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Does Nike Make Nonslip Shoes?

Does Nike Make Nonslip Shoes?

Does Nike Make Nonslip Shoes?

Nike is known the world over for making a wide range of footwear. The company produces shoes for almost all sizes and purposes. So whether you’re planning to go for a hike, looking for some light shoes to wear on your morning run, or just a regular pair of sneakers to wear on the daily, you can never go wrong with Nike.

So Does Nike Make Nonslip Shoes?

When it comes to nonslip shoes, however, the company doesn’t have a dedicated line. Most nonslip shoes are targeted at industrial markets, which is not one of Nike’s strong areas. However, depending on what you need the nonslip shoes for, you can find a few Nike options with excellent traction.

Nike nonslip shoes

Here are a few Nike shoes whose traction is so good that they can be used as nonslip shoes in nonindustrial environments.

 Nike MetCon 3

The Nike MetCon 3 is a workout shoe with advanced nonslip properties. In fact, according to, it is the best shoe for any workout. The shoes are also very flexible, especially at the forefoot, and can perform well when running in slippery conditions.

The men’s versions are found in two color schemes from sizes 9.5 to 15 and retail for about $120. On the other hand, the women’s version is available in three colors for sizes 5 to 12 and retails at the same price.

Nike Air Pegasus Zoom 34

The Nike Air Pegasus Zoom 34 has impressive traction. According to Independent, they are perfect for playing sports and running. They are also very comfortable, made from Nike’s Flymesh technology, and are designed for comfortable all-day wear.

The shoes also absorb pressure when you hit the ground and react well to pace and directional changes. The men’s Air Pegasus Zoom 34 is available in 10 different designs and retails at about $80. The women’s version is more expensive at $110 and comes in 15 different designs. Both versions come in sizes 5 to 12.

Nike Air Zoom Elite 8

The Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 is also highly regarded by many reviewers for its level of comfort and good grip on a variety of terrains. They also offer a supportive fit and responsive cushioning.

The sneakers offer excellent traction thanks to their hexagonal pattern on the outer sole and their rubber cash trail, enabling effortless transitions. Furthermore, the Flymesh upper body of the shoes gives your feet a bit more freedom.

The women’s Air Zoom Elite 8 is available in 21 different styles and can cost anywhere between $70 and $200. The men’s version comes in 9 styles that can cost anywhere between $68 and $438. Both versions are available in sizes between 5 and 12.

Nike Lunar Tempo

This is another great nonslip substitute from Nike. The Lunar Tempo has great stability and traction. Moreover, the shoe is light and gives your feet a chance to breathe. They are flexible and allow your feet to move while maintaining good stability with a good degree of stiffness.

The Lunar Tempo has been recommended for hiking over rocky terrain and working on slippery surfaces.

The men’s version of the Lunar Tempo is available in sizes 6 to 15 and costs around $60 in retail. It also comes in 10 different designs. On the other hand, the women’s version comes in a variety of designs and colors for sizes 5 to 12.  It also costs around $60 in retail.

Nike Lunar Flyknit Epic

The Lunar Flyknit Epic has been described by many reviewers as well as customers as one of the best nonslip alternatives from Nike. The shoe has a fused foam midsole, increasing its durability. It’s also made from quality materials and has a laser-cut outsole, giving it fantastic traction on various surfaces. Furthermore, it extends over the ankle for additional support.

The high-top Nuke Lunar Flyknit Epic for women is available in sizes 6 to 11 and comes in six different styles. The shoe retails at around $110. On the other hand, the men’s version comes in a few colors from sizes 7 to 14 and retails at about $135.

How to shop for nonslip shoes in a Physical store

Getting the right nonslip shoes can be the difference between having safe and comfortable shoes and having an accident that could hurt you. There are several things you should consider when buying nonslip shoes. Here are a few tips.

Check the packaging

Since you are shopping in a physical store, you can ask for the shoe box. For most nonslip shoes, there will be some sort of indication on the packaging about the shoes’ nonslip properties. Although there is no standard measurement for nonslip shoes, an indication on the box will be a good start.

Observe the sole’s shape

Here, you should look for shoes with rounded soles. This is because flat edge soles can retain liquid under the shoe, making you hydroplane like a vehicle.

Look for grooves in the soles

Like tractor tires, soles with grooves are less likely to retain liquid and channel it out under the shoe. This keeps you upright.

Feel the bottom

Look for shoes that have a good grip on the outsole. However, the sole should be soft and flexible, preferably made of rubber to cushion your feet as you walk on harsh surfaces.

Test the shoes

One of the benefits of shopping in a physical store is giving the shoes a try. Test a few pairs and pick the pair that is comfortable to wear and feels robust enough to tackle different surfaces.

Shopping Online

Shopping for nonslip shoes online can be a little harder than choosing one in a physical store. However, there are still some tips you can use to help you choose more effortlessly.

Zoom in the sole

Find a high resolution picture of the shoe’s sole and zoom in. Check for all the things we’ve seen above, including the sole’s shape and material.

Get a good deal

When it comes to online shopping, it’s essential to look for shoes with guarantees. This should make it easier for you to return them and get your money back if the shoes aren’t up to standard.

To sum it up

Although Nike doesn’t make dedicated nonslip shoes, their wide variety of shoes consists of some great nonslip alternatives. However, if you need dedicated nonslip shoes for high-risk environments, you can find great work boots in most online stores.