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Crocs Vs Oofos

Crocs Vs Oofos

Gone are the days when people had to comply with uncomfortable footwear, even if they were suffering from serious foot ailments. Today, the options are endless, making it possible to opt only for what works for you.

However, as shoes become common, shoe manufacturers came up with varied footwear types to give an extra touch of comfort and support. This contributed to the rise of shoes like Crocs and Oofos. Crocs and Oofos are both excellent choices, but certain subtle variations can make all the difference in the world.

Oofos Overview

Oofos was started by a longtime athlete named Lou Panaccione. The brand was designed and introduced to the audience to make them feel better and more comfortable. Oofos shoes are developed with a unique and exclusive closed-cell foam called OOfoam. This structure makes the footwear lightweight and easy to wear for hours.

The OOfoam structure provides more impact absorption compared to EVA, making the shoes an incredible choice for athletes. Moreover, the structure allows the feet to have constant movement without experiencing any muscle or joint pain.

Contrary to other footwear brands out there, Oofos are made with patented foam, free from any harmful or toxic materials. This natural and harmless construction means that the shoe does not cause any allergic reaction to the skin. Additionally, they’re painted with non-toxic paints.

With the Absence of latex in Oofos, people who are sensitive to latex can wear them without any problems. Aside from comfort, Oofos are also recognized for their durability. Their outsoles are prone to wear and abrasions, as opposed to other athletic footwear brands. Oofos are linked with the following benefit:

  •         Reduction in back pain, knee pain, and sore feet
  •         The shoe cradles and supports the arches
  •         Enhances a free-flowing foot movement
  •         Enhances walking styles without stressing over the major points

Crocs Overview

Crocs were founded and introduced in 2002. The unique and never-seen-before design made them an instant highlight worldwide. The main goal behind the brand was to deliver footwear that would be both stylish and comfortable. Currently, these shoes are sold in +90 countries, making an annual sale of approximately 1 billion.

In fact, the brand had started boating footwear, probably due to their waterproofing ability and non-slip treading and construction. Crocs were produced in Canada in clog form, but the manufacturer decided to add a strap for better utility.

Crocs are offered in different colors and styles, though some people consider them to have lesser aesthetic value. That said, there are many therapeutic benefits offered by crocs:

  •         Crocs support aches and reduce the weight on the feet
  •         The shoes help to eliminate plantar pain
  •         Good for foot injuries, people suffering from diabetes, and bunions.

Crocs generally have a lightweight construction, which makes them easy to wear and adjust. They have ample toe room, making it an agreeable choice for people with hammertoe.

The construction material employed in the making of Crocs contains anti-microbial properties, thus eliminating the risk of sustaining any skin infections.

Besides, the extra room comes in handy for people with foot injuries. And while crocs boast official approval from the APMA, the shoes are an excellent choice for feet and ankles.

Crocs Vs  Oofos: What are the Differences

Despite the fact that both footwear brands: Crocs vs. Oofos are majorly made for comfort and feet protection, various aspects set them apart:

Arch Support

Oofos are designed to deliver a substantial quality of arch support. They position the feet according to the shape of the shoe. Also, the arches are pushed up, providing toes with the much-needed liberty to lift. Thus far, little-to-no pressure is exerted onto the toes.

Crocs, meanwhile, have good arch support, but might not be the best for all-day use.


Speaking of comfort, Oofos are meant to be used round the clock. These shoes are lightweight as soft rubber material is utilized for their construction. On the flip side, you might get sweaty feet. Reading on their website, the founders researched Oofoam for years and tested their product on real-life runners and persons who experience joint pain. Following their research and study, they realized that Oofos shoes and sandals attenuate 37% more impact in comparison to the classical foam used in other athletic shoes.

On the other hand, Crocs feature a certain practical foam construction. Their unique construction not only makes them comfortable but also shock-resistant. Needless to say, these shoes will protect your feet against intense movements and external jolts.


Oofos feature impact-absorption properties that subside the pressure from the joints. This feature alone protects the feet from severe injuries and muscle pain.

Crocs, meanwhile, are popular for their comfortable feel and overall protection. These shoes have generous arch support and impact-absorption properties to protect your joints and arches.

Medical Aspects

Perhaps the main Oofos’ highlight is the technology. With their lightweight construction and 37% more shock absorbency, these shoes are recommended by podiatrists and various health professionals. In fact, most athletes chose Oofos for their practice sessions.

With Crocs the approval from APMA allows podiatrists and health professionals to recommend them for persons with foot injuries and complications. They’re not only ideal for athletes but are also suitable for regular usage.

Podiatrists Recommend Oofos

Podiatrists and health professionals alike highly recommend Oofos for certain reasons. They provide optimal ankle support without falling short on arch support. The unique design and impact-absorption quality make the shoe ideal for people suffering from foot ailments and injuries. Also, doctors recommend them to athletes as well as people hailing from non-athletic backgrounds.

In comparison, Oofos are significantly comfier and more cushioned than Crocs and most other recovery sandals and flip flops out there. According to reviews, Crocs usually feel far harsher and firmer than the Oofos.


The Bottom Line

Shoes come and go, but there are those that linger in our minds. A good example of such shoes is Crocs vs. Oofos. As we are concluding the article, we can state that while both footwear brands are great pioneers in their respective way, Oofos take the crown for medical reasons. Podiatrists highly recommend them for faster recovery. That said, if you’re not suffering from any significant foot problems, and would like to wear something stylish, Crocs are the way to go.