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Tecovas Boots Vs Lucchese Boots

Tecovas Boots Vs Lucchese Boots

Cowboy boots have an undeniable iconic fashion impact. Whenever you want to project a sense of jagged individualism, you know you can always count on your cowboy boots. 

Gone are the days when boots were worn for horse riding only, particularly by cowboys and ranch owners. Today, you can get boots for any occasion. 

Do not be surprised to see the groom and his groomsmen clad in boots. Celebrities are also increasingly loving them for stage performances as they are cozy and elegant.

We know you are careful when selecting your boots, just like with any other commodities.  But with so many varieties of boots on the market, it is hard to tell which one is the best. 

That is why we have compiled this detailed review of Tecovas Boots and Lucchese Boots to make it easier for you. 

At the end of the day, quality, the manufacturing process, price, and elegance should guide you to pick the best boots. Consider this review concerning Tecovas and Lucchese Boots to help you choose your favorite between them.

Tecovas Boots Vs Lucchese Boots: What You Need to Know

Tecovas Boots


Tecovas boots’ quality is renowned. As a relatively newer company, they hit the market with the promise that quality was going to be their distinguishing mark, and they are living up to that promise.

These timeless boots are handmade. They are made with premium materials and fabrics by veteran artisans who understand what goes into high-profile footwear.

You will be relieved to know that the Tecovas boots are made with third-generation technology, with each boot passing through not less than 200 steps in the artisans’ hands. It is then no wonder that they are now at the fore of the boots trend game, especially compared to brands in their price range.


You may dismiss this company since it is relatively new, but wait till you know the kind of fresh outlook they have injected into the boot-making industry.

Hedrick, the founder of the company that makes Tecovas boots, realized that the prices of some brands were exaggerated. 

He set out to produce boots that matched the quality of other high-profile boots and offer it at a more pocket-friendly price.

In 2016, he left his job and buried his head in research books till he was convinced he could get going. He set up his factory in Leon, Mexico, the renowned home of boots industry leaders and artisans.

To make their boots affordable, they set-up online stores where buyers purchase directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the long supply chain that spikes the retail price of most commodities.


If you are looking for modestly priced boots that match-up the quality of any high-profile brand, go for Tecovas. You can get calfskin boots at $200-$250. And if you want more comfort, try their alligator boots, costing about $700 will serve you well. 

That is a small percentage of what you would pay for similar quality high-profile brands that cost as much as $ 13k. Tecovas also has ostrich boots that inject a significant lavishness into their collections.

Remember, with Tecovas you get the boots at factory or wholesale price even if you are purchasing only a pair.

Pros of Tecovas Boots

  • Excellent quality for the cost range
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Amazing customer care
  • Handcrafted
  • Available for men and women
  • Stylish and durable
  • Free shipping, 
  • Accepts returns and exchanges

Cons of Tecovas Boots

  • Available online with a few upcoming retail store
  • Fewer selections for women
  • Currently only sold in the U.S

Lucchese Boots


Lucchese boots win when it comes to quality. With the kind of esoteric details and steps their boots go through, they are the pacesetters in craftsmanship and design. 

Whether you want flashy boots for an outing or a highly decorative pair for your stage performances, they will have something to suit your taste.

They can custom-make your pairs, but even the non-bespoke alternatives are outstanding. They manage such high quality by selecting premium materials and using antique machines for an exceptionally unique finish. Besides, as industry leaders, they have top-of-the-range artisans.


Lucchese boots history is storied, running back from 1883 when the factory was set-up by Salvatore and Joseph Lucchese in San Antonio. With time, they began to attract cowboys from Mexican ranches. 

Over the years, they have made a name for themselves and become the go-to boot makers for celebrities and legendary leaders. 

Some of the people who have used their boots include former President JFK, former UK’s PM Tony Blair, Sandra Dee, Audie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and former Senator Lyndon B. Johnson.


Lucchese is a premium brand. Their boots are made meticulously to match the quality demand and match the first-rate price tag. 

Much as you can get a few pairs retailing at approximately $300, some varieties go for between $1,900 and $2,000. The most deluxe make is the Baron Black American Alligator Western Boot that retails for a whopping $12,995.

Pros of Lucchese Boots

  • Extremely fine quality
  • Reputable legacy
  • Meticulously handmade
  • Uses first-grade materials 
  • Wide varieties for men and women
  • Offer custom-made and non-bespoke varieties
  • Fits well even for thin-legged users

Cons of Lucchese Boots

  • Exceptionally costly
  • Poor customer service


Much as Tecovas Company is a new entrant in the boots industry, they have proved that they know the value of premium quality in the boot-making process. And true to their mission, they are making fine boots that cost far less than legendary boots of similar quality.

Lucchese, on the other hand, harvests abundantly from its rich heritage. They price their classic collections highly, but they are still able to attract first-class buyers. 

They are more highly talked about fashion statement collections. Renowned leaders and celebrities go for them not only for the comfort they offer but also to portray their rugged distinctiveness.

So as you can see, both brands are great depending on what you are looking for. Tecovas wins with its quality and price, while Lucchese will give you a luxurious look if you can shell out the amounts on the price tags.