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Birkenstock vs Naot

Birkenstock vs Naot

Quality sandals are a must-have for your wardrobe, especially during summer. Sandals give your feet some breathing room after being enclosed in socks and shoes. For this purpose, finding comfortable sandals is vital.

Birkenstock and Naot are both super brands that make high-quality sandals. Since no two companies are a hundred percent similar, let’s look at the specifics of each brand.

Birkenstock vs Naot


Birkenstock creates consciously healthy shoes. The company was formed in 1774 and has since then been on a mission to improve their customers’ shoe experience by providing high-quality and comfortable shoes.

They place the value of their shoes on function and quality by using premium quality materials. They make their sandals in their production facilities with extensive amounts of handwork. True to their mission of improving their customers’ shoe experience, their sandals go through 17 work steps requiring over 100 highly skilled hand movements for a completed closed Birkenstock model.

Birkenstock upholds high-quality standards for both handmade and industrial methods and sources its materials from sustainable natural resources.

They have a sub-brand called Papillio, which means trendy materials and colors. It is a feminine brand featuring color contrasts and modern prints with various shoe types. They have a vast summer collection that offers animal prints, shiny leather, and floral patterns to cater to your preferences and taste.

Birkenstock sandals have footbeds with the following features:

  • An original design
  • Their footbed is designed to foster proper foot health, is stylish, and offers all-day comfort.
  • The first layer that lays the footbed’s foundation is jute. They use jute to stabilize the latex core and natural cork.
  • At the heart of the footbed are natural cork and latex. These materials are excellent shock absorbers, highly flexible, and provide ample support for your foot. They also help relieve pressure on your feet. These materials are great for insulation against cold or heat, offering an excellent foot climate.
  • The second layer is also made of jute and is aligned around the footbed’s sides. This layer increases the footbed’s flexibility, making it more durable. Jute creates a thick and absorbent layer that regulates moisture.
  • The footbed is further lined with suede to absorb moisture. This material is used for the top layer of the footbed and creates a good foot climate.
  • They also make a soft footbed with similar features to the original footbed. It, however, has an additional foam insert that provides more comfort. The foam insert has lots of tiny air bubbles that enhance the comfort experience.

For their premium materials, Birkenstock uses leather types of high quality and careful selections of synthetic fabrics. The company ensures the materials are thoughtfully produced and monitored so that they are gentle to the skin.

These are the materials they use:

  • Thick, high-quality unsplit leather because of its robustness
  • Suede: it has a breathable outer surface and is soft and comfortable.
  • Untreated leather with a thickness of about 3mm.
  • Oiled leather: this type is sourced from tanneries. An oily or waxy surface coating is applied based on the desired product.
  • Nubuck leather: it has a soft surface and is 7mm thick
  • Synthetics such as Birko Flor
  • Textiles like linen or canvas, microfibre, and wool felt.


Naot’s passion is to create a better world through comfortable shoes. The company was formed in 1942 on the notion that to be beautiful, one must be comfortable, and it has been in operation since then. Naot sandals are known worldwide for their high quality and are certified by podiatrists. Naot calls its sandals shoes of peace as each pair is made through collaboration. They are handmade and created using sustainable procedures with high-quality materials.

The insoles are made of latex and cork and lined with a suede lining to create a super flexible and shock absorbent base for ample foot support. The insole is designed to replicate your foot’s shape. They provide excellent comfort, making them suitable for your feet. They come in a wide range of colors and styles to suit your personality and taste. They feature adjustable straps for easy tightening or loosening as needed.

Other features

  • Naot sandals have hallux support that naturally holds the big toe and hinders your foot from slipping forward. This support enhances the way your footholds onto the shoe.
  • Naot’s footbed center is elevated to release pressure in the joints in the middle of your foot.
  • It is designed to allow proper distribution of your body’s weight, which helps to reduce pressure on the joints and spine.
  • Naot helps maintain the natural shape of the heel pad protecting the heel bone.
  • The sandals have a latex sponge layer that offers softness.

Here’s a summary of these brands similarities:

Birkenstock vs Naot: similarities

  • They use latex and natural cork to make their insoles
  • They provide your foot ample support and maximum comfort.
  • They have lined their insoles with suede.
  • They make shoes for both men and women.
  • They are durable and shock absorbent.
  • They offer a wide selection range of colorful sandals.
  • They encourage proper foot health.
  • They use both handmade and industrial methods to manufacture their shoes.
  • Both require break-in time.

Differences between Birkenstock and Naot

  • The significant difference between the two brands is the break-in period. Birkenstock may take a couple of weeks, while Naot may take only a couple of days to break in. Customers who have tried both Birkenstock and Naot sandals report that Naot sandals are more comfortable.
  • Naot is cut narrow and is not ideal for people with wide feet. Birkenstock accommodates both narrow and wide feet in their designs.
  • Birkenstock uses different premium materials, while Naot only uses a few materials.

From their features, these brands produce high-quality sandals with customer satisfaction in mind. With the vast array of premium materials and an intricate procedure, Birkenstock carries the day. It is essential to consider the features and benefits of each brand before making a decision. For some, Naot works. But for others, it’s Birkenstock all the way. Always choose comfort first.