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Toms Alternatives

Toms Alternatives

Looking for the best Toms alternatives? Everyone wants to get a comfy pair of shoes like Toms- something that’s stylish and trendy. While Toms shoes are undoubtedly stunning and perfect for sunny weather, they are relatively expensive. Not to mention that some will even cost +150 dollars.

The good news is that you can secure the comfort and looks of Toms shoes without spending much money. We have been on a mission and developed an elite list of 17 Toms slip-on shoes that are similar to Toms.

One best thing about Toms look-alike shoes is that they feature large and open weaves that allow proper ventilation even on the hottest day. This design alone makes them perfect. There are many cool options available with different materials for more style. Read on to find out the alternative shoes.

HSYZZY Canvas Shoes

This probably won’t be a great rundown of Toms alternatives if we omit these best shoes for women. With the HSYZZY Canvas Shoes, your feet will be embraced with an excellent comfort level as enhanced by the canvas upper and lightweight EVA outsole.

The outsoles are anti-slip for a safe experience. Those with high instep will appreciate the flexible V-Port design featured here.

Another reason why we like these shoes is that they’re highly adaptable for more than a few occasions. Not to mention the overall convenience that makes them even more admirable. The boots are available in seven colors and are valued in the lower mid-range.

  •       Highlights
  •       Anti-slip outsoles
  •       Lightweight Eva outsole
  •       Adaptable and convenient
  •       Flexible V-port design

Skechers BOBS from Bobs Plush

Next up is a nice pair of sneakers from Skechers. These shoes are derived from either textile or fabric, subject to which model you choose. The overall design is adorable for everyday wear. You can confidently match them up in a range of outfits.

Skechers BOBS from Bobs Plush are just as comfortable as Toms. They have a comfy memory footbed that comes in handy for sustainable comfort throughout the day. You can always add a nice pair of no-show socks with these fantastic flats.

The rubber outsole is meant to last due to its nature and is highly flexible too. The shoes come in a range of 36 variations and are impeccably valued.


  •       Excellent design
  •       Comfortable memory foam footbed
  •       Made of textile or fabric
  •       Flexible rubber outsole

PTHANN Women Shoes

Among the best Toms alternatives, the PTHANN Women Shoes are probably the most chosen. Indeed the shoes consolidate a style ideal for various situations alongside an excellent comfort level. Inside, the shoe is packed with thick memory foam that ensures comfort and support throughout the day.

Moreover, your feet will not be exposed to a high level of stress. Thanks to the comfortable design inside. They’re also the elastic rubber bands that are included to eliminate the use of laces. Perhaps that’s why the PTHANN Women Shoes are the easiest to use at all times. If you want to save time when putting on your shoes, you would be wise to pick this model.

Another impressive aspect is that the rubber sole is non-slip and provides max safety. It is even a shoe that’s very resistant to wear and tear of daily use. And for better results, the airflow inside the footwear ensures the right freshness. Overall, this is one of the best shoes for a good experience for your feet.


  •   Anti-slip rubber outsole
  •   Heel and curve uphold
  •   Versatile and adaptable design

Sam Edelman Women’s Krissy Espadrilles

The Sam Edelman Krissy Espadrilles is yet another charming pair of Toms alternatives! This model boasts a super cute design that is ideal for women of all ages. They’re fairly versatile for wearing with different outfits. And they don’t fall short on looks.

The shoes’ interior is lined with leather that’s breathable so that you can achieve a fresh and comfortable experience all day long. The upper is either made of textile or fabric, subject to which model you choose. Either way, the shoes are incredibly comfortable in spring and summer. You can find them in seven colors, all of which are correctly priced.


  •       Versatile design
  •       Available in multiple colors
  •       Made of textile or fabric
  •       Excellent design

Fereshte Unisex Casual Espadrilles Loafers

We have a special appreciation for these kicks. They have such a natural yet stylish look to them. They are just great. The design is well on the convenient side, and you can easily slip them on using elastic belts. The insoles are made of flax, which is rough but offers a nice massing effect.

The rubber outsoles are comfortable and flexible, making the shoes perfect for everyday wear. Aside from being convenient, the Fereshte Unisex Casual Espadrilles Loafers are durable as well. They are available in ten variations and are reasonably priced.


  •       Flexible rubber outsoles
  •       Fax insole for added comfort
  •       Durable and convenient
  •       Easy Slip-On with elastic belts

 Soludos Women’s Original Dali Slipper

We just can’t get enough of these designs. In the quest of finding shoes similar to Toms, the Soludos Women’s Original Dali Slipper clearly made a list. The fact that these are 100% textile means that truly comfortable for summer or spring. Not to forget that the slip-on design is also great and beneficial. Indeed, we can’t say enough how beautiful the overall design is and how flawless it would look on you. The soles here are derived from rubber, which is quite durable. The Soludos Women’s Original Dali Slipper is available in 3 colors: black, grey, and navy. The price won’t hurt either.


  •       High traction rubber outsole
  •       Easy slip-on design
  •       Beautiful structure
  •       Made of 100% textile

The Bottom Line

What is your take on the best Toms alternatives? It’s amazing how many great options we can find if we dive a little deeper. Each of these shoes is of great quality, so comfort and style are pretty much guaranteed. Now during the warm season, you can be comfortable and still look fashionable as well with your chic. An ideal pair of shoes will amp your whole style and make you look trendier. More importantly, you can now find the best shoes within your budget.