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Birkenstock Habana Vs Tobacco

Birkenstock Habana Vs Tobacco

Birkenstock shoes have been around since 1774, giving them over two centuries of existence. It means that besides the rich history of making comfortable shoes, they also have a variety of Birkenstocks pairs to choose from. 

From a standpoint position, Birkenstocks have earned their reputation as a world-renown brand. As such, many advantages come from buying yourself these reliable, long-lasting pair of shoes. 

In this article, we will focus on the Birkenstock Habana and the Birkenstock Tobacco. It can be intimidating at first, trying to catch up with all the Birkenstock shoe varieties. 

However, Birkenstock shoes have some uniqueness across all their products. Differences can be in the color, material, straps, buckles, maintenance, price, etc. 

Birkenstock Habana Vs Tobacco: Overview

The primary difference lies in color. While both pairs are brown, the shades differ significantly. 

The Birkenstock Habana is a darker shade of brown compared to the Birkenstock tobacco. What this means is that you can buy different Birkenstock shoe styles in either Habana or Tobacco. 

But we all know Birkenstock shoes to be of good quality. Therefore, the many pairs you own, the merrier. One reason why people who buy Birkenstock shoes can opt for either the Habana or tobacco is color contrast. 

Some people find the dark brown shade of Birkenstock Habana contrasts nicely with their skin tone, while others prefer the lighter shade of Birkenstock Tobacco. 

Birkenstock Habana

Birkenstock Habana is dark brown and will contrast nicely with people with a light skin tone. However, because brown is a neutral color, you can match the Habana with all clothing colors and never go wrong. 


  • Available in many styles that include Birkenstock Arizona, Mayari, clog, Gizeh, Madrid, etc.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Long term shoes and fitting once you break into them 


  • It doesn’t contrast well with people that have a darker skin tone. 

Birkenstock Tobacco

Birkenstock Tobacco is a lighter shade of brown and also a neutral color. It means that it will blend well with any cloth you pair it with. 


  • Like Birkenstock Habana, its also available in many Birkenstock shoe variations like Mayari, Madrid, Gizeh, clogs, and Arizona. 
  • Birkenstock Tobacco is unisex
  • Easy to clean and maintain the different materials
  • Long term shoes and comfortable once you break into them


  • People with lighter skin tones find that they don’t blend well with their feet. 

Similarities Between Birkenstock Habana and Tobacco

Birkenstock has many material choices regardless of the shade they come in. If you are looking to get your new Birkenstocks shoes, here is a list of the materials you should consider. 

  1. Leather

Birkenstock uppers use quality leather from cowhide. You will find this material durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. A leather balm is best to keep your Birkenstock Habana and Tobacco in perfect form.

  1. Oiled Leather

In contrast to leather, oiled leather is less shiny but soft. The upper is moisture resistant and durable, which is constant for all authentic Birkenstock shoes. 

Use beeswax to maintain oiled-leather Birkenstock shoes. 

  1. Nubuck

Nubuck Birkenstock material is a quality-grade cowhide that has velvet and a buffed finish. It’s a soft upper that is easy to clean. 

Maintenance includes spraying the nubuck with a stain protector and water before cleaning with a soft bristle brush. 

  1. Suede

Birkenstock suede shoes come from top-grade cowhide. The cleaning process is similar to that of nubuck. Spray with a clean protector and water before cleaning with a soft bristle brush.

  1. Wool Felt

The Birkenstock wool felt material originates from genuine wool. The advantage is that it’s soft, doesn’t pill, and is durable because it’s dense. 

Wool felt retains its shape through the longevity of the shoes. Maintenance includes spraying the upper with Scotchguard before cleaning with a soft bristle brush. 

  1. Boiled Wool

These are dense Birkenstock shoes that offer warmth and softness. The boiled wool is comfortable, durable, breathable, and comes pre-shrunk. Maintenance includes spraying with Scotchguard and cleaning with a soft bristle brush. 

  1. Birko-Flor

Besides the Birkenstock wool and leather alternatives, Birko-Flor uses synthetic material. The result is a smooth vinyl finish. 

Birko-Flor Birkenstock shoes don’t require breaking into because they don’t stretch. Another advantage is that these are perfect beachwear shoes because they are water-resistant and also don’t fade. 

Maintenance includes cleaning with a wet cloth. 

  1. Birko-Flor Nubuck

Birko-Flor Nubuck is the synthetic version of nubuck Birkenstock shoes. The material consists of a matte finish, textured vinyl, and soft-felt backing. 

Additionally, it’s water-resistant, doesn’t fade, stretch, or require breaking into. Maintenance includes cleaning with a wet cloth. 

  1. Polyurethane

Birkenstock shoes are popular for their durability. Polyutherane is a biodegradable synthetic material that is both water and heat-resistant. Additional benefits include oil, acid, and grease resistance. 

These shoes are also lightweight and don’t require that you break into them. They are suitable for long walks on the beach and daily tasks. 

To clean Polyutherane Birkenstock shoes, use water and mild soap. 

  1. Ethyl Vinyl Acetate—EVA 

Birkenstock EVA shoes come from non-toxic synthetic material. Unlike the leather and Nubuck alternatives, EVA is flexible and lightweight. 

They don’t require breaking into and are water and fade-proof. EVA is also resistant to grease, oil, and acid. However, they are heat sensitive, and the upper material shrinks if subjected to temperatures over 170º F.

To clean EVA Birkenstock shoes, use water and mild soap. 


The quest of looking for comfortable shoes also includes ones that compliment your attire and skin tone. Birkenstock Habana and Tobacco are neutral shades of brown, hence go well with many cloth options. 

Both Birkenstock Habana and Tobacco come in different shoe materials giving you a plethora of options for any event. Before buying any Birkenstock shoes, consider other qualities like affordability, durability, maintenance, and overall fit. 

Some Birkenstock upper materials require that you break into them while wearing others straight from the box. Regardless, all Birkenstock shoes are authentic and serve as long-term wear.