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Adidas Cloudfoam vs Boost

Adidas Cloudfoam vs Boost

We often find ourselves at crossroads when shopping for sneakers. It is not easy to decide between Cloudfoam and Boost technologies. With all the talk in praise of these models, no one can blame you for finding it hard to decide which among them is the best.

We want to ensure you do not go through this ordeal anymore. Considering both are Adidas products, we will explore how they differ and what is similar about them. We will review for you Cloudfoam vs Boost to help you pick the one that suits you.

Cloudfoam vs Boost

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Adidas Cloudfoam Vs Boost: Design

Both Cloudfoam and Boost have superb designs, but they seem to suit different purposes.

Cloudfoam is designed for everyday wear. The vibrant colors make it suitable for wearing with almost any attire. They have a prominent look that suits a showy appearance at a casual event. They are also designed for maximum comfort.

The Cloudfoam and EVA foam combination is soft but durable. It will give you a whole-day comfort and protection without wearing out prematurely. The tongue and midsoles are also padded to increase your support and comfort.

Boost, on the other hand, has features that predominantly support sporting and athletic activities. Thermoplastic Polyurethane technology has revolutionized running shoes by incorporating thermal regulation features in athletics and racing shoes.

Boost comes with protective features against fog, rain, and the hot sun. This technology helps you to keep at your game regardless of the weather.


Both models are heavily cushioned to give you heel-to-toe protection. This is perfect for preventing pinching or pain on your foot, no matter how long you stay in your sneakers.

They differ in that Cloudfoam uses super-soft pads, while Boost uses novel Thermoplastic Polyurethane cells. Cloudfoam features a knit design. However, some Boost models feature prime-knit designs. 


Cloudfoam has a soft padding that keeps your feet cozy and gives you a bouncy lift as you walk. The midsole pads are molded to contour naturally with your foot so that you hardly feel any pressure on your underfoot.

Boost, on the other hand, improves on this by providing more contact for your feet. The upper cushioning adds more comfort, including protecting you from the lacing system by providing a padded tongue. With Boost, you will have sufficient arch support to give you relief from Achilles Tendonitis and foot pain.


Cloudfoam comes with both a comfortable midsole and a breathable knit upper design. The material used to make Cloudfoam can endure extreme heat and keep your feet from the effects of such weather.

This is similar to Boost as it is also thickly padded and has a soft, breathable textile lining. Besides, it has a thermal regulating technology to keep the feet cool and hygienic. Boost also includes a pressure-reducing feature in its design and offers more room for your feet to move and relax.

Insoles and Outsoles

Cloudfoam and Boost are made to return energy and power your step. The insoles and midsole are soft but firm. They provide support to the heels, arch and, toe to give you a smooth spring and a soft, protected landing.

Boost goes the extra mile with the Thermoplastic Polyurethane midsole and soft upper cushioning that increase your energy return. In addition, it has a flexible outsole that gives you an excellent grip on the ground and better comfort to your feet.


Cloudfoam will serve you better as outdoor and indoor footwear. It does well as casual wear, for light running and regular walking. On the other hand, Boost is largely made for racing. The superior arch support and pain-relieving features make perfect for high-impact sporting activities.

Boost’s rubber sole offers perfect traction and shock absorbency needed in heavy sporting activities like racing, lifting, jumping, and high-speed games.


Both Cloudfoam and Boost feature outsoles with sufficient traction to offer you a proper grip on any surface. The outsoles are made to last as they endure impact from any surface. Boost lasts longer since it has an additional unique cell structure that gives you a better grip. The outsole and insoles of Boost are stronger, giving it more durability.


Cloudfoam is lightweight, ideal for everyday walking, wearing indoors, and for casual activities. You will have no foot fatigue even if you are to wear it all day. However, Boost is heavier, although this varies with the size and models. They feature heavier models for people with a big body frame and wide feet. Nevertheless, if you have slim feet, you can find a lighter Boost model.


Both Cloudfoam and Boost have received high-end endorsements from celebrities like Kanye West and Khloe Kardashian. Kanye West has been seen rocking Boost sneakers while Khloe Kardashian proudly makes an appearance in Cloudfoam sneakers.


When it comes to collaborations, Boost beats Cloudfoam easily. Boost has so many exclusive collabs including, their collaborations with Stella Mc Cartney, Highsnobiety, and Solebex. However, Cloudfoam also enjoys some exclusive collabs such as the one they signed with Gudetama.


Both Cloudfoam and Boost are premium quality Adidas models. Cloudfoam is made for light wearing during walks and light causal activities. It is comfortable and protective against abrasion, slips, and shock. However, Boost looks like a better version than Cloudfoam. It has more supportive midsoles and better interior lining.

It also has a padded tongue and a more flexible outsole for enhanced traction and grip. The outsole and upper are more durable, and the upper features prime-knit in some models, a feature that is lacking in Cloudfoam.

To crown it all, Boost’s Thermoplastic Polyurethane technology gives it superior energy return and the flexibility needed by racers. It also has better breathability.

Besides, you can choose a lightweight or heavyweight Boost depending on your foot size and preferences. If you go by how these models are popular among celebrities, you will see they share equal popularity.

As you can see, Boost emerges as the winner in most categories. It is your perfect racing partner. However, when you want premium quality and lightweight footwear for your leisurethletic wear, Cloudfoam will be your best bet.