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Best Socks To Wear With Birkenstocks

Best Socks To Wear With Birkenstocks

One of the most common questions among Birkenstocks lovers is whether Birkenstocks actually look good with socks. The good news is that you can look ideal by pairing Birks with cute socks and jeans.

Of course, socks plus sandals might sound trash at first but take a gander at the contemporary fashion collections, and you will realize that it’s okay to wear socks with Birks.

Can you Wear socks with Birkenstocks?

On the internet, the consensus was pretty split. There were many people who said you could wear both socks and Birkenstocks, but there were plenty more who said that you could not. People who wear socks with Birkenstocks are more likely to wear them as a fashion statement rather than a necessity.

The answer to that question is yes and no. Birkenstocks were designed for wearing without socks or any other kind of foot covering. However, it is true that many people wear socks with Birkenstock sandals.

If you are going to wear socks with Birkenstocks, make sure to choose a pair of socks that are thin, soft and made from natural materials. Cotton or wool options work great. Avoid synthetic materials like polyester and nylon

But wait. What kind of socks do you wear with Birkenstocks? Now that becomes another thing altogether. But worry not. This rundown is geared to help make the best choice among the best Birkenstock socks currently available on the market.

In case you’re in a hurry, consider ribbed socks or something heavier when wearing clogs, Dansko, or Birkenstocks, for that matter- and your feet will be in heaven. This is because such shoes are typically heavier and wider and thus call for a heavier pair of socks.

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Here are The Best Socks To Wear With Birkenstocks

Tonal Black Twist Socks

You might want to upgrade your wardrobe essentials with this amazing pair of cotton twist socks from Birkenstock. Made from high content cotton for an exceptionally soft feel, these socks boast an all-over ribbed design to deliver extra padding. The looks here come complete with the iconic Birkenstock logo, added below the sock opening.

Quick details

  •   Cotton stretch blend
  •   Super soft feel
  •   Ribbed design
  •   Birkenstock logo at upper

Cotton Slub Socks Gray/White

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This casual pair of cotton socks marks the height of fashion, thanks to its design. It features a high level of smooth, soft-to-touch cotton for an excellent wearing experience. The fit is improved by the pliant cuff and flat toe section. The heel and the toe area are carefully reinforced to offer lasting comfort, enhance durability and ensure much-needed protection.

Overall, the socks are versatile, cozy, and feature a ribbed rag crew for men. Not to forget that it’s made from 94% organic cotton. The socks are designed to feel soft and substantial without falling short on wearability. Nylon was utilized for durability and to help with shape retention.

Quick details

  •   High cotton content
  •   Elasticized pressure-free cuff
  •   Made to last with maximum comfort

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Cotton Jacquard Socks Blue/White

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These Birkenstock socks are equipped with an authentic Norwegian style and feature a high content of soft skin-friendly cotton. They’re also the flat toe section, pressure-free, and an elasticized cuff, all of which come in handy for a perfect fit.

In other words, the Cotton Jacquard Socks Blue/White collection represents the finishing touch that elevates your looks and makes them unique.

Quick details

  •   Knee-length
  •   High cotton content
  •   Maximum comfort
  •   Skin-friendly
  •   Elasticized, pressure-free cuff

Twist Boot Sock Night Blue

Nice for everyone, these Twist Boot Sock Night Blue socks are made specifically for boots. The pair boats a chunky-knit. Thanks to the high cotton content, it makes these socks incredibly soft, yet they’ll keep your feet warm. There’s also the pressure-free elasticized cuff that counts for a perfect fit.

Quick details

  •   Extremely soft and warm
  •   High cotton content
  •   Excellent comfort level
  •   Great for boots

Big Logo Cotton Slub Socks

The Big Logo Cotton Slub Socks are yet another fashion statement in the field of footwear. Thanks to its design, you will get a superior level of comfort alongside skin-friendly cotton that’s soft to the touch.

The fit is further enhanced by the presence of the pliant cuff and level toe section. Similar to other options on our list, the toe and the heel featured here are well reinforced to provide sustainable comfort, though ensuring durability and optimum protection for your feet.

Quick details

  •   High cotton content
  •   Elasticated, pressure-free cuff
  •       Reinforced toe and heel

Cotton Navy Jacquard Socks Blue

Much like the Cotton Jacquard Socks Blue/White mentioned above, this pair showcase the navy blue and black Dior Oblique motif shades. Derived from a lightweight stretch cotton knit, these socks feature a mid-calf that gives a contrasting tip and heel.

The soft and stretchable material employed here will be gentle on the skin, look stylish, and remain comfortable. We also appreciate the fact that these socks sport a small Birkenstock logo patch sizing embroidered on the underfoot in blue.

Quick details

  •   High cotton content
  •   The soft and stretchable material
  •   Stylish and comfortable
  •       Iconic Birkenstock logo on the underfoot

Knitted Socks Two-Pack Natural

The Knitted Socks Two-Pack Natural is designed to bring you supreme comfort right from the start. You’ll be able to delight your toes in this natural, comfortable touch with extra soft wool fibers.

The socks are highly breathable and microstructure when it comes to moist-wicking, eliminating sweat and odor. They will also help keep your feet dry and fresh all day long. The unique design of the underfoot is meant to prevent swelling of the ankle when walking or standing for hours.

The socks also feature medium thickness wool that keeps you warm and comfortable for all of your activities. Whether you’re walking out, hiking, or drinking coffee, you can count on this pair. Birkenstock doesn’t compromise on comfort, softness, or durability.

Quick details

  •       Highly breathable
  •       Medium thickness wool
  •       Comfortable for most activities
  •   Extra soft wool fibers

Cotton Kilim Socks Light Gray Melange

These Birkenstock socks come in a central Kilim look that stands out in the magnitude crowd. Thanks to the colorful pattern, it makes the whole thing more attractive alongside the woven carpets. The pressure-free, elasticized cuff and flat toe section couples with the LYCRA fibers to deliver the most agreeable fit.

Quick details

  •       Original Birkenstock logo on the shaft
  •       Cotton blend with LYCRA fibers for a more comfortable fit
  •   High cotton content

The Bottom Line

Aside from being incredibly popular, Birkenstock is one of the most versatile footwear brands that’s sure to match with just about any properly crafted pair of socks. The socks mentioned above are great for comfort, great looking and, great quality, great colors, great weight, and more importantly, great fit. Don’t procrastinate. Try a Birkenstock shoe with a Birkenstock sock, and you’ll be amazed at how it feels. Comfort, comfort, comfort.