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Allen Edmonds Vs Meermin

Allen Edmonds Vs Meermin

As a gentleman in the 21st century, having a pair of quality dress shoes should be your part and parcel. However, this may not be easy as there are thousands of shoe brands available in the market, all of which promise you elegance and value for your money. What you need to do is to analyze various marketing strategies used by shoe companies so that you can get a brand that meets your requirements.

Allen Edmonds and Meermin are shoe brands that you will never miss while searching for the best quality shoes. However, you may not be in a position to purchase all of them, and therefore, by the end of this article, you should be able to know which is the best brand that suits your needs.

Allen Edmonds Vs Meermin: Overview

Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds, manufactured by Allen Edmond shoe manufacturer, has been in existence since 1922, and to date, it is still the powerhouse in the United States market. Just from its name, you can easily guess how classy these shoes are. This company has been consistent in ensuring a regular supply of these quality shoes. Despite its high price tag, regular discounts offered by the manufacturer compensates for all this. Allen Edmond offers a wide range of shoes consumers can choose from and many durable designs.

Meermin Shoes

Meermin shoe manufacturer located in Mallorca, Spain, was founded in 2001 by a small artisan shoemaker family. Meermin shoe brand is among the best and popular shoe brands in the world. Meermin shoe manufacturer is a consistent producer of quality Goodwear welted shoes.

Meermin manufacturer sells their products directly to customers through their official website. This enables them to access a larger global population and maintain contact with customers; therefore, feedback about their products is obtained easily. Customers can also liaise with Meermin and design their shoes, also called ‘Made to order service.

Due to the absence of intermediaries, these shoes are quite cheap as compared to other brands. Supply is also steady as they are also produced in China, only sent to Spain to be refined. Furthermore, the source of their raw materials is from three countries: Italy, France, and Japan, and therefore, no mix-up.

Allen Edmonds Vs Meermin: Similarities


Allen Edmond has been using premium calfskin since 1922, making their shoes to be of high quality. Meermin is stuck on leather obtained from Italy, France and Japan, which are producers of quality leather. This tells that Meermin shoes are of high quality.

Freedom of Customization

Both Allen Edmonds and Meermin provide customization services enabling customers to create their shoe designs made and delivered to them. This widens the consumer’s choice, unlike other brands where you go for the available one.


These two brands are padded and cushioned to ensure comfort while wearing. However, Allen Edmonds has a lower breaking-in period as compared to Meermin.


The meticulous technique used in stitching these two brands of shoes is not found anywhere but confined only to these two.

Allen Edmonds Vs Meermin: Differences 

Design and type of shoes

Coming from different manufacturers, these shoe brands have different designs. For instance, Meermin makes Chelsea boots, derbies, loafers, and handmade belts. On the other hand, Allen Edmonds brands include Addison Penny, Park Avenue, Dalton Wingtip, and Strandmork Brogue. Designs between these two brands also differ and depend upon the one that blends with the consumer’s style.

Location of Manufacturer

 Allen Edmonds is manufactured in the US, making it affordable for those in the US as they can easily access the manufacturer. High shipping charges make this brand more costly, especially to those in other countries.

Meermin manufacturer is located in Mallorca, Spain, but most of their dealings are online, making it easy for prospective customers to access them.


 People have diverse opinions regarding cost as some use cost to determine if a product is good for them while others are against this. Meermin shoe brands are of good quality but cost-effective, while Allen Edmond shoe brands are expensive but luxurious. This, therefore, will depend on the depth of your pocket and your preference.


Meermin shoe size ranges from 6 to 12 according to the UK shoe size chart, while Allen Edmond ranges from 6 to 16. Allen Edmonds shoes also range from Extra wide (EEE) to extremely small (AAA.)

Return policy

Allen Edmond provides a return policy of 90 days, unlike Meermin, which is merely 15days within wrong or damaged delivery.

Allen Edmonds Vs Meermin: Which One Should You Pick?

It provides a wide range of sizing, from 6 to 16; therefore, almost everyone is assured of getting their shoe size. Furthermore, the shoe sizes range from extra-large to extremely small.

-There is guaranteed value for your money.

-The shoes are padded and cushioned to provide maximum comfort

-The manufacturer is very keen on ensuring quality, style and durability despite its expensive price tag

-There is the availability of customization options, thereby increasing consumer choices

Why You Should Choose Meermin

-Customers have the freedom to customize their shoe

-The product can only be purchased through the official website, thus eliminating the need for middlemen

-Prices are affordable with quality shoes

-The manufacturer provides a wide range of shoe style, sizes and designs.

-The products are shipped worldwide, availing them to customers from all corners of the world.

-There is an impressive customer support system


If you want an elegant and extravagant look, then you are an ideal candidate to go for Allen Edmonds because it is a shoe that will last for many years.

Compared to the Meermin brand, Allen Edmonds is very luxurious and will always capture everybody’s attention wherever you are. This type of shoe will provide all that you need. Therefore it is all that you need as a gentleman.

At times you may need quality and value for your money, don’t worry because Meermin is the product of choice for you. Having various designs to choose from, Meermin will always make you feel contented with what they offer.

In a nutshell, depending on your preference and how equipped you are financial, you will never miss getting quality shoes, be it Allen Edmonds or Meermin.