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Nike Product Testing Review

Nike Product Testing Review

The Nike Swoosh logo is one of the most iconic on the planet. It’s easy to find millions of athletes and celebrities wearing Nike shoes and sneakers. The good news is that if you’re one of them, and would like to get Nike shoes for free, you can apply and get approved to become a Nike shoe product tester.

But before you get so excited, it’s good to state that you need to be approved for this program to potentially get hold of some Nike gear. Nonetheless, signing up for the official Nike Product Testing program is absolutely free and you can easily apply to see if you get accepted. Who gets approved is solely at Nike’s discretion.

Nike Product Testing Explained

Being a worldwide branded footwear manufacturer, Nike makes huge investments in designing and developing new products for the market. It would be a waste of capital and man-hours only to have hard sell products because it failed to meet customers’ needs.

So to make sure that their new releases are up to market’s standard, Nike usually recruits testers willing to spend some time using and assessing prototypes of their products. That means these models aren’t out for purchase yet, and some of them might not even make it to store shelves.

How Nike Product Testing Program Work

To start accessing free Nike gear, you will first need to apply on their Product Testing page. Nike Product Testing program is operated by Nike and is 100% legitimate. In the course of this program, you’ll be asked to try out shoes and other related gear and simply report back after wearing it for a certain period of time- usually eight weeks or so.

It’s good to state that the company doesn’t just give shoes and gear; the whole point behind this point is to improve their products. Based on your demographic profile, Nike will usually send you gear subject to your activity.

That means if you’re a weightlifter, for instance, the company might want to send you shoes related to lifting weights, but you’re an avid runner, then they will possibly send you running shoes to try on.

While Nike isn’t looking for specific people, what gets approved for the program is usually based on your demographic profile. Also, keep in mind that if you get approved for the panel, you will have to deliver some work in exchange for your free gear.

You’re most likely to be asked to return anything you received so that they can inspect the usage. You will also be asked to answer various questions after wearing the shoes/gear throughout the week to give them an idea about your activity while you were wearing the shoes.

Generally, provided you answer the questions and give detailed answers, there are high chances that Nike will want to work with you. Meanwhile, it’s essential that you respond to everything Nike wants to know to make sure you’re active in their database.

Signing Up for Nike Product Testing Panel

As mentioned, you need to apply on the official Nike Product Testing page to potentially start receiving free gear/shoes. On the website (front center), you will see an ‘APPLY” button which you should click to begin your application.

Selecting the “Apply” button will bring you a simple information page. It basically talks about how the program works. Simply put, you will apply to be a tester, and if you match the company’s demographic, they will send you an invitation email, which you’ll obviously need to accept. Once you’ve accepted the invite, Nike will send you the product and ask you to submit feedback via the website. You will eventually be asked to return the product for it to be examined again.

Nike Product Testing Program: Age Groups

As a product tester, there are three different categories where you can apply. They all vary in age, meaning if you have kids younger than 17, you can sign them up provided you’ll be there for parental consent. We’d at least recommend doing this because you’ll get to increase your odds of receiving some great gear/shoes to test out.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate age graphically, you will be asked to fill out an application. Usually, you’ll be asked where you reside and the kind of products you’d like to test. Whether you want to test apparel only, or are looking to test both shoes and apparel, it is all up to you as to what you’d like to be sent to your doorstep.

During application, you may be asked to state your interests, your height, weight, gear size, and shoe size. You’ll also be required to create a user name/password (towards the end of the application) so that they can put it into their system.

It should take about 10 minutes to complete the whole process, but if you’re in more than just one sport, then that could take longer as the company seeks to get an idea of everything you do physically.

Once you’re done with the initial application, you’ll be asked to take a final survey. This is where you talk about your daily activities, your preferences, and such.

Basically, Nike wants to check that they’re sending you only products that you’re interested in. So be sure to keep it 100% honest to avoid getting something you’re unhappy with.

Now that you’ve done your part, all you can do is wait for an answer. As stated above, the company will either put you into their database as a product tester, or you deny your application and the chance to get free Nike gear. It could take weeks or even months to get an answer.

The Bottom Line

The Nike Product Testing program is a great way to test out Nike gear and shoes for a certain period of time. Just keep in mind that you will have to put forth some effort while wearing the shoes so that you can give detailed answers. Granted that the program is free, you can easily fill out the application and see if you’ll receive any Nike products.