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Freedom Moses Vs. Birkenstock

Freedom Moses Vs. Birkenstock

Freedom Moses and Birkenstock are two successful brands, largely recognized for their comfy shoes. And as the summer quarantine rolls on, most of us might be sliding on our sandals more often than other shoes in the back of the closet.

When searching for a reliable comfort level, most of us tend to look no further than Birkenstock and Freedom Moses shoes. Both brands are known for making comfortable cork bottom sandals that mold to your foot the more you wear them. They are also renewable and sustainable.

Their excellent build of footbed-style sandals means that you can wear them all day long, whether that means taking conference calls, standing in the kitchen, wearing them to the grocery store, or rushing for a quick walk down the street.

Birkenstock footwear, in particular, has been designed with contoured insoles to provide more comfort. They are equipped with curved footbeds made from cork and rubber, so durability and stability are pretty much guaranteed.

Freedom Moses, meanwhile, are slight of honey and milk, waterproof, hand-washable, and also cozy enough to keep your feet comfortable throughout. They are a popular choice of footwear in the summer due to their versatility and benefits. Being waterproof, the shoes are immensely comfortable for use on the beach and can be worn almost everywhere, whether you’re heading to the beach or just strolling around town.

Freedom Moses products are manufactured through a carefully selected network of suppliers locates around the world. Currently, China is their biggest manufacture and material supplier.

Birkenstock shoes, on the other hand, are chick and stylish, ideal for people of all ages. The shoes will truly compliment any summer outfit in your wardrobe. The company has garnered massive popularity, making it one of the most popular brands in the footwear industry. Their shoes are associated with comfort and simplicity and are developed with premium materials. The material used includes nubucks, suede, non-leather uppers, high-quality leather, and distinctively contoured footbeds. Plus, they have good shock-absorbing soles.

Thus far, if you’re yet to decide which of these two brands to get along with, rest assured that both brands are incredibly known for excellent products as far as comfort and wearability go. Nonetheless, several aspects set them apart.

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Freedom Moses Vs Birkenstock: The Comparison

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Freedom Moses vs. Birkenstock: Comfort

While comfort is a crucial consideration, Birkenstock shoes come with loads of benefits. Their footbed is carefully designed to adapt to the shape of your foot such that the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become. That means if somebody was to try your shoes, they are likely to feel less comfortable in them than you are.

Their footbed material also protects your foot against fungus and sweat so that you can wear it comfortably without discomfort. They very friendly to the feet, and you won’t experience any form of rubbing. Moreover, they are designed to absorb the impact on your foot and reduce stress on your ankles, legs, feet, and spine.

Freedom Moses on the other hand, an honest review is that they are waterproof a super comfortable, indeed a perfect choice to wear for summer. The shoes are generally comfortable and supportive to the feet, even during long sessions. One notable difference between Freedom Mosses and Birkenstock shoes stems from the footbed itself.

The Freedom Moses sandals, for instance, have textured footbed for extra grip, as opposed to Arizona Birkenstock, which are smooth. Nonetheless, a textured footbed would be great if you’re planning on wearing them as pool slides.

Freedom Moses vs. Birkenstock: Durability

Well, there’s no millage estimate as to how long certain shoes should last, but with proper care and maintenance, your Birkenstock shoes could last virtually forever. Moreover, under this aspect includes countless resoles and maybe some recraft from your local cobbler. We love telling our readers how to take care of their Birkenstock shoes for optimum use and enhance longevity.

With Birkenstock shoes, you don’t have to stress about longevity. The fabric used in the making of Birkenstocks are generally of high quality. Besides, if the shoes get damaged with time, you can always make repairs and use them as if they were new.

While it’s recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to rain and other moisture, Birkenstocks can get wet occasionally and still last for a considerable time with proper care. Once your Birkenstocks have dried up, apply Birkenstock Stain and Water Repellent to help maintain the shoe’s structure and enhance longevity.

Freedom Moses sandals are designed to offer cushiony comfort and playfulness. The slides are also machine washable and durable enough to last through many seasons.

Freedom Moses Vs. Birkenstock: Fit

Coming down to fit, Birkenstock shoes are highly comfortable and are meant to adapt to the shape and the features of your feet. Their footbed is made of cork and natural latex and is molded along with a healthy foot’s shape, supporting the foot’s structure and natural shape by sneering even distribution of weight around the arches.

There’s also the toe bar that comes in handy for the gripping and flexing of the toes. It stimulates, exercises the leg, and helps maintain balance. The shoes also come with a heel cup that provides stability by keeping the foot’s natural padding under the heel. This, in turn, makes sure the body’s weight is borne by the correct bones, keeping the spine and legs in alignment.

Generally speaking, Birkenstocks fit true to size, but for those in-between sizes, we’d recommend size down, especially if you have a narrow foot. For instance, if you’re a “true 7,” you might be better off with 37/38. The shoes fit perfectly length-wise and are exceptionally accommodative width-wise.

Similarly, Freedom Moses sandals fit true to size, and if you’re between sizes, we’d recommend sizing down, especially if you have a narrow fit. These sandals are available in Women’s, Men’s, and kid sizing.

Freedom Moses Vs. Birkenstock: Healing of Common Foot Problems

One of the best ways to avoid foot-related issues is taking your feet’ health seriously. On that note, Birkenstock shoes are designed with the ability to aid the healing of common foot problems. They are equipped with an orthopedic insole that gives both stability and cushioning for your feet. As such, these shoes can avert problems like calluses, ingrown toenails, bunions, and foot pain.

Birkenstocks are also known for reducing the excess pressure on certain parts of the foot. Their orthopedic supports ensure the much-needed support and optimal positioning of the foot.

In addition to helping with common foot problems, Birkenstock shoes might also benefit your health and wellbeing. Considering how crucial the feet are to your body, it is important to enhance the free flow of blood around your feet. Good blood circulation helps to relax the muscles, allowing you to withstand physical fatigue after strenuous activities.

Aside from the fact that Birkenstocks are available in all sizes and color options, the shoes are ideal for different occasions, ranging from a typical workday at the office to an easy-going afternoon with your family.

On the other hand, Freedom Moses shoes are designed to make the user feel comfortable while allowing them to execute various activities with ease. The overall design will make you feel comfortable and let you carry on with activities with ease.

Perhaps the only difference between Freedom Moses sandals and Birkenstocks is that Birkenstocks are more iconic and are considered more orthopedic. Nonetheless, the blood circulation in your feet will flow more freely, so you’ll have healthier muscles and joints in your body.

The Bottom Line

Birkenstock shoes are designed to look great on men and women. Most of their styles are meant to be unisex and have neutral colors that appeal to everyone. For most summer outfits, Birkenstock clogs, sandals, and slip-on are all classic choices.

Birkenstocks are usually best worn without socks, so if you want to wear them with socks, be sure to make sync with the outfit. You might want to spice up your look by painting your toenails to match the color of your straps. If you have a pair of jeans, short or cuffed pants, try combining them with a nice pair of well-colored, chunky Birkenstocks.

Freedom Mosses, on the other hand, still have the ability to deliver a fashion statement. They’re also available in various fun colors, most of which include jewels, bows, or strappy details that will improve sequins and other over-the-top looks. Plus, they pop against the most basic of outfits.

One impressive about Freedom Moses sandals is that they are washable. Just grab a sponge and some regular soap, and you’ll be good to go. It’s also recommended to wash them as soon as they are dirty rather than waiting until stains tend to sink, as in the case of clothes. Otherwise, the company claims that Freedom slippers smell like milk and honey, so they won’t make your feet stink.