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Hender Scheme Sizing

Hender Scheme Sizing

Hender Scheme is an innovative footwear and accessories label founded in 2010 by Ryo Kashiwazaki. The brand is largely popular in the sneaker world for its high-quality productions, but it also creates handmade accessories.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, a nation where expertise, quality, and precision are valued above all else, this Hender Scheme was created in response to modern’s generic mass-produced fashion. The aim was to deliver products with an excellent balance between design and conventional craftsmanship.

Employing incredible artisan craftsmanship, the brand seems to have got the footwear production down to fine art, by delivering some of the most people’s unique footwear. Must-have products- thanks to the high-quality and timeless designs. They combine raw leather with brilliant execution to produce a piece of footwear that ages and patina like no other.

Hender Scheme: Overview

According to Ryo Kashiwazaki, the mastermind behind Hender Scheme, the brand’s shoes are not really meant to impact the sneaker culture, and instead, they say it’s important for them to do it the way they like.

Ryo Kashiwazaki launched a shoe brand in 2012 which means “ beyond gender scheme” He focuses on creating gender-neutral designs that serve great for both men and women. The core of this label is Homage, a line of popular sneaker designs by Adidas, Reebok, and Nike, reimagined by Ryo Kashiwazaki.

As mentioned, all the shoes are made by hand in the label’s Tokyo atelier from the highest quality materials and are crafted to age like no other. “Our philosophy is that our products can become perfect as people use them.” They aren’t perfect right after production but the brand focuses on how the shoes will be like once they are used.

The label’s regular collection involves premium material shoes like monks and mules covered in water-resistant suede and rabbit fur. Ryo Kashiwazaki launched a line with Adidas in 2017, which is available in SVMOSCOW for SS ’18 and FW ’18 seasons.

Hender Scheme Sizing

Hender Shoes are mostly based on iconic footwear designs but are hand-made using pre-tanned leather to subside the familiarity of the piece. The resultant distinctive design sits on top of a stacked outsole and is then finished with the silhouette’s label toe box.

Below is the Hender Scheme size chart. Note that Hender Scheme shoes are sized from 2-7 by the manufacturer. This is an approximate conversion.

  US UK Japan
2 6.5-7 5-5.5 23-23.5
4 8.5-9 6-6.5 25.5-26
5 9.5-10 7-7.5 26.5-27
6 10.5-11 8 – 8.5 27.5-28
7 11.5-12 9-10 28.5-29


Hender Scheme Fit Explained

The size 4 Hender Scheme size, which translates to an 8.5 would definitely equal to an 8 however. According to reviews, the fit is just right with no-show socks. Well, the fit might be smaller in some cases, considering that they’re of Japanese origin and they’re associated with smaller sizes over there.

The Hender Scheme MIP-19, for instance, is more like an artisan’s dedication to the classic old-school basketball shoe. Developed entirely by hand from a raw cowhide, every pair from the MIP collection is a work of art that has been meticulously performed leaving no traces of being handheld. The idea is that each piece will become unique to the wearer.

Hender Scheme Manual Industrial Products 10

Indeed, we’re very much aware that the Industrial Products 10 looks like a slimmed-down basketball shoe. However, upon a second glance, there is so much to this artful shoe than meets the eye. The shoe is quite literally completely covered in leather from the laces right down to the sole.

The shoe comes in three different types, which gives it a more polished look in comparison to its basketball-ready counterpart. You might think having such a popular silhouette wouldn’t give room individuality, but Hender Scheme has personalized this easily identifiable design with a few subtle nuances.

This includes the slightly overhung heel modeling, leather-wrapped outsole, and texturally contrasting suede panels blended throughout the footwear.

Mip-01 Leather Sneakers In Black

The Mip-01 Leather Sneakers In Black is one of the most impressive and elusive models from the Hender Scheme line of sneakers. It is a hand-made stripped-back version of a hoops icon. Developed with neutral leather, the shoe will patina and age beautifully.

This distinctive design sits on top of a stacked sole unit, which is then finished with the silhouette’s signature ankle strap. It features incredible craftsmanship that brings seamless unique footwear.

Hender Scheme Self Lace Mocca Suede Loafers – Black

The Hender Scheme Self Lace Mocca Suede Loafers – Black is quite a representation of classic slip-on. Crafted in Japan from lightly brushed suede, this shoe comes with non-functioning laces around the uppers for those unexpected toggle fastening. The shoe is said to fit true to size, so you can go by your normal size. Moreover, it features rubber-crepe soles to enhance durability.

The Bottom Line

If you like walking through life on the busy streets of a big city, or simply catching a break from them somewhere a little subtle, what’s on your feet usually matters more and more these days. On that note, quality and craftsmanship are the two attributes that describe Hender Scheme products. This Japanese label burst onto the scene through a line of products that give out elegance from all directions.

The brand boasts a clear predilection for footwear, which makes them possible to reinterpret some of the most iconic sneakers on the market. They incorporate modern forms of construction and materials which provide an extra touch of elegance and style. So you don’t want to waste another second pondering about it. The Hender Scheme is a favorite item.