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Skechers Work Boot Review

Skechers Work Boot Review

Skechers is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, especially when we are talking about footwear. Although they are famous for their sneakers line, they also make work boots for both men and women. With their specialty being shoes, Skechers has the experience and expertise to know what works and what does not in a work boot.

Skechers Work Boot Review

Skechers Mariner Utility Boot

Skechers Mariner Utility Boot is a versatile boot that is suitable for working in different environments. It boasts a wedge heel and leather classic wedge design that can be worn every day and everywhere. It provides excellent traction thanks to its extreme tread, helping maintain your posture despite the terrain. The soles also offer excellent shock absorption.

The shoe comes with a supportive instep and deep toes for a better fit. This makes them comfortable for long hours of working while on your feet.

The Mariner Utility Boot has a sturdy and elegant design that can fit many outfits.

Skechers Men’s Verdict

 With its waterproof leather, rubber sole, comfortably padded tongue, and cushioned insole, this shoe is easily recommended for most people.

The rubber sole is designed with a good tread meant to provide traction in different conditions. Its padded tongue and cushioned insole protect your instep and provide comfort. The boot has no break-in period to speak of thanks to these two features.

Waterproof leather is great for keeping your feet nice and dry when working in spill-prone areas.

This is all capped with an inexpensive price tag of under $100.

Skechers Men’s Burgin Tarlac Industrial Boot

This is another nice-looking boot priced under $100. This boot comes with the same basic features as the Men’s Verdict, which is waterproof leather, rubber sole, padded tongue, and cushioned insole. It also adds steel toe protection tested and certified to meet or exceed standards for impact and compression, ASTM F2413. It also provides electrical hazard protection meeting ASTM F2413-11 certification and other standards outlined by the ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 rating.

Skechers 70727 Soft Stride

Canopy is a slip-resistant work boot with a composite toe. It is constructed with a textile upper and textured leather that makes it both breathable and durable.

It has Skechers’ Relaxed Fit design that is a roomier and more comfortable fit. The Soft Canopy Stride has memory foam cushioning so you can wear the boot in comfort all day and a midsole providing shock absorption and support.

Soft Stride Canopy’s insole provides high levels of traction even on oily and wet surfaces. It has also been beautifully designed so it goes with many outfits.

Skechers Clan Waterproof Work Boot

This a comfortable boot with a safe style. It is a suede-treated boot that is easy to clean and waterproof. They have a rugged and stylish look so they are suitable for both the workplace and hiking.

This is a lightweight work boot with a Gusset tongue and padded collar. It has a supportive, shock-absorbing midsole and a soft and comfortable fabric lining. They are well-made with composite toes and stitching accents for added protection.

Skechers Workshire ST 

The boot is full-grain leather, steel-toe ankle boot with stitching and overlay accents. It has rubber outsoles that provide excellent traction and memory foam insoles for better support and providing shock absorption. As they have a Relaxed Fit design, they have a roomier and more comfortable fit. The steel toe cap adds to the shoes’ safety rating.

They can be worn straight from the box with little to no break-in needed. They are comfortable to walk in. For under $150, these boots are worth looking at.

Some Negatives

  • Some people have complained of narrow heels in Work Relaxed Fit designed boots.
  • Though rare, some have complained about needing to break in their new boots.
  • There have been some complaints about the memory foam in some boots not being durable.
  • Lastly, some have complained of poor construction and soles peeling off.

Sketches Boots Buyer’s Guide

Skechers make work boots with different designs, colors, and styles. Before choosing the right work boots for your use case, you should consider:


Your boots must fit in with where you will spend most of your time wearing them. For areas where you will encounter the risk of objects falling, you may want work boots that have steel toes and have a durable construction. Areas like hospitals and hotels/ restaurants have different priorities and steel toe protection is not necessary.


If you spend long hours on your feet, you know how important being comfortable in your shoes is. In fact, comfort and safety are related to each other. Boots need to provide the right amount of heel and arch support so you do not get blisters and aching feet.

It is also important for your feet to be able to breathe and cool down without removing them. This is however secondary to your safety as it cannot always be implemented and maintain safety standards.

Construction Material

The best work boots can reliably be worn for years. Be it the non-slip insoles or the boot’s construction materials, they need to be made from quality material.

Skechers is known for the quality of their materials and workmanship, and they build their shoes to last. Most non-slip work boots are made from genuine leather which provides comfort and protects your feet. Others are made of synthetic material, like mesh material, which is breathable and light.

Boots’ Traction

In most work areas, you will find some benefit to having a secure footing. Whether you work long hours in messy places, places where spills are common, the floors are very dry and other areas will likely require different soles that provide traction in those different areas.

This is not just about the embarrassment of falling in front of your coworkers, it is also about your safety. Good traction will protect you from serious injuries.



Skechers make great work boots and they have a wide variety you can select from. They are well priced and are made with quality construction materials. They are easy to recommend for most people and use cases.