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Birkenstock vs Papillio

Birkenstock vs Papillio

Birkenstock is a private company that has a long family history in shoe making. It is best known for its comfortable orthopedic sandals. Among its product portfolio are sandals, clogs, shoes, and boots in over 400 styles, colors, or materials for men, women, and children.

The company is famous for its unique sole that is made to complement the shape of the foot, thus more comfortable than regular flat-footed soles.

 In this article, we compare two shoe brands, Birkenstock vs Papillio, that are made by the same family but portray differences in both design and materials used.

Birkenstock vs Papillio: Overview

Birkenstock Sandals

 The trademark qualities of a Birkenstock shoe are the unique sole and footbed design. The insert has a raised toe bar and a heel cup. These shoe features help distribute the body’s weight and absorb shocks on the foot resulting in improved posture and balance for greater comfort when walking.

Its footbed is designed to mold and fit the wearer’s foot after continuous wear. The material used- cork is pliable and contours to your individual natural foot shape as a result of body heat and pressure.

 The brand’s features are associated with numerous health and environmental benefits. People suffering from sore feet or those who have experienced other foot issues are highly recommended to buy the Birkenstock sandal. A study by the University of Queensland, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences found Orthosis-shaped sandals were better than flat sandals for heel pain. Thus, many doctors and podiatrists will recommend and support their patients to use a contoured sandal like Birkenstock to manage their heel pain

 Styles available

There are several classic styles, at least nine, that have a combination of either the natural leather, oiled leather, or Birko Flor straps with the original footbed. At least 10 different styles have a soft footbed with an additional foam insert for extra comfort

Many styles in the Birkenstock family have fully adjustable straps that will allow for different sizes and shapes of feet.

Materials Used

 Birkenstocks are made using high-quality durable materials.

Its footbed is made of cork and latex, which creates a stable and robust footing. On the top are layers of woven jute and cotton and lined with suede for softness and moisture absorbency.

The straps are made of natural leather or synthetic fabrics such as Birko Flor, and textile materials like linen, wool, and microfiber. Birkenstocks also uses other materials including copper and brass for the buckles.

  Caring for your Birkenstock Sandal

For regular maintenance of your shoe and to ensure longevity, use the cleaning supplies provided with your purchase. Take care not to use water since the sandals use water-based solvents and may fall apart. If any parts need replacing, you can easily get a new sole or footbed for your shoe for a small fee in many locations in the country.

 Papillio Sandals

Papillio is a collection from the Birkenstock family. The Papillio sandals are designed for the trendier, flashier woman who is looking for something more. It carries with it the comfort and quality of the Birkenstock sandal footbed but is designed with upper bright patterns and colors.

Papillio shoes are designed with many of the components of standard Birkenstock designs such as heel height, fabrics, patterns, and textures are all integrated to bring out varying styles. The heels start from two (2) cm to four (4) cm. The collection uses different fabrics and textures that include elements of shimmer and shine and can be easily styled with different dresses and for various occasions.

Styles Available

From their website, more than forty styles are available currently. The team continues to come up with new styles regularly. To keep up with trends in fashion, this collection changes the styles on a seasonal basis as opposed to the Birkenstock collection.

Style features include a mix of thick straps, cork soles, wedge heels, flats and platform styles, and different fabrics.

Care and maintenance of your sandals is an easy task by dry brushing and using a leather cleaner. Other designs made from synthetic materials may be cleaned using a damp cloth and left out to air dry.

 Birkenstock vs Papillio: Differences

  • The Birkenstock is more classic and down to earth whereas the Papillio carries over trendy styles, and fashion trends.
  • The Birkenstock has been a stable collection with the traditional classic designs that have been popular for ages. On the other hand, the Papillio collection will offer seasonal variation in style and the use of different fabrics and textures.
  • The Papillio is specifically targeted to women whereas the Birkenstock attracts a wider audience from the men to the kids in the family.
  • The Papillio uses a mix of materials including suede, metallic buckles, and extra embellishments. The Birkenstock has maintained the use of leather straps and the cork footbed.
  • With greater use of a variety of materials, Papillio offers more feminine and dressy styles than classic Birkenstocks.


Despite the differences between the two shoe brands, the Birkenstock family makes sure that all their products maintain high quality standards. They all share the same footbed design and high-quality materials for the footbed.

Their products are durable, comfortable, and accommodate different foot sizes. It is incredibly common for one to buy from both collections after trying out the first pair.

Birkenstock and Papillio sandals allow the wearer’s feet to stay in their natural shape, thereby maintaining proper balance and an improved posture. Overall, these products are good for you and good for the environment.