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Shoes Like Nike Cortez

Shoes Like Nike Cortez

While athletes are always on the hunt for something that will give them that special edge, one of the best approaches to reach full performance is to have shoes that are superior to virtually everything on the market. Nike Cortex is one of those shoes that came along several years ago.

Nike Cortez Overview

The Cortez was the first track shoe created by Nike. Its first outset in 1972 coincided with the summer Olympics, where it was seen by many and quickly garnered a cult following. Nike Cortez is deceptively simple and in terms of design and was initially made with leather before Nike switched to lighter synthetic and suede.

When athletes found out about the shoe’s existence, they began counting on this shoe exclusively. It was largely recognized for providing excellent performance and reducing pain associated with overtraining.

After breaking the records as the best-selling top-notch running shoe, the Nike Cortez enjoyed a longstanding ride on the pop-culture train. Hip-hop artists were often seen wearing Nike Cortez.

Nowadays, Nike Cortez is commonly worn by athletes and non-athletes alike. In fact, you’re more likely to see someone wearing these shoes on the street as well as when training on the track. The outside design is classic and clean, featuring a little more than just Nike’s trademark swoosh symbol on the side.

Whether you’re a big fan of the retro 70’s footwear or simply prefer lightweight running shoes that double as street sneakers, the Nike Cortez is a great recommendation. All things considered, Nike Cortez is a great sneaker- but there’s a catch. These shoes will set you back more than $100. That’s why we discussed these Nike Cortez dupes.

Here are the Best Nike Cortez Alternatives

Saucony Jazz Original

Most people seem to love Saucony due to their long-standing history with running. This brand is dedicated to enthusiasts with great innovations that address pronation and match feet anatomy. Their Jazz original in particular is three decades old, yet it boasts a look that works.

The EVA provides excellent cushioning and the look is as timeless as the Nike Cortez. It sports a simple three-dot contrasting “S” on the quarter panel that distinguishes it from the rest. Another friendly characteristic of the Jazz Original is that it’s available in multiple colors to choose from.

Puma Turin Sneakers

This unisex style, though only available in men’s sizes, is pretty much comparable to soccer sneakers to jogging shoes. However, the Puma formstrip and the leather upper remind us of the Nike Cortez. The shoes have a rubber outsole that comes in handy for grip, and an EVA midsole for comfort. Moreover, the Puma Turin Sneakers are available in colors like gray, white, and classic blue and white.

Onitsuka Tiger Serrano

The Onitsuka Tiger Serrano’s built quality stems from the 1970s fitness options as the Nike Cortez. It’s a lightweight pair of running shoes with an excellent upper, spiked rubber outsole and dual-overlay sued suede on the toe cap.

Both the tongue and collar are carefully padded for extra support and comfort. While the brand’s signature reminds you of Nike, the shade options are even more dynamic. You will also get clean color combinations like blue, white, and red.

Greats the Rosen

If you’re looking for a classic look with nylon and suede uppers built on a dual-density EVA midsole, then these Rosen shoes are an easy recommendation. Tread is reliable, thanks to the Vibram as it provides a nice contrast to the clean midsole. The overall design is simple and understated. The branding here is kept at a minimum, and the whole thing is amazingly lightweight for wearability.

Adidas SL Loop

We still think the SL Loop is Adidas’ response to the Nike Roshe Run. Well, the designs are slightly different, but both models have the number of eyelets kept to a minimum, and are available in a ton of colors to choose from. One thing we like the most about the SL Loop is the uppers.

They sport vintage aesthetics, while the outsole and the midsole take a sleek and aggressive approach. Though the sharp toe box may not be the best for someone who prefers wide-legged pants, the shoes go well with a pair of shorts.

New Balance 574 Retro Spot

Designed in 1988 as a mash-up of two popular New Balance models, the New Balance 574 Retro Spot is the ultimate street style sneaker that you should consider. The shoes are designed to be compatible with almost any outfit.

Made with mesh and suede, you can wear these sneakers with dresses and skirts. Moreover, it’s available in multiple colors and is developed with midsole technology that provides great comfort and stability.

Puma Carson

The Puma Carson is also on the list of the best sneakers that would shine just like the Nike Cortez. This Puma version is a budget versatile runner nearly carbon copy of the famous Nike Roshe Run. So instead of the Nike Swoosh, what you get here is a Puma Logo.

The overall design is relatable with a lower profile at the toe box. In fact, the Carson is often regarded as a response to the incredibly popular Nike Roshe. One impressive factor is that the Carson will likely be available at the Pumas Outlet, 6 PM, or Zappos for as low as $20.

Nike Roshe Run

The Nike Roshe is one of the best models that inspired our list. The manufacturer did a great job when developing this shoe, embracing the minimalist approach to the design. Featuring few textile pieces on the upper, the runner has a mid-cut silhouette that is punctuated with the EVA midsole.

With the design, these shoes will look good in tonal colors. If you’re one of those runners who love switching colors between the textiles, probably for contrast, the Roshe Run excels with the clean tonal approach.