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Birkenstock Sydney vs Arizona

Birkenstock Sydney vs Arizona

Birkenstock has continued its journey through the years since its inception in 1774 and now Birkenstock is showcased on fashion runways all over the world. Birkenstock now carries several different styles of shoes. The styles are as varied as people’s fashion tastes. However, they all have the similarity of the famous contoured footbed.

While the brand’s most popular style is Arizona, the brand carries several other models. 

Birkenstock Sydney vs Arizona: Overview

Birkenstock Sydney

The Birkenstock Sydney is a model that is made for the female market. This design is stylish, has lots of colors, and has the look of the most popular classic style, the Arizona. Many people will refer to this brand as modern updated Arizona. This model upper material is synthetic Birko Flor with a silky sheen or flower patterns. It has double adjustable straps, which are slightly thinner and its footbed lining is either made of microfiber material or suede. The sole is made of EVA.

With Birkenstock hitting the fashion market, the Sydney model is the best exhibit of a company with a rich history that has been unfazed by trendy fashion, dipping its toes into the water. Now more people are trying their feet on the Birkenstock, and for the ladies, they will gravitate towards Sydney. This is because of its beautiful appearance coupled with the comfort function that the brand provides.

New buyers want to try out Sydney, a new improved version of the original shoe but with a great sense of style.

The Sydney combines beauty and has a support function in a fashionable way. New buyers are particularly impressed by the following trademark qualities of Sydney. 

  • The upper material is made of a leather alternative that is both smooth and durable. This material accommodates beautiful prints and patterns that will not fade. Since this is not leather, it doesn’t stain easily and is easy to clean. Just wipe clean whenever you need to.
  • It has the classic contoured footbed that offers support and also molds to your feet after some time.
  • The Birkenstocks have a tradition of supporting and promoting feet health. The famous footbed has a deep heel cup that cradles the heel for proper support and foot alignment.
  • It has a raised toe bar that helps with natural gripping motion when you start moving. There is also more toe room to allow the toes to stay in a freely natural position. 
  • The upper finishes are beautiful with many prints and colors.
  • The outer sole is made of EVA, which is both lightweight and shock absorbing.
  • The straps and buckle are narrow and reduce the feeling of bulky shoes

Birkenstock Arizona

The Arizona is the icon of the Birkenstock family. Since 1973, it has continued to be loved by both men and women across different age groups for many years. It has remained true to its roots despite the mushrooming of other trendy styles and shoes in the market.

The classic Arizona is identified by two thick straps on the upper with adjustable buckles. This model has several styles under it with a variety of different materials and colors for the upper section. However, the original classic Arizona sandal was made of leather. The company has come up with several designs for this classic style. The upper materials used include Birkibuc, EVA, Oiled Nubuck leather, Suede, Birko Flor, Wool Felt, as well as pure leather.

This model comes in both the original footbed and the soft footbed that is more cushiony. These shoes are unisex and may be considered the most popular style. This model is very versatile and can be styled using numerous outfits. It has previously been styled with socks at high fashion events.

Many competing companies have tried to imitate the Arizona model but unfortunately have not succeeded. They all desire to be the Birkenstock Arizona but the model stands out from its competition due to its remarkable manufacturing and delivering the promise of comfort and style.  In fact, many celebrities are wearing this shoe and affirming its position in the market.

The Arizona model offers the following to its growing number of foot health believers.

  • Essential comfort is provided by the classic footbed.
  • The straps are adjustable.
  • The contoured footbed supports your foot arches delivering optimal balance and support
  • The shoes are designed to accommodate both men and women.
  • Exceptionally durable shoes that can last you a long time.
  • A variety of styles to choose from depending on one’s fashion style and preferences. The variety of strap materials and colors allow for a variety of designs to choose from.
  • Slip-on shoes are easy to put on and the roomy fit allows your toes to be free.
  • The EVA Essential designs are colorful, lightweight, and are offered at a lower price point. This design is the first choice by many sporting fans when going for water activities such as rafting or even just hanging out.


Overall, both the Birkenstock Sydney and Arizona have a broad appeal. They are made using high-quality materials under high-quality standards. The final product guarantees that it will be durable, comfortable, and provide maximum utility.  The company emphasizes three key areas; foot health, functionality, and style. 

Due to its unique footbed, each shoe is as unique as its wearer. This is because the footbed materials are pliable and will conform to the foot of the wearer.   

Whether you purchase Arizona or Sydney, you become an ambassador for the Birkenstock family and its continued tradition of producing quality footwear. You deliver a fashion statement that you are open to both beauty and function and ignore the trendy fast-fashion of unsustainable products.

Both these models have stood as icons in the market and will continue for many years to come. The Birkenstock Sydney will still represent the stylish woman who cares about comfort whereas the Birkenstock Arizona will maintain its minimalist design.