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Shoes Like Common Projects

Shoes Like Common Projects

So you love the Common Project’s design but can’t stand the hefty price tag? We reviewed the best Common Projects alternatives for you. Common Projects is a footwear brand that has garnered a following amongst sneakerheads.

Clean white shoes from Common Projects have become a staple in the fashion industry, thanks to the iconic nature and quality construction of their products. The company boasts a bare-bones operation with no marketing to speak of and a barely functional site.

Developed in Italy with hand-selected leather, these sneakers are dubbed wine, as they get better with age. The brand has secured its place in the luxury footwear space through word of mouth.

However, for the budget crowd, shoes from Common Project aren’t the most accessible. Luckily, if you don’t mind having something less recognizable, you can skip the premium serial number and save some bucks with any of these equally great alternatives.

Here are Common Projects Alternatives

Axel Arigato White Clean 90 Sneaker

Axel Arigato is a Swedish footwear brand that has gained massive popularity over the recent years. They’re widely recognized for offering a large collection of styles ranging from classic to sartorially adventurers. They produce nice white sneakers, carefully hand-made from smooth leather with a matching rubber cup-sole and a well-cushioned footbed for superior comfort and support.

Oliver Cabell Low 1

The Oliver Cabell brand has been a major player in the field of the minimalist footwear category for quite a long, providing all sorts of stylish sneakers with a handsome price range. Their Low 1 model is one of the best Italian-made pieces that come with all the styles and none of the markup.

In comparison, this shoe could be described as Common Projects Achilles homage, offered at a more budget price point. Aside from being so popular with the Common Project’s Achilles, the Low 1 features gold lettering on the unmarked upper, which is a highlight to Common Projects.

When it first hit the market, the Low 1 was on par with other lower-priced brands on our list, but the manufacturer decided to work on the shoe from the ground up. The upper is derived from 30z full-grain calfskin, the footbed is comfy and the lining and leaves are also carefully designed to put this sneaker well in the luxury category. And given the price, the Low 1 is certainly among the best Common Projects Alternatives you should try.

Koio Capri

Koio Capri is yet another top choice if you’re searching for a great alternative to Common Projects. Developed with the highest quality Italian leather, both the Capri and the CP’s Achilles are equipped with Margom soles.

The eyelets and the toe box are almost identical when comparing both models. Plus, Koio offers a version of the low top with a suede accent on the heel, which is also something that we really like.

Another impressive thing is that the shoes are available in a range of colors, so you don’t have to feel restricted to the popular all-white look. For example, the Fiore colorway, though a little bolder, will remain simple and help you stand out in a crowd. Also, the Capri is lined with the same full-grain calf-skin leather found on the upper. Not to overlook the padding around the ankle and suede that brings about a sense of luxury.

SeaVees Legend Sneakers

First introduced in 1964, the design employed by SeaVees in the making of these shoes is far from the Common Project-inspired design. However, it offers a similar spirit through its cotton canvas silhouette and minimalist vibe. In fact, it’s a favorite pick for the budget crowd.

New Republic Kurt

Quite possibly the best common project alternative under $100, the New Republic Kurt is one of the highly recommended shoes like Common Projects. The shoes are available in a wide range of sizes for both men and women and feature a thick memory foam that brings comfort and airflow to your step.

Speaking of quality, the leather- though not of luxury grade- is nice compared to what is commonly found on premium models like Adidas Stan Smith. Considering the price, these are very reliable and can serve for quite long before actually showing signs of wear. So if you’re on a tight budget, the New Republic Kurt is an easy recommendation.

Greats Royal Blango

Rumors have it that the Greats Royal Blango are crafted in the same factory as Common Projects. While we can’t say that for certain, what we know is that they’re from the same region. With a comparable silhouette, Great Royal Blango is an Italian-made sneaker designed with maximum versatility in mind.

The lining and the uppers are made from full-grain leather of some of the best quality you’ll find on sneakers under the same category. The softer leather lining means that you can wear these with or without socks.

Becket Simonon Reid

The next best alternative trio Common Projects is the Reid by Beckett Simonon. This one comes at a less steep price than most other models for various reasons. Beckett Simonon makes all their shoes based on the order. That means if you order in October, you’ll receive the shoes in January. While that seems like a long wait, the Reid is a fantastic choice for a minimalist look.

The Reid also differs from the Koio and Common Projects in that they’re made from materials sourced outside of Italy. The shoes boast full-grain leather Argentinian leather with moderate padding around the tongue and ankles. The Vachetta lining, commonly found in luxury handbags, creates a nice patina over time.

Clae Bradley Sneaker

Handmade in Italy from real leather, this last option from Clae, the renowned California footwear brand established in 2001, is another nice move. What’s better, it won’t break the bank. One thing that leads Bradley to our list is Clae’s interesting colorways. The green waxed suede is a new approach from the all-white look that dominates our top choices. Besides, if the green doesn’t suit you, you can always try other 40 color options.