a 20 mm heel drop, giving you the much-needed elevation to move below parallel. Priced at around $200, we’d recommend these for those who want weightlifting shoes that can serve just like Nobulls.

Well, we can’t say for certain that these are the best weightlifting shoes as the outsole might not deliver the feedback that most weightlifters would expect. That said, the shoes are certainly great for general workouts including snatches and squats cleans.

Reebok Nano X1

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this Reebok Nano X1 is that they’re designed with a greater heel drop up to 7mm. This larger heel differential should accommodate most of the common cross-training movements like lunges, squats, and wall balls.

The New Reebok Nano X1 incorporates Flexweave Grit Flexweave Knit upper material alongside a sleek silhouette to enhance speed. Similar to most Nobull, these shoes are engineered for HIIT, running, functional fitness, boxing, and more.

All these stem from a more upright torso position and an elevated heel for stability. There’s also the TPU that wraps around the heel to keep the foot even more stable throughout a variety of movements.