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Can you Wear Timberlands in the Summer?

Can you Wear Timberlands in the Summer?

Timberland designs range from hiking boots, rugged work boots to fashionable streetwear. Traditionally, they were manufactured as work boots. It has now been adopted far and wide as the most fashionable footwear. The world-renowned celebrities use it as a contemporary and fashionable outfit. Timberland boots come in different colors and styles, making them a top-notch element for intrinsic festivals.

Factors such as insulation, water resistance, and grip of timberland might seem to favor it for winter events. However, it’s a multi-seasonal boot. Iconic summer timberlands have been developed. Generally, the functional design of timberland boots complemented by its good looks has won the hearts of many. Now, everyone can wear boots in all seasons- spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Timberlands create a straightforward fashion statement, especially when worn with a short. After the Hip Hop stars started wearing them in the 1990s, many people have followed the trend because of their durability and their ability to create an excellent picture of everyone.

How to Wear Timberlands

It’s surprising how construction work equipment is worn in the streets as fashion attire. Its transformation is linked to very influential artists who used timberland to complement their street cultures. Over time, it became the most valuable footwear worldwide.

You’ve probably seen this type of shoe being ordered in plenty by your friends or at your local marketplace. In addition, you might be part of the more significant portion in love with it. Now that you’ve learned that timberland can be worn through all seasons, including summer, how do you wear it?

It’s essential to keep your style organized through a thorough examination of all outfit ideas. Most importantly, you ought to be keen on how you wear and match your timberlands. Follow the guidelines below for a great start with timberlands. Reap the best looks out of it.

Contrast Or Statement Look

Contrast look is achieved by combining different colors which are extremely opposite of each other. The same image is used when you wish to get significant visual interests. For example, you can combine timberland, which is beige, with any dark-colored navy. Trim everything to ensure that the contrast is outstanding.

Smart-Casual Look

You might have found yourself confused about a critical situation while trying to create a smart casual look with timberlands. However, that is a very easy thing to walk through majestically at any point in life. Start with a formal jacket, t-shirt, and slim jeans. The timberland complement both formal and informal styles.

Double Denim Look

With all double denim styles, it’s a requirement for you to meet the rule of rocking only with darker jeans and lighter denim shirts. The timberland will complement different shades of denim, making your outfit perfect for a given occasion. You have the freedom of choosing timberland with commendable colors such as black, navy, or beige. The choice of timberlands on this outfit is endless.

All-black look

It’s also called the ultimate clean.  For this kind of fashionable outfit, you need to have everything black from top to bottom. It’s the direct opposite of contrast look explained above.  Definitely, you will need black timberland and other accessories that give you a more personalized look.

Casual Look

Both genders can attain a casual appearance easily with styled timberlands decorated with different colors in different ways. Cargo pants are the best alternatives for jeans. A casual look with the right pair of timberland ensures maximum comfort while you still uphold your fashionable appeal. Timberlands match best with both cargo pants and jeans.

For another contemporary casual look, you can combine well-decorated timberlands with a sweater. That is typically worn in winter or fall for a good reason. Suede or leather timberland boots with sweater and jeans create a clean, casual look suitable for all kinds of activities.

What You Should Do If You’ve Or Planning to Buy a Timberland

 Take good care of your timberland. Yes, timberland is waterproof. That consequently means that your feet won’t be affected by water leaks even after walking through a rainy weather condition. However, you need to know that too much of it is detrimental. Over time, the leather is weakened and its quality drop drastically. Hence you should make ensure that your timberland boots are cleaned and stored appropriately after every harsh term effect. Invest also in items and products that help you clean timberland without leaving any stain.

When not wearing it, ensure that the boot’s tongue is upright. The lifeline of every timberland boot is on its tongue.   The same part will also ensure that you’re presentable with the selected look. When the tongue is no longer upright enough, then it’s a good time to throw the boot away and run to the shops for another one.

Always wear the Right Size of Timberland. Don’t assume that the size of your regular sneaker is similar to that of timberland boots. When the boot is too big, you won’t be able to make well-coordinated movements. Smaller ones might compress the feet and thus pose a risk for the development of compartment syndrome.

You can get the right timberland size by checking out the guidelines given on the Official Timberland Sizing chart. If you’re not sure of the final result, visit the nearest timberland store and try out a pair.

Things to Avoid

Don’t tie the timberland laces too tight. That might kill the initial appeal of the boot.  Just ensure that the tightness is appropriate enough and not in excess to lessen its benchmark look. Construction workers might opt to tighten the boots for safety reasons, but you should avoid this for them last longer with their attractive design.


Timberland is a multi-seasonal boot with a variety of styles. The waterproof boot is not meant to be worn in winter alone; we also have timberland boots for summer.  In addition, the footwear can be matched with other outfits to complement signature styles. Timberlands are known to last for many years if only accorded proper attention and the right care.