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Is Rack Room Shoes Legit?

Is Rack Room Shoes Legit?

Want to know how to spice up your outfit? How about a sleek pair of shoes! We all desire chic and comfy shoes. But it’s difficult to distinguish between good and bad retailers with so many in the market.

This article seeks to give you clarity on one such retailer, Rack Room Shoes. Rack Room Shoes is an American retailer that dates back many years.

But before you rush to their site, let’s first find the answer to this question: Is Rack Room Shoes legitimate?

Is Rack Room Shoes Legit?

This review should give you the truth about this shoe company: authentic or scam?

Rack Room Shoes is a legit company and has been in business since 1920. Rack Room Shoes has been in business for almost 100 years! This is enough to prove that the company is legitimate and will not be closing down anytime soon.

Rack Room Shoes

Phil Levinson founded this company in 1922 in Salisbury, North Carolina. It was initially called Phill’s Shoes but was later renamed Rack Room Shoes.

The company was acquired by the German Deichmann Group in 1980 and has continued to run it since. In 2002, they also bought Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse and put it all together under one roof.

They specialize in shoes and shoe care products for children, men, and women with budgets favorable for all. They will celebrate their 100th anniversary in business in 2022.

What is Rack Room Shoes’ top-selling product that earned them the number one spot among shoe retailers?

Rack Room Shoe Products

Rack Room Shoes has a vast selection of shoes in a variety of styles. There are shoes to suit every occasion and style and feature shoes from all major brands like reebok, Nike, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger. They also sell their brands like Bluefin, Limelight and Restoration.

Rack Room Shoes offers shoes for children, men and women for all occasions. They offer sneakers, boots, heels, flip-flops, and sandals.

They also offer accessories like backpacks, socks, and shoe care products.

Rack Room Shoe Pricing

Rack Room Shoes does not sell designer shoes at a high price. They constantly offer a variety of promotions and sales that will not strain your wallet.

Athletic shoes can cost low or high depending on their design. The same applies to dress shoes and boots.

Accessories are likely to have the cheapest items, followed by casual shoes like sandals or flip-flops.

Rack Room Payment Methods

You can use any VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. You can also use the company’s gift cards for online shopping.

Rack Room Shoes Shipping Policy

Rack Room Shoes offers shipping services within the United States Continent only. Orders over $65 qualify for free standard economy shipping. Otherwise, a $6.99 charge will apply for orders of lesser amounts. Standard shipping takes 7-10 days.

Delivery options are limited and can be made faster by an extra charge.

  • Standard Ground takes approximately 5 to 7 business days and costs $8.99
  • Expedited takes approximately 2 to 3 business days and costs $19.99

If you’re not patient enough to wait for shipping, you can opt for pick-up.

Rack Room Shoes Return Policy

Rack Room Shoes offers a pretty generous return policy. You have 60 days to return items, but they must be in their original condition. You must return them unused and with the original receipt. Rack Room may offer you a gift card of an equivalent value if you have lost your receipt.

You have two options: either send your return to them at your expense or drop it off at one of their stores near you.

They take about 3-10 days to process your refund. After evaluating your returns, they have the right to reject issuing you a full refund.

Rack Room shoe Customer Satisfaction

Here’s an analysis of some customer reviews around the internet.

Site Jabber, a web-based platform that helps consumers find trustworthy online businesses and avoid scams, says that Rack Room Shoes is unreliable if the customers’ reviews they have analyzed are anything to go by. Their score is a measly 1.8/5 stars, which shows that they don’t care much about their customers. The most common complaints are poor customer service and incorrect order delivery.

Pissed Consumer, a consumer advocacy website that fosters communication between companies and customers, gives them a 2 out of 5-star score after analyzing customer reviews. They rank at 430 out of 2448 footwear retailer companies. Customers are generally dissatisfied with poor customer service and suspicious policies.

Rack Room Shoe alternatives

If you’re looking to purchase multiple shoes, it is recommendable to shop in a store with many choices under one roof. Other than Rack Room, you can try these alternative retailers.

DSW: DSW hosts extensive collections of designer brand shoes. With over 500 locations, you can easily find a store near you. You can also find them online. They are one of America’s largest footwear retailers.

ShoeMall: ShoeMall is another alternative retailer that is a favorite of many. You will find a wide range of products at affordable prices. There are many types of shoes available for children, men and women.

Does Rack Room Shoes have an app?

Rack Room Shoes offers an app that you can download to your Android or Apple phone. To use the app, you only need to sign up to create your account.

Rack Room Shoe stores

Rack Room Shoes prides itself in approximately 500 stores located across the United States. Many have an open-concept design which makes them more accessible.

It is normal to get confused when shopping online. You have every right as a consumer to question the legitimacy of any online store before your first purchase. By now, you have a treasure of info regarding Rack Room Shoes. Every online store has its good and bad sides. You can decide the way forward by comparing the store’s pros and cons. If you feel they have more pros than cons, you can try them, albeit cautiously.