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How to Restore Timberland Boots Color

How to Restore Timberland Boots Color

Timberlands are reliable footwear of outstanding quality. The boots meet every client’s needs and expectations, ranging from safety, comfort, and fashion. If you own timberland boots, you are aware how the pair is a good type of investment that serves you for a very long time.

 Whichever model of timberland you choose, you need to keep that favorite pair clean always.  Cleaning timberland boot is a straightforward process involving removing excess dirt, wiping gently to remove stains, and polishing it to prolong life.

Cleaning your boots effectively as required is probably the only method that can be used to protect their color. Even after removing the surface dirt. You need to go a step further and brush them to bring back their attractive looks.

If you want your boots to appear new, you can always buy protective sprays that remove stains and watermarks. You can keep your timberland clean without damaging its color or even spending a fortune on a specialized cleaning kit.

Cleaning Suede Timberland

Suede Timberland boots are gorgeous footwear that is loved by many. If you invest in these kinds of boots, you will also be required to buy a suede brush. Suede eraser and Waterproofing spray are other crucial essentials to help you get rid of the tough stains.

In a nutshell, you need the following items to maintain the color and beauty of your suede boots:

  • A butter knife for tough stains
  • Old newspaper
  • Suede brush
  • Suede eraser-optional

How to Clean Suede Timberland Boots

-Place the old newspaper on the floor to keep the dirt assembled at one point and can be easily collected.

-If your boot has too much mud, leave it to dry overnight. Remove the mud as much as you can using your hand. You can wear a glove if needed to prevent germs.

-Use a suede brush to scrape off dirt and dust. Let the brush move in one direction.

-Spot the stain and scuff marks and use a suede eraser to rub over it. After that, you can use a suede brush to clean the debris.

-You can use a butter knife to scrape off the stains gently and then use the suede brush again.


Don’t expose your suede timberland boots to water since that could form serious stains. If it’s cleaning them with water, soak up all the excess water using a clean and dry rag, then put them in a sunlit and well-ventilated area. Avoid exposing them closer to the heating source. 

Pro tip: Once you’re done cleaning your timberland boots, use a waterproofing spray. 


  • This method is cheap and faster
  • It can be used to clean any brand of suede shoes
  • This method removes all dirt, dust, and stain effectively


  • It can damage the fabrics if the cleaner is not careful with the butter knife.
  • Stains might recur, uncles, the waterproofing spray is used

Restoring Timberland Boots Color Using Household Items

You can restore the color of your timberland boot even if you don’t have high-end items like a suede brush.  Ideally, using a suede cleaning kit offer a better cleaning to your shoes. However, other cleaning alternatives allow you to clean timberland boots even if you lack the time or ability to purchase the kit.

You’ve once in a while heard of some people cleaning their timberland boots with a toothbrush and baking powder. That is the rule of the game; the method is safe for both the cleaner and the boots. You can use the technique too often, but you need to know that the baking soda is not suitable for the suede timberland.

If you’re not sure which selected household item works best on your timberland. Do a simple test on the boot’s tongue or any other area that produces noticeable results.

Ideally, you can restore the color of your timber boots using the household items when the other options are not available.  If you’ve a cleaning kit, then use that investment as instructed. Buy other products to help you cultivate the best results.


  • The household items used are readily available, effective, and cheap
  • When used appropriately, it gets rid of all marks and stains.


  • Can damage the timberland if the method is not applied carefully

Restoring the Color of Leather Timberland Boots

Leather timberland needs little maintenance, especially the black ones. It’s easy to keep them black forever. It’s also advantageous to invest in cleaning kits for your favorite leather timberland boots. However, soap and baking soda might work effectively to keep your leather shoes clean.

You need the following to clean the leather timberland boots effectively;

  • Baking soda or dish soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Water
  • Vinegar -You need vinegar to help in the removal of salt lines on leather boots!
  • A rag


How to Clean The Leather Timberland Boots

  1. Remove dirt using a rag
  2. Apply dish soap or baking soda to the toothbrush
  3. Brush the leather boots using a gentle toothbrush in a circular motion
  4. Rinse the boot using clean water
  5. If the stain cannot fade out, use a small amount of vinegar, then brush it gently.

Pro Tip: It is worth it to invest in leather timberland boots. Leather oil or a conditioner can be used to nourish it and remove some scuffs. The products also prevent the leather boots from cracking.


To ensure that timberland has its original color, you need to clean it effectively and avoid stains. Other supplements can be applied to the boots to maintain their attractive looks. It’s is not mandatory that you should have special cleaning products and equipment to restore the color of your shoes. You can use the readily available household items but remember to keen when using it not to spoil everything.

Generally, once your timberland is properly cleaned. You can restore and even enhance its previous color without any challenges. Cream colors are available, and you can improve its polish to make your boots shine. Always be careful when cleaning suede shoes; they are gorgeous yet very sensitive to every cleaning procedure.