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How To Wear Running Shoes With Jeans

How To Wear Running Shoes With Jeans

One of the most interesting things we can borrow from the modern athleisure trend is wearing running shoes with skinny jeans. And while most people tend to love the standard uniform of a cropped sweatshirt, leggings, and sneakers, certain occasions will call for something a bit more sophisticated and carefully put together.

The question of how to wear running shoes with jeans can be daunting for those who want comfortable running shoes alongside fashionable outfits. For example, you’d be best wearing sensible and stylish footwear to reach a particular cult status, yet there’s nothing wrong with wearing your gym time staples regularly. 

Fortunately, a stylish pair of jeans go well with just about any type of shoes. All it takes is a touch of creativity. For the best part, this may involve various tricks, especially if you’re obsessed with a trendy and impeccable outfit. So if you want to feel comfortable all the time, especially during those days full of walking, without skimping your personal style, you may read on. 

We developed the various favorite street style looks that’ll grant you all the fashion inspiration to pair your running shoes and create your own looks.

Make sure the Jeans Fit Well

The jeans have to be an absolute right fit to match your sneakers and endow an excellent outfit. For instance, if you have long legs, it would be best to choose a pair that brings attention to such killer legs. Certain brands offer some high-quality jeans that will go well with most sneakers. On the same aspect, ladies blessed in the booty area might want to choose a pair that highlights such regions.

While you don’t want to wear skinny jeans that are way too big, you also don’t want anything that makes you feel suffocating. Such jeans will make you feel and look comfortable.

The Type of Running Shoes

If you already have several running shoes at your disposal, you probably know that not all of them are mean for everyday wear. In fact, most companies usually focus on granting a comfortable ride and experience that is wholly relegated to the ground.

As a result, they end up producing bulky designs with plenty of cushioning and multiple layers of stitching to ensure comfortable runs. Unfortunately, such shoes are typically awful to pair with skinny jeans or other kinds of clothes besides workout gear like Asics.

Basically, if you want fashionable running shoes to wear outside the running session, you need to be selective. The best thing is to choose thin running shoes with vibrant patterns and something that won’t make your feet look too big.

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Cuff the Pants and Shoe Your Ankle Bone

If you want to wear sneakers, then be sure to make them a statement or simply something to show off. One effective way to do this is to make sure they are visible, and wearing Jeans that stop at the ankle area is an easy way to make your pants look great while maintaining athletic shoes.

Your jeans should fall about right above the ankle bone. Cuff them or cut the bottom of your jeans, or do something that will make them present that perfect length. It is not a good statement seeing your pants bunch up on top of your sneakers.

However, this is easier said than done, considering that most of your favorite jeans to wear with sneakers are likely to go past your ankle. Fortunately, you can easily caff your jeans and create a break from your shoes and pants. Alternatively, you can cut off the extra length completely if you want to be a bit dramatic.

Find some Low-Ride Socks

The next thing pertains to the socks. Nothing can be more visually awkward than pairing skinny running jeans with outright white socks. This terrible union can ruin an otherwise elegant look in multiple ways.

The point is to make sure they don’t show. This can be hard, particularly for people who prefer the espadrille to take on their slides or sneaks, probably because roping is not comfortable enough. So if you don’t like wearing sockless shoes, at least go for some low-ride socks that don’t show.

Choose solid Colour Socks

For some people, the solid color might imply a three-dimensional representation of the color model. But speaking of socks, some classic stripes or a pair of stripes with a stylish print like leopard is actually all you need- something simple but elegant enough to expand your range beyond just staple classic white.

Remember, your shoes don’t need to have a neutral color, but the color of your socks can make or mar your look after pairing up your favorite pants with running shoes. The good news is that brands like Nike, Adidas, and Converse tend to have just about any color imaginable and are promptly available at Amazon.

Knowing which color of jeans to pair with your sneakers can also be a challenge. In most cases, different blue shades will work well, while black jeans will pair perfectly with black other or such neutral-colored shoes. For an exemplary look, white jeans are said to be a favorite, but you can try contrasting them with some bright socks.

Impeccable lacing is another influential factor to take into account when trying to pair skinny jeans with running shoes.

Bottom Line

Running shoes can be best for a casual outfit. They may cost more than other regular shoes, but they are probably the most comfortable footwear type. Wearing them with pants would be fine. Once you’re comfortable pairing your sneakers with jeans, you might want to give other types of pants a try. Apart from jeans, you can pair them up with shorts or other types of pants. Twill pants and running shoes may not sound like a pleasing combo, but with the right fit and appropriate shoes, you can rock most looks.