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Can You Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

When it comes to outfitting, you don’t have to be a megastar to rock certain footwear like a model. In fact, most of the well-known and notorious tennis shoes available out there were initially meant for shooting hoops.

Similar to any other fashion and design frill, pulling out basketball shoes in a cool setting is about acquainting yourself with various options, sticking to your fashion awareness, and the willingness to take chances.

B-ball shoes have been in the fashion niche for quite a long time. Harking back to the ’70s and ’80s, for instance, Chuck Taylor was considered as basketball shoes. Today, these shoes are being used as casual and fashionable outfits.

But before you incorporate b-ball shoes into your closet, there are some casual blunders you may want to avoid. To dodge them, we’ll discuss several tricks with you that will prove to be useful. 

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Choose The Right Pair

Basketball shoes with elegant patterns and colors will help make a bold statement in your casual fashion. If you’re much interested in turning heads, consider a vibrant b-ball pair designed to hoard the spotlight regardless of what else you’re wearing. Faux far, neon, oversized tongues, reflective stripes, and elevated heels are all fair game. Moreover, basketball shoes aren’t associated with subtleness, meaning you will have many choices to choose from.

High-tops will captivate even more attention than lo-top, considering that there’s plenty of them to look at. Besides the color, other features like exclusive design, lace type, accent details, and modern edition artwork can transform an already cool pair into a sneaker that stands out even more.

You may want to stick to basic designs and colors for a more understated aesthetic. One way to make your basketball shoes feel like an integrated aspect of your fashion rather than the main attraction.

Qualities like black, white, navy blue, and grey will agree to just about any outfit. Other tones like red, tan, and army green will also match with quite a few outfits. Note that less superfluous details your shoes have, the more versatile it’s likely to be. Fewer unnecessary details make it easy to harmonize with other items.

Choose a classic style to create a cool timeless feeling. If you’re worried about pulling off some of the more stunning outfits out there, you can play safe by acquiring a set of popular favorites such as the Air Force 1 or simply any collection from the Air Jordan line.

These models usually have a simpler design and fewer accents, ensuring a low profile even when you take your footwear game to the next level. Adidas KBs, Reebok Questions, and Converse Weapons are also worth mentioning when it comes to basketball shoes and casual outfits.

Speaking of the modern styles, Converse All-star BBs, Nike Kyrie, Puma Clyde Hardwoods, and New Balance are good examples of basketball shoes that offer some of the versatility and simplicity of their retro predecessors.

Go With What You Like

Stay true to yourself. Rather than focusing on what everyone is brandishing, take your time and browse online retailers, shoe stores, and fashion niches and see what grabs your attention. To avoid the hype influence, allow your taste and sensibility to define your style.

Shop Within Your Budget

If you’re under a budget constraint, hunt for those discounted offers and inexpensive models. Basketball shoes are incredibly pricey because most sought-after shoes are typically pumped by big-brand companies and developed in collaboration with celebs.

If you want to add a pair or two of basketball shoes in your closet but don’t have all the bucks for the more premium options, you can ideally go for a similar pair, the one that’s within the price range.

It’s also important to know where you can secure a killer deal. Sites like RunRepeat and eBay, for instance, can be a considerable place to track down nearly new sneakers that are still decent and perfectly usable and affordable.

Showcase Your Footwear

First off, hop to the safer side by having slimmer cut pants for a smart casual look. Still, you can rock your b-ball shoes with a pair of shorts or joggers for a great casual look. Sweats, jeans, and such bottoms that candle through the ankle and calf will keep more of your feet visible.

They will also keep you from dreaded issues like draping and bunching, which could make you look sloppy no matter how great your kicks are. Note, if skinny pants aren’t your type, go for a moderate slim-straight or Taylor made cut.

Otherwise, skinny jeans and fashion shoes go together like arts and crafts, and one of these outfits will deliver just the right profile without getting too tight.

However, if you wear overly large sneakers, you might want to keep off from overly skinny bottoms. Apparently, most b-ball shoes are well on the bulky side. When paired with pants that are way too tight, their size can appear even more profound, thereby compromising the outfit.

Unless you’re comfortable with such a chunky, bottom profound style, you’ll be wise to choose trousers that don’t create too much visual compromise.

Nonetheless, you can go as tight as you wish when modeling with slimmer designs such as the Air Force 1 or Jordan for that matter.

Also, wear jeans in a shade that concede the color of your kicks. The fact that the right pants will lock that elegant athleisure vibe you’re looking for also means that the wrong one can totally ruin your outfit.

Contrast is a major consideration. If your basketball shoes are lighter, your jeans should be darker or such. The other way around is also applicable. You can also wear joggers if you want to spot every detail in your kicks. And if you don’t care much for slim-fitting bottoms or joggers, then feel free to cut or roll your pants.

Bottom Line

A casual outfit is of the most preferred attire for almost everyone. Therefore, it is absolutely obvious for one to think about wearing something as classy as basketball shoes casually.

Even though most shoes are not designed for all outdoor activities, a good number of brands have developed shoes such that fashion lovers can have them casually and comfortably even when outdoors.

So if you want to look trendy but simple by wearing basketball shoes casually, you can check out the tips mentioned above for a more promising move.