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Dhgate Shoes Review

Dhgate Shoes Review

The blast of online shopping this century has seen many web-based shopping sites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon became largely used such that buyers hardly rethink when entering in credit card numbers and personal information. But what about Dhgate shoes? Is legit? Or where is it even located?

Dhgate is based in Beijing, China. It is an online marketplace of wholesale, founded in 2004 by Diane Wang (a Chinese businesswoman who has had the distinction of representing China at the G20 Summit). Many people from various countries place their orders on Dhgate.

During its early days, Dhgate facilitated the trade between Chinese manufacturers and small/medium-sized businesses around the world. Currently, they are working with manufacturers in multiple countries. They also have physical stores called Digital Trade Centers (DTCs), so retailers can inspect products prior to purchase.

Contrary to other similar international online retailers that deal strictly with individuals, Dhgate was set up to sell business-to-business, selling wholesale to retailers across the globe.

Is Dhgate Legit?

At a glance, Dhgate’s absolute bottom prices may seem like a great thing to take advantage of. These too-good-to-be-true price tags have led lots of cautious customers to wonder: Is Dhgate a real website? Is legit? Perhaps the actual question would be, “how are the shoes so cheap?”

First, Dhgate is largely populated by merchants in China who sell products wholesale. That means the company purchases huge amounts of goods at a time, drastically reducing cost. Another thing that you have to understand before placing an order on Dhgate is that the company hosts many different manufacturers, sellers, and individuals from whom you buy the shoes.

To answer whether Dhgate is real or fake, we would say that it’s fake. Moreover, it’s the largest Business-to-Business cross-border online trade platform in China. Dhgate replicas are some of the best online.

Like the popular, which is more or less the Amazon of Chinese exports, Dhgate is a result of a growing demand for goods at lower prices. Dhgate is probably the best online marketplace for replica shoes. They have a wide collection and multiple sellers who deal with many different products.

Can You Get Scammed on Dhgate?

If you’re planning to buy budget shoes online, you know that finding a trustworthy site can be a hit or a miss. And while Dhgate is a popular budget site, their deals have attracted businesses to resells their shoes and many individuals who shop for bargains.

It is usually hard to turn down discount deals on shoes and apparel that can be bought much cheaper than in a local retail store. As such, many online shoppers consider Dhgate review sites and blogs to discover what others have encountered when shopping with this site. Some Dhgate reviews are negative because some buyers do not inspect the Purchaser Defence plan. In fact, Dhgate has strategies within its platform to protect the buyer from illegal sellers. If you’re planning for a purchase, it will be helpful to check out the Purchaser Security the seller has in place.

Overall, it’s not about the website. is legit and doesn’t steal buyer’s credit cards or bank information or such. Perhaps the only thing you should worry about is Sellers. A lot of sellers can be trusted, especially those with over 1000 transactions.

Fact that most online shoppers are used to dealing with a site itself, such as Amazon, they tend to mistake Dhgate for the actual sellers, which can prompt misunderstanding if any issues occur. Dhgate is simply a platform used by Chinese and international manufacturers in different industries. So instead of asking, “Is Dhgate legit,” you should ask yourself whether that particular seller on Dhgate is real or fake.

Check Out the Seller First

After knowing that you’re dealing with third-party sellers, it’s best to check reviews for every seller you intend to buy from Dhgate. Just because the site is legit doesn’t mean every seller or manufacture on the platform is legitimate and trustworthy.

Purchasing from unscrupulous sellers may not only lead to getting a shoe that doesn’t match the photo shown online, but it can expose your credit card to risk. Before handing over your card information for a shoe, be sure to go through the available information relating to that seller. It’s important to answer the question “Is Dhgate reliable” subject to each and every merchant.

As stated, most sellers are completely legitimate, but some aren’t. So if you’re considering buying shoes through the site, you should try to answer the question,” is this seller reliable?”

Fortunately, Dhgate has put a feedback system in place so that buyers can see what others are saying about the seller in question and even reach out to the seller directly should any issues occur. We purposely researched a few of the Dhgate seller reviews and ratings and were impressed by a true mixture of ratings reflected there. Instead of just 4 or 5 stars, the site has all reviews available, including the negative ones.


The Bottom Line

Dhgate is a genuine website with real online sellers, and while the site is legit in the most technical areas, it’s good to understand they host many online sellers who may not be.

When buying shoes from sites like Amazon, the issue of trust comes in because your purchase is secured by and fulfilled by Amazon itself. In most cases, you’re purchasing directly from Amazon and not actually from a third party. Dhgate, meanwhile, is more like eBay than Amazon.

You’re buying directly from the third-party seller, thus the understanding of the buyer-beware necessity. When dealing with Dhgate, we’d recommend looking for a link at the bottom of the product listing to review the seller’s site. That said, if you’re looking for high-quality replica shoes from China, Dhgate is a perfect choice.

Ensure that the price you’re paying is reasonable and it’s not way too low to avoid getting scammed or buying a fake on Dhgate. Check the seller’s site about the authenticity of the shoe before buying.