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Kevin Garnett Shoes

Kevin Garnett Shoes

Kevin Maurice Garnett is a former basketball player who is regarded as one of the most versatile and dominant power forwards of all time. Garnett is on record for being among the five NBA players to have ever won the MVP and Defensive Player of the Year awards. After being the fifth overall pick for the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 1995 draft, Kevin Garnet quickly proved to be the superstar that the team needed. However, this came at a peak price as the franchise player settled for one of the biggest contracts that led to a lot of tension in the NBA leading to a lockout that shortened the 1998/1999 season.

The athletic player who rocked multiple shoe brands

Every time Kevin Garnett hit the courts, he could never be undermined as his mix of size, athleticism, and shooting abilities made him lethal. But, beyond his skills, there was also the ‘shoe factor’ as Garnett always rocked amazing sneakers. It got better as over his 22-year career he wore multiple shoe brands starting out with Nike in his early years before moving to AND1, then to Adidas, and finally to Anta.

Kevin Garnet had his first signature shoes while with Nike, making him the 10th player under the brand to have his line of shoes. The Nike Air Garnett series became the defining look of the superstar but this did not last as long as desired. When Garnet moved to AND1 he had his second series of signature shoes the AND1 Garnett sneakers. Unfortunately, the deal with AND1 did not last long and Garnet left for Adidas after only two years with the brand.

At Adidas, the partnership was not too great as the signature models released for Garnett failed to arouse interest. This prompted the brand to switch to its Team Signature lineup where Kevin Garnett was placed alongside other players for the next series of sneaker releases. Finally, Garnet signed with China’s Anta and went ahead to have seven signature shoes under the brand these were:

  •       Anta KG 7. This was the last signature shoe released for the superstar under Anta though he never wore them in any NBA game.
  •       Anta KG 6
  •       Anta KG 5
  •       Anta KG 4
  •       Anta KG 3
  •       Anta KG 2
  •       Anta KG 1. This was the first signature shoe for Garnet with Anta and it was a mid-cut that was personalized with the details of the star including his logo and jersey number.

Other sneakers that Kevin Garnett is famous for wearing over his career were:

Adidas Kevin Garnett commander

Garnett had his career-defining moment- his 2008 NBA championship- while rocking the Adidas KG commander. For the finals, the three stripes gave Garnet an exclusive edition with his face on the outer sole and the official finals logo. Only eight pairs were produced for each finals game and the Celtics chose to sell these shoes through auction with a pair going for $1000.

 Nike Air Garnet 3

 Another legendary sneaker that Kevin Garnett laced up was the Nike Air Garnet 3. These shoes took the basketball world by storm right from the day they were unveiled, becoming an instant hood classic.