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How to Get Rid of Wide Feet

How to Get Rid of Wide Feet

Your feet may have been broader than usual in your life, or maybe they have widened over time. In most cases, wide feet can be rather a nuisance, but it shouldn’t be! Some feet may be narrow, others flat, or even extra-long. Admittedly, feet come in various shapes and sizes. It is therefore vital to cherish the way you are. However, if your feet are wide and cause searing pain or discomfort, you should look into the issue as soon as possible. 

First, it is good to be aware of what causes wide feet. Once you know the cause of wide feet, you can easily get remedies, including the right shoes. And if you have been seeking info about wide feet, its causes, and possible remedies, you have come to the right page. You will learn the causes and remedies of wide feet problems in this article. 

 What Causes Wide Feet?

Here are the possible causes of wide feet:

Wearing Improper Footwear 

This cause is a no-brainer. Putting on uncomfortable or improper footwear over an extended period can worsen or even lead to various foot deformities. 

Consequently, the feet will widen and demand a bigger toe box for a comfy feel. Your foot possesses 26 bones that are linked to very tiny muscles and ligaments. Naturally, the bone structure is pre-determined, but the ligaments, muscles, and soft tissues surrounding them are not. Thus, they can be easily affected by the wrong shoes. 

This may also cause flat feet, which can ultimately widen the surface of your foot. You may purport that you will only wear the shoes for a short time, but this will result in stress on your foot’s bones and joints. This can lead to wide feet and even other feet complication such as foot bunions. 

There are shoe companies that specialize in making custom shoes for people with wide feet. You can perform a Google search to find “wide feet custom shoes”. You will get multiple results but choose the custom shoemaker near your location. Eventually, you will get a pair of shoes to wear comfortably for any occasion and activity. 

Swelling in the Feet

Swelling is yet another cause of wide feet. This condition is also called Edema. This condition is associated with the widening of the feet if it occurs for a prolonged time. Thus, it should be treated in time to avoid widening of the feet. 

Typically, Edema is caused by fluid retention, which often leads to feet swelling and enlargement. Other causes of foot swelling are prolonged protein deficiency or weaknesses in the leg veins. But this issue can be addressed by exercises, putting on proper footwear, and foot massage. 

Various Foot Deformities

Foot deformities such as hammertoes, calluses, and bunions can cause feet to widen. While these foot deformities can’t be treated, there are various remedies that can help alleviate them. 

Now that you are aware of the causes of wide feet, here are the various remedies to correct them. 

How to Effectively Get Rid Of Wide Feet

Various ways to correct wide feet

  • Surgical Procedures

There are a couple of surgical procedures that can help reduce the size of your feet. The process is usually nicknamed the ‘Cinderella procedure’ but called the foot-narrowing procedure by experts. 

This procedure may include the removal of the entire toe knuckle or pushing the bones back. While cosmetic procedures are considered shortcuts, there are other proven and less painful methods to trim down the size of your feet. 

  • A Game-Changing Pair of Shoes

As stated above, the wrong pair of shoes can cause wide feet. If you have wide feet, the best thing you can do is get a pair of shoes that fits properly. This strategy remedies discomfort and helps avert any future problems. 

To ensure you pick the right size, consider measuring your feet. Kindly do not just assume you already what feet size you have, but you have never measured in years. You might have worn the wrong size of shoes all those years without your knowledge but still comfortable in them. Those with wide feet often experience this. 

With the right size of shoes, your feet can’t be cramped. You will be able to walk around comfortably when you wear them for the first time when trying them. You should wiggle your toes to check if they are comfortably fitting. 

Besides, you can always check the shoe size charts when buying shoes. You can easily find your shoes size if you have measured your feet. That is why it is advisable to measure your feet before shopping or placing an online order. 

  • Foot Exercises

As revealed before, wide feet can be caused by foot bunions. If that is your case, you can rectify the problem by engaging in a few foot exercises. Flex and stretch your toes more often. The foot muscles and joints can get trained to sustain a good foot shape. 

You can begin by stretching the toes out for 5 to 6 seconds. After that, curl the toes up for another 5 to 6 seconds. Perform this exercise every day to help relieve the painful pressure off your feet. 


Wide feet can make you feel uncomfortable while walking and doing other chores. It may even prevent you from having fun while alone or even with your friends. They may not always laugh at you but will make you feel discomfort. The condition is caused by wearing improper footwear, swelling of the feet, and different foot deformities. The good news is that the condition can be corrected. 

You can go for cosmetic surgery to rectify it or ordering a game-changing pair of shoes that properly fist your feet. Lastly, you can perform a few exercises on your toes and entire feet to help rectify the condition. Ultimately, you will bring back your feet to normal size. However, you may need to consult with a medical practitioner to get the right advice for your specific wide feet correction needs.