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Birko Flor vs Birkibuc

Birko Flor vs Birkibuc

With their excellent breathability, sandals are super comfy for summer. Many footwear brands are offering sustainable sandals, but Birkenstock stands out. The brand has an exemplary reputation and customer support worldwide because of its high-quality products. They use different materials for different shoes to create a different feel for each pair.

In this article, we will discuss two common materials Birkenstock uses for some of its sandals: Birko Flor and Birkibuc. Both materials are synthetic, easy to clean/maintain, durable, and are used as leather alternatives.

Birko Flor vs Birkibuc: Overview

Birko Flor

Birko Flor is made from acrylic and polyamide felt fibers, is smooth and has a leather-like finish. It is water-resistant and durable and does not fade or scratch. Best of all, it does not require time to break in for your feet to get used to it. It is also tear-resistant and soft to the touch. This material is easy to care for as you require only a wet cloth to clean your shoes’ upper part and leave them stainless.

It is super breathable and is lined with fleece on its underside, making it soft on your feet. Unlike leather, this material will not cause blisters even when you wear it straight out of the box. That it is synthetic means it will last long.

Satisfied customers do not report any fading, even after months of wearing Birko Flor shoes. Even after a year, the shoes will still look as good as new. The material does not have color limits, and you can get any color of choice of the same quality as any other. Birko Flor is relatively cheaper than leather and is ideal for you on a budget but still needing to look good. It is also shiny and more fashion-forward.

Disadvantages of Birko Flor

  • For people with sensitive skin, the synthetic may be uncomfortable. You may experience irritation and itching. It is advisable to research further before buying Birko Flor shoes, especially if your skin is sensitive.
  • Sometimes, people may overlook Birko Flor shoes because of their lower prices. People often associate low prices with substandard products, but that is not the case with Birkenstock.
  • Some pieces require time to remove the roughness on the inside.
  • Unlike leather, it does not improve as it ages. Every day is a step closer to its end.


Birkibuc is similar to nubuck leather in appearance and texture but has a bit of a nap on its surface. Sometimes it looks like a replica of nubuck leather, making it an ideal alternative when leather is unavailable. We often associate leather with class and sophistication, and with Birkibuc, none would be the wiser.

Birkibuc is made of acrylic and polyamide felt fibers. The material is lightly buffed to give it a textured finish. It is easy to clean as it requires using only water and mild soap. It is also durable and has a soft backing.

Its resemblance to nubuck makes it the ideal alternative for vegans, and it produces shoes for both men and women with a natural leather appearance. It does not stretch as leather does and may require a break-in period.

If you feel uncomfortable walking in your Birkibuc or Birki Flor shoes for the first time, try adjusting the strap that goes across the top of your foot. Depending on the height of your foot’s arch, you may require tightening the strap once or as tight as it would go.

In summary, here are the similarities and differences between these two materials.

Similarities of Birki Flor and Birkibuc

  • They are both synthetics and are ideal leather alternatives.
  • They are both made from acrylic and polyamide felt fibers
  • They are relatively cheaper than leather
  • They are used for men and women’s shoes
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • They do not fade
  • They are durable but may not last as long as leather
  • They are high-quality materials
  • They are soft on your foot
  • They are water-resistant
  • After several wearings, the shoes eventually mold to your foot, making them look like part of your foot.

Differences between Birki Flor and Birkibuc

  • Birki Flor offers more color options than Birkibuc
  • For vegans seeking a leather-like look, Birkibuc is the closest leather alternative as it resembles nubuck leather.
  • Birki Flor is lined with fleece on the inside, while Birkibuc is not.
  • Birkibuc requires a break-in period, while Birki Flor does not unless you have sensitive skin.
  • Birki Flor is tear-resistant, while Birkibuc is not
  • Birki Flor is smooth, while Birkibuc has a fine nap
  •  Birki Flor is shiny, while Birkibuc is not

When Birki Flor and Birkibuc are compared to leather, the difference is quite telling. Here are a few differences.

  • Leather is more oily and less shiny, making it ideal for people who want less attention.
  • Leather is thicker and is designed to feel like a customized pair by molding to your feet.
  • Leather can stretch according to your foot’s size and is ideal for those who need a customized fit.
  • The leather thickness makes it difficult to break-in
  • Leather is quite pricey compared to other materials.
  • Leather’s stretchability can sometimes leave you adding more holes to the straps when it overstretches.
  • The suede quickly wears out if not properly maintained.
  • Leather will last longer.

Your feet will thank you once they break into the sandals, regardless of the material used to make them. It is advisable to do your research well before choosing the material to use. Even better, you can contact the company to advise you accordingly.

Also, it is essential to consider your type of feet. You may require narrow or wide feet sandals in this regard. Ideally, you need to choose the sandals that are the best fit for you. You do not want an overly sized pair that will keep slipping out as you walk.

Also, consider your personality and style when choosing colors.

Birki Flor and Birkibuc sandals are worth their salt and should be a wardrobe staple, especially for summer, regardless of the break-in time.