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Glove Shoes Review

Glove Shoes Review

Minimalist shoes that fit like a glove have been a staple frill for many seasons and yet, they are currently still the gold standard. We are constantly being drawn by the stripped-down, minimalist design. And there’s actually nothing to hide- these shoes are incredibly comfortable, quality is untapped and they look great both dressed up and dressed down.

Glove shoes, featuring a design of high cut upper and low heels have gotten the runway by storm. This footwear type got rid of toe cleavage exposure, which has actually remained fashionable for the past years and incorporated additional convenience to the closet.

Usually made with incredibly soft leather for the upper, gloves shoes conform to your feet like a glove actually. Contrary to other styles of shoes packed with stiff inserts at the toe box and back upper to make a shell for your feet, gloves shoes allow you to see your toe shape.

Well, some might find this to be odd, but the superior comfort and extremely soft upper would make them your go-to shoes for a while. Nonetheless, let’s find out more about this footwear type and get closer to the various traits that make it so agreeable. To begin with:

Everlane Day Gloves

These are not only the most stylish and comfortable summer footwear around, but they’ve also proven themselves to be an excellent value overall. Their main standout features stem from the comfort level.

True to their name, the Everlane Day Gloves are designed to feel like leather gloves for the feet. You can comfortably walk miles in them without ever experiencing blisters. Thus far, how does the Everlane Day Gloves do what the majority of stiff flats have failed to do for a whole long time?

First, the Day Gloves are crafted from soft, comfy leather that molds to the shape off your feet for a customized fit. The shoes boast the intelligent design upgrade of two openings poked into the side to serve as vents for the feet.

That means your feet will remain aerated throughout. The pull-on tab, rubber outsole, and cushioned insole all come in handy for added comfort. There isn’t much to praise concerning the arch support, so beware, though most users haven’t complained.

They also have longer uppers that make them slightly chicer than those traditional flat design. Moreover, this makes your feet feel more secure, negating any wearability issues during movements.

Aside from their comfort, the shoes are incredibly durable and versatile. In fact, you can expect to get a lot of use out of this pair of flats. Even after many months of constant use, the shoes are meant to remain decent and perfectly usable.

One thing to note, however, is that some Everlane reviews have it that the shoes tend to stretch out considerably with use- though some stated that they ordered a half size larger than their typical size, and haven’t noticed much change even after subjecting the shoes 3-4 times wear a week.

However, because of that elongated upper, and despite the fact that they might loosen with repeated wear, the shoes are highly comfortable and you won’t feel like slipping out of them. Having said that, if you want to wear them for activities that require a lot of stretching, for instance, biking, you may want to stick your original size and expect some loosening.

Speaking of versatility, we can’t find an outfit that Everlane Day Gloves haven’t matched with. The shoes are easy to dress up and down and they concede really well with jeans and shorts, even $300 dresses will look good. And considering how slim they are, the Day Gloves are among the more packable pairs in the field of footwear.

The colors themselves won’t hurt either. You can pick the Everlane Day Glove in 14 incredible shadings that spot a bit of sheen in the sunlight including white, black, rose, mocha, and cream.

At glance, it can be daunting deciding on a white pair in terms of whether it will be a good decision considering the grime of most streets, but according to previous users, the shoes will hold up really well. Everlane recommends treating them with a protectant and a spot cleaning with a cloth- though the shoes, even the white version will look great without.

When it comes to sizing, the shoes run true to size but we recommend skewing, especially if you’re between sizes. Glove shoes are referred to as a reason. This footwear shouldn’t feel overly tight. Instead, it’s meant to fit snug and hug your foot like a glove. 

We empathetically suggest you check for a thin rubber sole added to the shoes. It’s a simple and generally economical add-on that will greatly enhance the life and wear of the shoe.

Overall, Everlane shoes can be a hit or miss, but speaking of Day Gloves, they are favorite all-around footwear among many people. The shoes are comfortable, versatile, and certainly among the best glove shoes under $200. Similar to Darwin’s finches, Everlane shoes happen to be that pair that have gotten nearly every adaptation constant wear totally right.


Martiniano is another prominent footwear brand that creates handmade luxurious leather shoes designed by Martiniano Lopez Crozet. Each shoe is designed and developed by hand in Argentina employing time-honored techniques by Buenos Aires artisans.

These shoes are made from Italian kid leather including stacked soles and heels. For a quick review of Martiniano glove shoes, of course, without getting off the topic in terms of comfort, durability, and overall value for money, we found it great to compare the Martiniano shoes vs Everlane Day glove shoes, to see what both models have in common and what makes them so comparable.

Martiniano Shoes Vs Everlane Day Glove shoes

First, let’s be specific. The biggest difference between these two products stems from the type of leather they use in the making of the shoe. The Martiniano’s are handmade in Argentina from a pliable Italian kids leather. They actually feel like one of those sumptuous dainty leather gloves that are typically worn on hands.

In comparison, the leather utilized in Everlane Day Glove shoes is much thicker, stiffer, and blunter. They say buttery soft under product description but that’s not it when compared to Martinianos.

With a difference in leather comes a difference in fit. Some users had trouble with Everlane Day Glove, stating that even after a week of constant wearing, they weren’t able to break them in. It’s not a surprise to develop blisters with Day Gloves, especially on the heel and a few pain points at the upper of your foot, and when the shoe doesn’t fit perfectly right for your feet.

On the other hand, based on customer feedback, you can wear Martinianos around the house and have zero issues at the end of the day. Moreover, there’s no break-in period since the leather is so soft and malleable. The upper of the shoe neither digs in nor will experience any rubbing at the heel. It’s such a dream shoe to wear.

Both the Everlane Day Glove and Martiniano shoes run true to size, meaning you can get your usual size. The Martiniano shoes are derived from all leather, including the outsole, aside from the stacked heel upper that’s made out of wood. In contrast, the Everlane Day Glove shoes feature a rubber bottom that cannot be resolved- such soles are usually less flexible than leather ones.

That said, the leather soles featured by the Martinianos does mean that the bottom is somewhat slippery. In fact, you might want to add a rubber sole to the shoe. That means with proper maintenance, you can resolve your Martinianos for years to come.

So, which one should you keep?

Well, it depends. Before losing all the credibility here, we had every intention of keeping the Martiniano Glove shoes atop the line, but we still think the outsole could better. The Everlane 

Glove shoes can be an excellent addition to your closet, but you will need to choose wisely. The overall comfort level is great, durable and the shoes are reasonably priced too. However, some users reported the development of blisters after repeated wear.

You might want to hold off on purchasing Martiniano shoes, especially if you are not sure if these shoes will concede with a certain lifestyle- think of a new mama’s way of life. Of course, these are practical flats that are uber comfy, but you don’t want to pay too much attention to your shoes while in full-mommy mode.

Will you fret about throwing out or food on the elegant leather tops? Will you even care about shoes when your sleep’s deprived? Perhaps you’re not sure so you might want to reconsider before dishing your $400 on this model.