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Shoes Like Moccasins

Shoes Like Moccasins

Traditional Moccasin styles have long hit the soles of mainstream fashion and culture and have been inspired by a variety of different footwear types. Moccasins have a cult following where their consumers’ fan base wear them to complement their outfit and personality.

What Are Moccasins Made of?

Moccasin shoes are made of deerskin or other soft leather, featuring soles made with leather that has not been worked. The sides are made of one piece of leather stitched together at the top and other times with a vamp or additional panel of leather.

Moccasin soles are designed to be soft and flexible. The upper part is often adorned with beading or embroidery. Though often assumed to be slippers, moccasins are mainly intended for outdoor purposes. Note that slippers can be designed in moccasin style, but moccasins aren’t always for indoor use. They can be casual and formal footwear.

From enchanted kicks to boat shoes for landlubbers and Native American skate shoes, fashion designers can hop on the distinctive attributes of moccasin shoe styles and reflect them onto their attire brands to improve the culture of the unique consumer market. Meanwhile, there are several brands out there that create shoes like a moccasin.

Here are Moccasin Alternatives

Vans SK8-Hi Fringe Pack Mashes

No doubt that Vans has taken their sneaker collection to a whole new level with these SK8-Hi Fringe Pack Mashes Sneakers. Putting together the look of the Native American moccasin with the Vans SK8-Hi silhouette, the shoes settle the dilemma that occurs when fashionistas can’t just decide between the comfort of sneakers and moccasins styles.

The Vans SK8-Hi Fringe sneakers feature suede asses, classic Native embroidery alongside fringe trim. They are offered in black and brown but are only available in limited varieties.

New Balance A20

The New Balance introduces hippie chic to the court. Basketball shoes are mostly at the forefront when it comes to style innovations. From high tops to neon colors, the market has seen pretty much from it all. Moreover, you can now find these shoes in multiple styles as the New Balance provides the new moccasin-inspired A20.

Similar to other New Balance b-ball shoes, the A20 has been developed with excellent comfort in mind, offering contrasting stitching and tassels at the back of the ankle. The shoe is available in a couple of colors, which are sure to make a statement on the court.

The Clarks Spring/Summer Preview

Made by Clarks, the Spring/Summer Preview features moccasin detailing that makes it a staple among wearers. The shoe comes with a low-profile design alongside moccasin detailing throughout.

Offered in two fly colorways, brown suede, and tan suede, the Clarks Spring/Summer Preview comfortably delivers something worth consideration.

Trussardi 1911 Spring/Summer

This is yet another collection that is slowly, but surely making a name for itself and belongs to the same category as other shoes like moccasin on our list. The Trussardi 1911 Spring/Summer proves why this little company is among the best to watch out for.

With multiple styles on offer, including everything from sneakers to dress shoes, the Trussardi 1911 even boasts some moccasin-inspired treads. It’s a great alternative for those looking for both classic and chic footwear that’s ideal for more than just one occasion. Plus, you can wear these both indoors and outdoors.

Ken Diamond Footwear

While the desire for moccasin has increased greatly, companies and designers have started revamping the traditional design in the quest to satisfy the general public and augment the appeal. Meanwhile, Ken Diamond Footwear seems to be working for something else: keeping the traditions alive.

The brand is redesigning a classic style in quality leather to deliver one strong collection. These shoes are offered in three colors namely mustard, licorice, and marshmallow. They are also available in two styles: Thome and Koko. All things considered, the Ken Diamond footwear offers some of the best shoes that are sure to keep the classic moccasin alive.

The Nike ACG Air Moc

The New Nike ACG Air Moc is quite possibly the most inviting-looking shoe that Nike has ever made. We hardly thought we’d see the day when the worldwide popular brand went Native.

Based on features, the Nike ACG Air Moc is probably not a court shoe, but that should not stop you from trying hard in it. These best shoes like moccasin are available in three colors and feature leather laces on the heel. The whole thing looks comfortable and the fact that it spots the Nike swoosh on it only adds cool points.

Visvim’s Luxury Shoes

If you’re looking for shoes from one of the high-end footwear lines, and of course brands with street influencers, the Visvim is an easy recommendation. It appears as if this brand was influenced by Mean Street of the enchanted forest.

Their fall/winter collection includes amazing models with a tribal influence mash-up, considering that the product offerings are heavy on the moccasin detailing. In their line are three of the offerings from the brand’s fall/winter collection including, the Gabo Hi Elk and Maliseet Elk Folk.

Visvim shoes are products designed to deliver a more natural feel that’s agreeable to consumers who want to stay close to nature. Reading on their website, the company is working to solidify its place on the market.

Deck Shoe-Inspired SeaVees Desert Boots

These Deck-inspired SeaVees Desert Boots are designed for those days when you want to hang out and probably hit some more rugged terrain. Whether you’re walking on wet or dry surfaces, you won’t go wrong with these navy blue canvas kicks.

The shoes feature moccasin-like stitching around the toe that makes them look like deck shoes. While the rest of the design screams desert footwear, these SeaVees Desert boots will serve just fine whether on land or at sea.