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Are Chacos Good For Hiking?

Are Chacos Good For Hiking?

Hiking is a great way to exercise, relax and keep yourself healthy. People love to spend time in nature with their hiking boots. However, over the past couple of years, there has been a trend of hiking in Chaco sandals. Surprised?

But are Chacos Good for Hiking?

Yes! They are absolutely trail-worthy and uniquely made for this purpose. 

Just like every other footwear, wearability is subjective, depending on personal preference and environment. In this article, we talk about Chaco sandals and the reason it is excellent for hiking.  

About Chaco

Chaco is an American footwear line specializing in technical hiking sandals with arch support and lugged soles. So, they create footwear that is comfortable and compatible with hiking. Their sandals are practical for any extensive outdoor activity that you might desire.

Members of the Chaco footwear community have thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and ran marathons in Chaco sandals. Moreover, Chaco provides long-lasting comfort along with the ability to venture into rugged terrains while hiking. 

They provide exceptional arch support for your feet while being durable. Further, Chaco sandals can take you on adventures with the assistance of their all-terrain traction. They offer an array of Scandals that you can choose from, based on your needs and preferences. 

All of this is possible due to their signature LUVSEAT Footbed, board-certified by the American Pediatric Medical Association (APMA). 

Z/2 Sandal

Chaco’s Z/2 Sandal will add stability while you are scrambling through rocky terrain. It has a toe strap that provides additional security and stability. This feature will give you a better foot-to-sandal connection when you cross slippery streams and scramble through rocks.  

Z/Cloud Series Sandal

The Z/Cloud series adds a layer of cloud cushioning to the supportive footbed system. This Chaco sandal provides extra comfort to your feet while hiking. Moreover, it will make you feel that you are simply floating through desert and mountain trails.

Branded Z/Cloud Series Sandal

Chaco’s Branded Z/Cloud series sandals are best for long treks. It is the same as their Z/Cloud series; however, it enhances the stability. There is an extra strap to the cloud cushioning footbed that improves your ease of wear. 

Why Are Chacos Great For Hiking? 

Chaco sandals are appealing due to the level of support and comfort they offer. Further, they will give you durable support, therefore lasting you a long time. Being certified by the APMA, their unique footbed is of orthopedic quality. 

On top of that, being sandals, your feet have room to breathe. Chaco sandals are breathable and perfect for a summer hike. You may find it satisfying not to open your shoes anymore to cool down by a stream. 

With Chaco sandals, there is no need to change sweaty socks constantly. Moreover, while crossing a stream, no need to worry about wetting your shoes. Your Chaco’s may get wet, but the material will dry out without being sloppy. 

ChacoS sandals will prevent your feet from getting attacked by stowaway pebbles or dirt. Overall, Chaco sandals will give you a comfortable, less annoying, and joyful hiking experience through any part of nature.  

Chaco Hiking Sandals Vs. Traditional Hiking Boots 

Boots and trail runners are old-school footwear using stiff, hoarse leather uncomfortable for any activity. Your feet will fall captive to the socks and shoes throughout your hike. These boots claim to be breathable, but your feet will sweat. 

Sweaty feet and hiking do not go well together. The moisture in your feet and the friction from walking will create painful blisters. Therefore, making your hiking experience miserable. 

On the other hand, Chaco sandals will let your feet breathe! The cool breeze will keep them dry, resulting in a fun and positive hiking experience. In case the straps rub against your feet, you can adjust them, unlike boots. It will provide relief on potential hotspots and prevent the formation of blisters. 

Boots are not lightweight; instead, they are bulky to carry. Hiking requires walking, and walking requires energy. Further, if you put a significant amount of weight on your feet, it will drain 4 to 6 times your overall energy. It will reduce your eagerness to hike. 

On the contrary, Chaco sandals are lightweight, giving you the freedom to walk for as long as you want to. They will cut down your energy consumption and motivate you to keep going. 

What happens when you come across a stream that needs crossing? If you wear hiking boots, you need to remove them to make sure do not get wet. However, if they get wet, the general process of drying them will take a lot of time off your hiking schedule. 

Chaco sandals are easy to dry. Moreover, you can relax and feel refreshed when you get your feet wet after a long hike. You do not have to remove these sandals from your feet to dry. 

You may, however, carry a towel to blot some excess water off your feet to avoid tanning. On the other hand, if you are a fan of some sweet tan lines, skip this step. 

During a hiking journey, you will come across rocky terrain full of debris. These annoying pebbles, dirt, and other fragments might creep into your boot. You will then have to take an unwanted break and take off the boots to remove them. This halt will hamper your productivity. 

With Chaco sandals, it is easy to remove a pesky pebble. Just shake it off! Further, you do not have to stop and open your footwear to remove the rock.  

Summing Up

Chaco is a durable and relaxing footwear to go hiking in. These sandals will be the perfect partner for your hiking trips. Moreover, it is fun to walk in and breathable. These sandals will let you enjoy the true essence of hiking.

Without having to worry about blisters or walking on streams, you can appreciate your hike. You can walk through nature with one of Chacos remarkable quality hiking sandals. 

So, are Chacos good for hiking? Yes, Chacos are perfect for hiking!