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How to Get Gum off Shoes

How to Get Gum off Shoes


  Chewing gum is the oldest candy that has ever been discovered by humankind. The first batch was manufactured from the latex sap extracted from the sapodilla tree. Today, all gums have similar essential ingredients: softeners, flavoring, gum base, and sweeteners.

The Different flavors used to ensure diverse tastes. Therefore, many people love it because it’s readily available when needed. Chewing gum is not always fun. If handled carelessly, it can stick on clothes and the base of the shoes. It’s a daunting task to remove such a mess.

There is no worse feeling comparable to a situation realized when you step on a sticky gum with your favorite pair of shoes. While you silently curse the individual who disposed of the chewed wad audaciously, it will do no good to your shoes. Fortunately, there are ultimate solutions that can be applied to get gum off the shoes without causing any damage or leaving a residue.

Moreover, the solutions discussed in this article as the best methods of getting gum off from shoes involve using very common household items; For example, peanut butter, ice cubes, and WD-40. In addition, there are other specific polishes that help with cleaning and restoring the glory of your shoes.

Removing Gum from Suede Shoes


Suede shoes might be the cutest shoes for some individuals, but the narrative might change when the sticky gum destroys their symmetry. All cleaning methods fall in order when it comes to scraping off the gum from the suede shoes.

You need to note that ice cleaning can stain suede shoes. When the ice cubes melt after rubbing it on the gum for around 10 minutes, water will spread. Suede shoes are negatively affected by water, and thus, freezing the gum with ice cubes might not be the best method. 

Peanut butter rubbing can also lead to further damage to the suede shoes. Therefore, any mechanism that works to soften the gum during its removal should be out of the question.

On the other hand, using a knife or a firm plastic rod to scrape away the gum should be the first step. The next thing is to use a special eraser to scrape it gently until the suede is back to its original outlook.

Stains erasers are some of the valuable brushes that you can use on delicate suede shoes. It removes the remnants of the gum and other dirt that can stain the valuable pair of shoes.

Removing Gum from Leather Shoes


Gum on leather shoes is slightly the most difficult to get off. When treated with some liquids, they also take a very long time to dry and might end up having some funny deformities. Creams and polishes are most useful when restoring the leather shoes after handling their sticky situation.

There are shoe shining hacks that improve the luxury and longevity of leather.  It creates the intended mirror that shines for incredible looks. However, before you get to the level of elegant looks, you need to deal with the gum. 

If the gum is hardened on a leather shoe, it can be scraped off using strong tools, possibly a nail or a firm plastic.  This is where you will learn that all items within your house are very important at their specific times.  When that fails, don’t worry. You’ve other brilliant techniques to help you deal with it.

Using Ice Cubs to Get Gum off Shoes


This method is most effective because it makes the gum harden and can easily be removed. Ice reduces the temperature of the gum, making it shrink, and that forces it to detach. 

It offers a lot of options depending on the time you’ve to spare for it to work. If you’re running against time, then rubbing one ice cube for approximately 10 – 20 minutes struck good changes. 

According to experts, sticking your shoes to a plastic bag pressed firmly on the gum is the most effective option.  It is then placed in a freezer for more than two hours, and the gum will effortlessly peel off from the shoe with the plastic.

Using Peanut Butter to Get Gum off Your Shoes

 Unlike the ice cubes, peanut butter works with the opposite effect. It softens the sticky gum instead of hardening it. That makes the gum on the shoe to melt and can be easily peeled off. To achieve the best results from this method, follow the procedure below:

  • Apply a creamy peanut butter over the gum and  create a thick layer
  • Leave it on situ for approximately 10 minutes
  • Rub over the gum gently using a wire brush
  • The gum will come off along the process 
  • When it’s all gone, clean the shoe using running water

Using WD-40 to Get Gum off Your Shoes

WD-40 is an excellent household item that offers surprising performance when it comes to gum removal. Besides being used in removing a piece of gum from shoes, it is also helpful in removing sticky substances from hair. 

The mechanism of action of WD-40 is similar to that of Ice cubes. The freezing method of WD-40 is a better option for gum hardening. You don’t have to lazy around and hold it like ice cubes over the gum to see better results. The spray is also able to harden the gum quickly during emergency moments.

What Is Next After Getting The Gum Off Your Shoes?


After scraping off the gum from your shoes, it’s important to conduct other meticulous cleaning methods to remove the leftovers. The practice should be gentle to avoid causing damages to the fiber or leather shoes.

Most people will prefer washing the affected spot using soap and water. However, a brush is also crucial to scrape off other remnants that cannot be easily washed away by water. Before polishing to revamp its shining, keep it in a warm place away from direct sunlight to make it dry.


Now that you’ve learned some of the most effective methods of removing gums from shoes, don’t allow this sticky substance to ruin your fun experience. There are many easy tips available at your disposal to peel off the gum out of your shoe.