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How To Look Taller With Shoes

How To Look Taller With Shoes

A person’s height is one of the most noticeable traits of their personality. Height is mostly determined by the genes we acquire from our parents. Most of us crave to reach that perfect height, which only a few are blessed with. If you’re on the shorter side, don’t get disheartened. You can get perfectly fitted shoes to gain those extra inches.

You need to be aware of the different style and heel sizes available to complement your height. Ranging from small heels to bigger ones, the options are innumerable. Due to a barrage of options available, you can always choose a shoe to gain that dream height without compromising on your style. 

There are varied options available to boost your height. Wearing high-heeled shoes is one of them. Read on below to know how to look taller with shoes.

Choosing The Ideal Pair Of Shoes For Your Height

People often face self-esteem issues when they are short in height. They question their overall appearance. This applies to both men and women. As mentioned before, it is not something in our control but can always be managed. 

Numerous types of shoes are recommended to get that desired height. However, you must be extra careful while choosing from amongst hundreds of options. Since these kinds of shoes will have an extra heel, they can have adverse effects on your body. Most physiotherapists and posture specialists will recommend being cautious while wearing such shoes. 

It can be a task to opt for the ideal shoes which boost your height. Few can be uncomfortable and may also charge a bomb. This whole process can make you impatient and discourage you. Well, let us not lose hope so early on. 

Here are a few hacks which will go a long way to make you look tall with shoes.

Heeled Shoes

This is a great way to increase your height and make you look taller than your original height. Available in varied sizes, heel types, prices, and comfort, heels vary from pointed to platforms to elevators and many more. Women could easily go with platform heels or wedges, which are great in style and also adds considerable inches of height. 

Elevator Shoes

As the name suggests, these kinds of shoes are best to elevate your feet a few inches high and give that perfect lift to your height. Usually worn by men, these shoes are quite a trend now. They provide a lift of 2-5 inches from the ground and are very convenient for regular use. 

Most of the formal shoes have elevated heels which also have extra padding to them. If you are planning for a sophisticated look at your office function or any formal event, this could be the best option for you. 

Formal Shoes

Same as elevated shoes, formal shoes work at their best to give you a taller look. Be it to your workspace or for any formal event; these shoes will always give a smart and professional vibe. Customize these with well-fitted shirts and trousers, and you are good to go. 

Height Insoles

If you are hesitant to invest in a new pair of shoes, insoles are your best backup option. These are usually placed inside the shoes and ultimately provide for the required lift when you wear them. They are made of either silicon or gel and hence are comfortable to wear. These insoles will lift the shoes from within without any visible heels and give you a naturally tall look. 

Wearing Boots

This one is especially for the ladies out there. Boots are a great option to give you that desired height if you plan to step out for a party or a date. Pair your long boots with a pretty short dress or skirt and add an edgy look with a jacket over it. The difference in the length of the apparel and the shoes will give you an overall taller look. 

Cool Cushioned Sneakers

Sneakers are a great catch when it comes to both comfort and style. Since wearing formals and elevator shoes can become mundane, jump into your sneakers to get that extra inch of height. Ranging from beefy soles to chunky heels, sneakers can be a great option for any informal meet. They give you great comfort due to their cushioned soles and help in maintaining a good posture for your body. 

Downside Of Wearing Heels

Heels have been in fashion for ages and are still considered as a style statement by many. From pointed heels to wedges, women prefer these shoes as it gives a feminine look. Though heels are a go-to option to make you look taller as compared to your peers and friends, it also has its major downsides. 

Heels, if worn for a longer period, can cost your health. It can adversely affect your body posture and your back. They have been the main reason behind the increasing number of joint and foot issues among women. Yet, this has not reduced the demand for heels in the market. 

Although they are a big hazard to your feet, you can make them safer and a convenient option too. Try going for platform heels, which would balance your body and offer the look of high heels. Always stretch your legs after wearing heels for longer durations during the day. 

Next time when you shop for heels, do keep comfort as a priority before cashing your money on them. Glamour, when it costs you your health, is not good in the longer run.

Final Thoughts 

There is no denying that one should look good and be confident about their personality. However, it is equally vital to take care of your overall health. As mentioned earlier, there are options to replace the painful heels and still boost your height easily. 

It is never a good option to neglect your health over style or look. Invest in good pair of shoes keeping all the features in mind, and you will attain the desired results over time.