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Is Kicks on Fire Legit?

Is Kicks on Fire Legit?


Kick on Fire was first registered as a music company in South East London.

Their debut extended play (EP) was released in 2010 as Kick Up The Fire. This was followed by the second EP release in 2012 called Money Men.

The original members of this band were Kenny Wastell, the lead vocal; Thom Wicks, the base guitar maestro; Marek Bereza; and, Andrew Hutson, the drummist.

Their main genres of music were Indie Rock also known as Garage Punk.

Is Kicks on Fire Legit?

Kick the Fire was to later venture in the supply of a number of customer items and today regarded as legit for the reasons shared with you below.

Kick on Fires Authentic Wares

Kick on Fire will supply you with items that are certified as 100% authentic and guaranteed.

Specifically, you can trust Kick for your supply of a range of sneaker shoes that are genuine. 

In fact, if you are shopping for designer made sneakers, Kick the Fire is worth your shopping time because of their selection of sneaker brands.

The turn-around time that this company offers you between making your order and receipt of your purchase is prompt and will make you happy.

And they have return policy for items in case their supply does not perfectly match or fit your order.

How Do You Contact Kick on Fire for Support?

Kick on Fire has a 24/7 online customer-care service arrangement to ensure a seamless delivery of their customer orders.

How do you reach their customer support agent?

Well, you simply log into your account, and proceed to My Orders from the main Menu.

You then select your order. 

The action of selecting your order automatically connects you to a personal assistant waiting to offer the help you need.

Do Kicks on Fire Have a Return Policy?

Yes, Kick on Fire has a return policy.

Although they do not allow refunds, swap backs, or exchanges, Kick on Fire will act accordingly whenever a problem with your order arises from their end.

All you are supposed to do is to contact then their portal and your case will be addressed promptly.

Where the problem is with an item or product you received, ensure they are contacted in writing with a span of three (3) days after physical delivery to you.

Your detailed description of the problem is essential to be assisted.

Due to the volumes of orders received by Kick on Fire fulfillment centers, you are advised to re-read and revise the description of your items to perfect fit your demand before submitting your order.

This is because your order once registered in their system cannot be canceled.

How Do You Track Orders Made to Kick on Fire?

Once you place your order with us, it is up to our fulfillment center to have it prepared and packaged.

A tracking number and a shipping label are created and given to your order within 1 to 3 business days based on your item or product demand.

When created, this tracking number becomes part of your order details. 

In exceptional cases, a 24 to 48 hours’ time lapse may pass before this tracking number appears as part of your order details depending on the readiness of your postal carrier.

When your tracking number appears as part of your order, it means it is active and you can periodically click on it to view your shipment updates.

Kicks on Fire also takes the extra step to send you daily push notifications as well as an email regarding your order.

Does Kick on Fire have a Global Reach?

Yes, you answer.

Kick on Fire ships  orders globally.

Be assured that Kick the Fire will find a way to ship your order irrespective of the part of the world where you live as long as you are reachable.

Is it Possible to Cancel Your Order With Kick on Fire?

It is good to know that once you place your order with Kick on Fire, it becomes impossible to have it canceled.

But why?

Once your order is received, the staff working at the fulfillment centers process and have it dispatched immediately.

It is assumed that you had thought through your order and decided it is final.

Besides, the big volumes of orders received by Kick on Fire militate against such revisions. However, Kick on Fire is considering revising this policy so that it is not regarded as being very strict on its customers.

Are there times when Kick on Fire May Cancel Your Order?

It is hardly ever the case that your order will be canceled.

So what could lead to your order being canceled?

Your order can only be canceled from Kick on Fire’s end.

When your order is found to have an issue at any of Kick on Fire’s point inspection checks, it will certainly be canceled.

This is immediately followed by a refund of your payment.

The step is taken to ensure that you get an item that you are 100% satisfied with.

The payment refund will be directed to your Paypal account and not the card as stated under Kick on Fire’s terms and conditions shared with every customer upon registration.

Does Kick on Fire Include Custom in Your International Orders?

Kick on Fire does not include customs duties to the figure of your order.

The company leaves it to you and your jurisdiction to settle any custom fees chargeable at your order’s point of delivery.

Are the sizes indicated in sneakers shipped by Kick on Fire US or UK?

The sizes that you find indicated on sneakers supplied by Kick on Fire are the US in origin.

Therefore, you as a customer should read and convert the sizing metrics to that of your state before placing your order.

In Which Currency Does Kick on Fire Indicate Her Prices?

To date, Kick on Fire gives prices of her items strictly in United States Dollars. 

So when making your order, Paypal which is the company’s payment processor gives you the most current foreign exchange rate that is equivalent to your currency for you to pay.

Simply put, Kick on Fire is legit and you should be free to place your order for your items with full confidence that you will always receive back an item that equals the true value of your money.