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Vans Authentic Vs Era

Vans Authentic Vs Era

Based in the US, Vans is one of the leading footwear brands in the world, with great ties to the action sports and sneaker community. This company has been around for over 50 years producing athleisure and delivering retro styles to the modern world.

Because of their simplistic versatility, excellent comfort, and durability, Vans shoes have become hugely popular in the skateboarding field- although the majority of people still wear these shoes for casual purposes.

Vans Authentic and Era are some of the company’s greatest inventions. Both options are from the 90s, but on the bright side, they kind of boast an imaginative design that makes them fit very well in the modern footwear niche.

Both styles appear to be very much alike at first glance, which can be a little challenging for people interested in either of them. But still, there exist some noticeable variances that set both sneakers apart.

Vans Authentic vs Era: Overview

Vans Authentic, also known as Vans #44 was first debuted in 1966 and it earned a huge customer base for the brand as most skateboarders found it interesting. It was believed that this style was inspired by the M4 Sherman tank.

Later in 1976, the company released their second shoe, Vans Era, which was formerly known as Vans Style #95. This particular style was developed by two legendary skateboarders, Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta.

Vans Authentic vs Era: Side-to-Side Comparison


Starting with the upper portion, both styles have been greatly improved over the years, and have served as the foundation for other graphical series.

The Vans Authentic features a sturdy canvas upper while the Vans Era comes with a durable double-stitched tri-color canvas upper, which is the main reason Vans Era is considered stronger and more durable.

Some modern iterations of the Authentic model boast the model’s essential traits while incorporating novel materials and imaginative embellishments.

Another major difference between Vans Aunthetic vs Erasstems stems from the collar and tongue. While Vans Authentic doesn’t have any padding on the collar, Vans Era shoes come with a large cushioned collar that goes around the ankles for added comfort.

People with shorter legs, however, prefer Vans Authentic due to its modern appearance as opposed to the Vans Eras which are stuffed with substantial cushioning.

Arc Support

There are actually little-to-no differences between Vans Authentic and Vans Eras shoes in regard to arch support. The flat bottom featured by Vans makes them quite not the best for providing appropriate arc support.

That said, there are ComfyCush shoes both in Eras and Authentics that provide considerable arc support. They also come with a foamy rubber sole and matching traction as the original Vans waffle sole. In other words, these shoes are designed to adapt to your feet’s arch as soon as you slide them on.

The softness of the Vans ComfyCush Authentic or Eras’ base corresponds to your feet’s arch as soon as you put them on.


According to the company’s website, Vans Authentic shoes are currently available in more than 30 distinct designs and colors. Solid color, checkerboard, rainbow, skull, and more variations are also available. They feature minimal stitching that grants them a clean silhouette.

Vans Eras shoes, meanwhile, come with a distinctive blended design with an attractive two-tone scheme that differentiates them from Vans Authentics, thanks to the durable doubles stitching.

With this kind of style, for instance, you can see canvas uppers having vibrant shades, which is absent in all Vans Authentic models. Furthermore, some Canvas Eras shoes have a canvas upper that wraps the entire length of the shoes.


Coming down to size, Vans Authentic and Era shoes may fit differently for different people due to the variation in thickness. Vans Authentic are generally narrow and don’t have cushioned collars, meaning they fit snuggly all around the heels. On the other hand, Vans Eras are designed to wrap securely around the ankles and provide a bit of arch support.

If you’re planning to skate in Authentics, go for the same size as you would within Eras, and although both shoes are true to size in comparison, you may want to try them on your feet before buying.

Vans Authentic vs. Eras: Similarities

Easy to Break-in

Well, Vans is recognized for maintaining a sturdy frame, but on the bright side, one of the benefits of these shoes is that they are easy to break-in. No matter which model of Vans sneakers you pick- Vans Authentic and Eras are- breaking into them isn’t a problem at all.

You can comfortably break into these shoes by wearing thick socks, wearing them more often, and bending them through both edges. You can also try other advanced methods such as applying heat, preferably from a hairdryer.

Same Branding and Packaging Process

Perhaps the most promising way to spot fake Vans shoes is to get accustomed to the company’s branding techniques. From its line of stitching to the position of logos, the branding process is identical between Vans Authentic and Era shoes.

Same Rubber Toe Caps

For added protection, Vans shoes are enhanced with layered rubber toe caps to minimize wear and tear. Additionally, rubber toe caps also protect your feet against accidental kicks on hard surfaces.

Although the design and curve for these toe caps may vary from different models, the concept remains the same.

Which one is better between Vans Authentic vs. Era?

The Vans Era and Authentic shoes are some most excellent models the brand has to offer. After comparing both the Vans Authentic vs Era, picking the best option can be a difficult move. Some people prefer Vans Authentics with no padding while some choose to go with Vans Eras, probably due to the foam collar and tongue. Obviously, they all have reasons for that.

The Vans Authentic is a simplistic sneaker with minimal detractors. It represents Vans classic styles that bring vintage design into modern fashion. Vans Authentics could be used for skating and casual situations because of their simplicity and the fact that they can survive all types of weather without losing their form.

Vans Era, meanwhile, is a variation of the Vans Authentic. It comes with a padded collar and tongue for improved comfort. In fact, it became one of the greatest skateboarding shoes just after its debut. People generally find this shoe to be a bit more comfortable than the Authentic.