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Timberland Vs Rockport

Timberland Vs Rockport

There is no doubt that Timberland and Rockport are pretty competitive in the footwear industry. Both brands provide several styles, most of which are very similar in design and colors. Even so, certain features differentiate them from each other.

Timberland has a great line of boots and shoes. They specialize in a super comfortable work boot that you can count on all day and all night. Unfortunately, some of their models take relatively longer to break in properly.

On the other hand, the Rockport brand boasts an excellent line of shoes and boots, which are comparable to certain Timberland options. Nonetheless, they also fall short on various aspects.

Borrowing inspiration from numerous product reviews and previous buyers’ feedback, suggest the Rockport brand to anyone looking for a decent pair of comfortable, stylish, and reasonably priced shoes and boots.

Timberland, meanwhile, is the brand is grand to be if you’re looking for an iconic and famously comfortable work boot. The brand boasts an admirable variety of work boots, perfectly usable for both men and women. And just like Rockport, the price may vary from one model to another.

In the eyes of the public, both Timberland vs. Rockport stands out for being pretty considerable work boots with reasonable price tags. They also have lots of things in common, including the use of leather for most of their shoes that are meant for various dressed-up occasions.

These are some features and aspects where both manufactures create a good deal of confusion among boot wearers when compared against each other. Still, despite their admirable features, there are a few highlights that actually make a difference.

Timberland Vs Rockport: The Showdown

Timberland vs Rockport: Comfort

In general, Timberland boots are famously comfortable. Most of their styles are made with shock absorption systems to reduce foot fatigue, provide support and help keep the body in a natural position. Featuring a high-traction outsole and supportive midsoles, Timberlands work boots offer a great comfort level for different working conditions.

Speaking of the break-in period, there’s no substitute for actually having them on your feet. Nonetheless, if you attempt to wear a new pair of boots right from the box, un-broken, it can take anywhere between 3-5 weeks to break them in properly and adapt to the shape of your feet. During that period, you’ll be vulnerable to developing blisters and corns.

On the bright side, Timberlands have a naturally supportive heel that makes them very good for feet, especially among those who are prone to suffering plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. Plus, the boxy shape of their rugged boots actually provides more room for the toes.

The Rockport brand, meanwhile, prides itself on comfort. The company is well known for making versatile shoes that are easy to wear. To deliver comfort, they seem to embrace the need to offer a wide variety of widths.

They make shoes in extra-narrow all the way to extra-wide, something Timberlands noticeably fall short on. This, in turn, makes them unique in comparison to other footwear manufacturers. However, that doesn’t mean that every shoe/boot from Rockport will have these impressive sizing options, but if you’re searching for a unique width, Rockport most likely has a solution for you.

Timberland vs. Rockport: Size and Width

Making sure your boots fit true to size is essential. And while many Timberland boots run big, getting the light size and width becomes a limiting factor. If you’re looking for a wide boot, only 1/3 of the company’s boots are available with that option.

The boots tend to stretch and soften over time, though at first, they might feel a little tighter. However, models such as the 6″ original waterproof boot and those in the Earthkeeper series run a full size larger than true size. Being heavy-duty and hard-wearing, Timberlands are likely to fit bigger than Rockport boots.

Rockport shoes, in general, run true to size. Some of the boots, however, run a little larger though we’ve not received that similar issue with other Rockport versions. So unlike Tims, we would recommend sticking with your normal sizing. One Rockport model that we would like to discuss specifically is the Rockport M7 100 Milprowalker. They are one of the most popular shoes from Rockport.

These shoes are ideal as walking shoes and can be a great choice for those who stand on their feet all day. They are suitable especially for waiters and waitresses who need black shoes for work. The only thing is that these shoes run a little narrow in standard sizing. Thus you might want to order a wide sizing if you feel like the narrow fit may be an issue.

Timberland vs. Rockport: Built Quality

When it comes to construction, Timberland can be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a rugged boot that withstands any weather. The company counts only on high-quality material for manufacturing. As such, their price range in price from moderate to expensive.

Also, for individuals who want to design their own boots, Timberland offers customizing options that allow you to achieve every element of your boot and the color of the stitching. However, this option costs a little more.

Still, under construction, Timberland boots are designed to be water-resistant. Most Timberland work boots and hiking boots, including the popular Yellow boot, are marketed as waterproof. The uppers are made from tanned leather, which is coated in the factory to ensure maximum water resistance. If you’re planning on wearing the boots in inclement weather, you might want to make sure the boots are waterproofed.

Certain Timberland boots are designed with a built-in shock-absorbing system to ensure comfort throughout the day. However, it’s good to mention that Timberland boots aren’t the best pick if you’re looking for hiking boots. This is because they are not flexible and durable enough for tough terrains, especially for modern hikers. While they can be great for short day hikes, expect your Timberlands to start falling once you start distance hiking.

Rockport boots, on the other hand, are also marketed as waterproof. That means you can face wet working conditions with confidence in your comfort and fashion. The brand offers various options such as tall boots, heeled booties, Chelsea and mid boots. Moreover, the high-quality waterproofing construction not only stands up for the rain but also snow during winter days.

Timberland vs. Rockport: Durability

Mud, dirt, rain, or snow, Timberland work boots are famously hardwearing. With proper care and maintenance, these shoes can last for years. Thanks to the stated premium waterproof outer, tough rubber outsoles, and durable stitching employed in the construction. They’re designed to keep your feet warm and dry, a classic style that will serve you through any season.

Some Timberland models are made with leather sourced from tanneries with a gold/silver rating for environmental responsibility. So if buying an eco-friendly boot is important to you, then be sure to consider this feature. Apart from being long-wearing, the soles can be replaced by a cobbler when the time is right. With proper care, Timberland boots can last even longer, considering that the soles can be replaced time after time.

Rockport boots, on the other hand, are similar to Tims in several ways, including design. The Rockport Rugged Bucks Waterproof boot, for instance, is an A-grade boot that takes Rockport boots to line up to higher levels as an intricate kick that can do virtually anything without quitting.

At a glance, the Rockport Rugged bucks will hardly get misplaced both in the urban and rural environments. Besides, Rockport offers this boot in several options (such as the black model and a tan-suede version) just in case the tan-colored design won’t match your style.

The Bottom Line

Timberlands are known for being durable shoes, so buyers who invest in a pair tend to have confidence that they’ll last considerably longer. On the flip side, however, Timberland boots and shoes can be a little tough and stiff at first, meaning you might have to dedicate some time to break them in properly.

Another thing is that Timberlands aren’t among the cheapest options on the market. The brand makes huge profits from their sales, which is probably why these boots are so valuable.

Moreover, Timberland is an iconic brand, and the fame they’ve got over time has made it hype, which is yet another reason why their prices are touching the sky. In fact, their boots start around $168, but as you add features for comfort, things like anti-fatigue technology, the price can be as high as $200. Boots with custom designs typically cost over $200.

Rockport boots and shoes are designed to be super comfortable and provide a lot of arch support. These features make them ideal for use as a casual shoe, aside from being great for distance walking. According to previous buyers, they are comfortable shoes that don’t take long to break in. However, just like Timberlands, Rockport boots may fall when subjected to extended hiking on tough terrains.