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Why Are Birkenstocks So Expensive?

Why Are Birkenstocks So Expensive?

Birkenstock is a fashion footwear brand that has pushed the limits of affordability and luxury. It’s often coveted by influential individuals, editors, and world-class celebrities. A pair of Birkenstock can cost up to $110 or even more. Despite the high retail price, the footwear brand is always on sale. The Birkenstocks sandals are worn the whole year-round. According to experts, they are suitable for people with flat feet. Birkenstocks support foot arch, and its fitting is generally comfortable.

Anyone can wear Birkenstocks; however, before that, the subject that has made headlines in various parts of the world is “why are Birkenstocks so expensive?” Well, these sandals are worth the expense that you will make. They are so comfy, last for years, and are awesomely suitable for the general health of your body.  The cork used in molding the Birkenstocks sole can resume the shape of your foot when naturally exposed to pressure and heat as you walk. The podiatrist’s favorite is also used in the management of various foot problems.

The Birkenstocks come in different styles and designs. So you can easily find your best fit that serves the proper functions you need for diverse occasions. Here are the top reasons that make Birkenstocks too expensive:

Birkenstock Company Is Time-Tested And Reliable

The origin of Birkenstock is dated back to 1774 when a shoemaker from an interior village in Germany started crafting alluring shoes. Since then, shoes have undergone a significant transformation. However, for the Birkenstocks sandals and clogs, comfort has improved than it was 200 years ago. Buying your sandals from Birkenstock Company is a guarantee that you will find high-quality shoes designed and honed to meet your needs.

They Are Designed To Last

The style of Birkenstock is unique, adorned currently with a contemporary twist. The footbed is made flexible to adjust according to the foot’s shape. Therefore, wearing it more and more over time makes it comfortable. The materials used to construct this type of sandals are wholly durable. They are carefully processed with the utmost craftsmanship to withstand even the most brutal wear and tear. Therefore, Birkenstock is typically the best investment to offer your body. It will keep your feet happy for years and also ensure the proper alignment of the spinal bones.

Crafted From the High-Quality Products

Apart from employing certified experts to help in the production process, the Birkenstocks Company uses suitable materials that can be easily engineered and designed to fit human feet. Experienced professionals use all the possible techniques. It’s incredible how the Birkenstocks support the three arches of the foot from the bottom wholesomely.

The Birkenstocks footbed is essentially made up of suede, jute, natural latex, and natural cork. These are all-natural materials of high quality and can be renewed when need. Therefore, the Birkenstocks Company supports sustainability and the future of the regenerative world. The highlighted materials are joined for an elaborate production process that is gentle and positive to produce the best sandal.

Genuine leather is used to manufacture Birks. Suede makes the topmost layer of the footbed. Therefore, it has direct contact with the skin. Jute maintains the originality of Birkenstocks. It has a latex core and durable cork. The plant fibers in the middle layer improve the moisture regulation properties of Birkenstocks.

Comfortable and Suitable For Both Men and Women

Most of the Birkenstocks shoes have neutral colors and are generally unisex. They look suitable for every gender. Therefore, we can say that its demand is considerably high compared to supply. Working with the laws of demand and supply, the price of Birkenstocks is slightly increased to meet the market equilibrium.  There is a standardized price for a different type of Birkenstock. What might change a little is the shipment cost.

Are Birkenstocks Worth The Price?

Yes, Birkenstock shoes are worth it! The entire Birkenstocks collection is the household name and the product that improves the retailer’s trust that they earn from satisfied customers. Unlike the fashionable shoes that storm the market only on special occasions and last for a season or two, Birkenstocks last for years, and they are ultimately timeless. They are the best supportive shoes to get you back to the stores buying more of the same. Don’t worry about the price range. Buy your favorite Birkenstock. It will serve you for a lifetime. 

The cork footbed of Birkenstocks has a cushion to offer the soft support you need when walking long-distance. The protection is essential to ensure that you complete your journey without blisters. The best Birkenstocks that can be used for walking include Kairo and Yara for sandals-feeling and Arizona, Mayari, or Gizeh for the slip-on convenience.

The production cycle has continually shaded light to the premium price of Birkenstocks.  They are currently the aunt’s favorite and the fashionable footwear to everyone. Birkenstocks match with contrasting sundresses or wide-leg pants. Birkenstocks typically rhyme with everything.  Yoga pants or a fun dress, you will be proud of yourself before leaving the apartment.

The comfort of your lower limbs is directly related to your emotional wellbeing. You won’t feel mentally stable if you have a shoe that compresses the bigger toe with intense pressure. To avoid any foot-related conditions, you need to take the health of your feet seriously.

The best guard with far-reaching benefits is the use of Birkenstocks. It has an orthopedic insole to help you avert problems such as foot pain, calluses, ingrown toenails, and bunions. The orthopedic support of Birkenstocks is based on its ability to reduce the amount of pressure felt on some parts of the foot. 

In addition, to improve the general comfort of your foot, Birkenstocks also help in the nourishment of joints and muscles. They facilitate proper blood flow from the foot upwards, especially after strenuous activity.

Are you now concerned whether you can find the best Birkenstocks for your foot size? Worry less, Birkenstocks come in different colors, styles, and sizes to offer you thousands of options. You can wear it to different events ranging from casual evening outings or the typical day of work. Birkenstocks work best when worn without socks, and you can sync them with any outfit.