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Powerstep vs Superfeet

Powerstep vs Superfeet

Your feet carry your weight when walking, running, or working on your feet. You should wear comfortable shoes to dispel discomforts. High-quality insoles like Powerstep and Superfeet may enhance the comfort and safety of your feet and make your shoes fit more snugly.

With so many brands of insoles on the market, you may find it hard to settle for the best. In this review, we will delve into Powerstep vs Superfeet insoles to help you see which among them suits you. Before that, we will briefly explore why you should use insoles.

Why Should You Use Insoles?

For Enhanced Comfort

The insoles that come with your shoes may not be well-cushioned and designed to give you comfort. Some shoemakers use the insole to conceal the hard part of the footbed with little regard to your foot comfort. Using insoles can therefore improve the comfort of your shoes significantly.

Insoles can also make loose shoes to fit you better. Besides, they protect you from friction, high impact, and heel slippage.

Arch Support

Your shoes may put a strain on your arch since they may not be designed to support your arch type. To get better support, reinforce them with insoles made for your kind of arch. This gives you customized arch support.

Alleviate Foot Discomforts

Medical experts recommend the use of orthotic insoles for people with foot discomforts. They will be helpful if you have plantar fasciitis, pronation, Achilles Tendonitis, and those recovering from foot injuries.

Before getting insoles for medical reasons, consult your healthcare provider for advice on the best insole for your discomfort.

Longer Shoe Life

Your insoles absorb shock and distribute your weight evenly. This is significant for reducing the wear and tear of your outsole. Use insoles while your shoes are still new since insoles will not prolong the life of already broken outsoles.

For Better Stability and Gait

Insoles are made with your comfort and safety in mind. The heel caps are designed to give you a better upright posture. You can take swift strides if your insoles are flexible and have a deep heel cradle.

If the insoles are skid-proof, you will remain more stable even when engaged in high-speed activities like jumping and sprinting.

Powerstep vs Superfeet: Innovation

Powerstep and Superfeet are innovative in the model of insoles they make. Superfeet insoles have more designs than Powerstep.

Nevertheless, you must appreciate Powerstep’s thoughtfulness in coming up with SlimFit insoles to cater to the needs of people with narrow feet. This category of customers is disregarded in the designing and production of insoles.

Powerstep insoles have the best insoles for reducing friction and shock absorption. Superfeet makes up for this with their highly comfortable, feet-hugging insoles padded with memory foam.

With both insoles, you will get odor-controlling mechanisms to help you get rid of irritating foot odors. They also have a moisture-wicking coating to keep your feet dry even after you have broken a sweat.

Powerstep vs Superfeet: Quality

Both Powerstep and Superfeet insoles are popular with medics who recommend them for people suffering from foot discomforts. The two brands also have several high-quality insoles for you to choose from.  Note that you can only buy Powerstep Pro-Tech from authorized medical facilities.

However, before settling on medical-grade insoles, let an expert examine you so that you can get insoles that will address your discomfort successfully.

Powerstep vs Superfeet: Comfort

Superfeet and Powerstep are known to be highly comfortable insoles. Powerstep insoles have dual layering that increases their comfort.

The double-layer is also significant in making your shoes fit you better. Some of their insole models have a high cushioning and a curved heel cap to give you greater stability and comfort.

Superfeet, on its part, has maximized the comfort of its insoles by incorporating a deep heel cradle and cap stabilizer. However, your Superfeet insoles will take longer to break-in.

Some Superfeet and Powerstep insoles models come with antimicrobial top liners and odor-controlling mechanisms.

Powerstep vs Superfeet: Sizing

You may find Superfeet insoles too thin if you have extra-wide feet. Whatever type of shoes you want to line with your insoles. Both Superfeet and Powerstep insole will serve you well.

You can also get varied profiles of the two brands, but Powerstep seems to feature more low-profile models while Superfeet insoles have models for all types of arches.

Powerstep vs SuperfeetDurability

Powerstep and Superfeet insoles are made of similar materials. Your insoles will therefore last depending on how often you wear them and your lifestyle.  On average, they both last for approximately 12 months.

However, if you use them frequently, they tend to lose their usefulness after 8 months. This tells you to be careful when wearing them after the 8th month, as they may not protect you from shock and friction. They will also have lost their arch support, thus they may leave your arch and feet aching.


Insoles are significant for improving the safety and comfort of your feet. They give more customized arch and heel support to increase your stability and posture. They also absorb shock to prevent your feet from hurting and protect your outsoles from wear and tear.

You should ensure your insoles are comfortable, durable, and high quality. Get insoles that fit your shoes to give you proper arch support.

Powerstep and Superfeet insoles are premium quality insoles. They are durable, comfortable, and breathable.

These insoles also have effective odor control mechanisms. You can get Powerstep and Superfeet insoles in all sizes. However, check the model that supports your arch type since Powerstep seems to fit low arches more.

The quality and effectiveness of Powerstep and Superfeet insoles are powered by the ultra-modern technology they are made with. Powerstep incorporates dual layering and antimicrobial lining, while Superfeet uses memory foam to make feet hugging, highly comfortable insoles.

As you may notice, it is not easy to point out which among these two insole brands is better. They will give you excellent comfort and support, and they both last long. Besides, your medical doctor may recommend that you use Powerstep or Superfeet insoles to manage feet discomforts