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Rossi Vs Blundstone

Rossi Vs Blundstone

Having the correct footwear brand will help you get through difficult treks and lengthy fascinating adventures without complaints. On the other hand, hiking in the incorrect shoes can only result in injury and a lot of suffering. Which footwear brand do you use for outdoor trips?

Rossi and Blundstone are famous heavy-duty boots. They are mainly used for work and other minor purposes. Some similarities between Ross and Blundstone include comfort, overall quality, and durability.

Comfort, size, durability, and quality determine the type of footwear brand you can buy. Ross and Blundstone boots are quite similar. However, what differentiates them? Which brand is the best option for you?

Here’s a detailed comparison between Rossi Boots vs. Blundstone Boots. Read through the article to know the right brand that suits you well.

Rossi vs. Blundstone Comparison


One thing that shouldn’t be disregarded when buying any shoe or boot type is how comfy your boots are. The importance of comfort superiority in the shoe and boot industry can’t be overemphasized. After the broken-in process, Blundstone boots are more comfortable to wear all day.

Rossi Boots aren’t awful for comfort, but they’re not as good as Blundstone, as seen by their acceptance among service sector employees. These boots offer a sturdy leather rear pulling tab, air cushion midsole, and cushioned inner soles for added support.


Rossi and Blundstone produce high-quality leather shoes that last for many years under proper care and maintenance. You can’t go wrong with any option in terms of product durability.

However, for wet conditions, Blundstone is the best. Blundstone outdoor boots are waterproof, warm and include a cushioned heel pad for added shock absorption in rainy seasons.

Overall Quality

It isn’t easy to settle on one specific footwear manufacturing company when comparing Rossi vs. Blundstone in terms of quality. These boots are made of high-quality leather that is easy to maintain for many years. It’s worth noting that leather used in making Blundstone requires particular cleaning recommendations.

Blundstone’s superb leather uppers are of exceptional quality, and their non-slip outsoles provide excellent grip in snowy weather. Rossi Boots are full grain pure kip leather and have a durable Endura rubber sole.

When comparing the bottoms of the two boots, it’s evident that Rossi’s boots have greater rubber support and traction.

Rossi Overview

Rossi Boots is a well-known footwear brand. Rossi, a reputable footwear maker situated in Kilburn, was founded in 1910. The company produces a wide range of shoes and boots, with a preference for high-quality leather materials.

Rossi boots are noted for their outstanding overall quality and ability to sustain lengthy usage while remaining comfortable.

It’s also worth mentioning that Rossi sells various accessories, including footpads, stockings, and belts. Rossi is also a footwear company that makes a variety of boots, including boots for men, and women, formal boots, outdoor designs, and work boots, among other styles.


  • Fewer stitches used throughout the material – The boots are more flexible and conform to your feet easier with flexible stitches.
  • Soft, supportive, and comfy cushioning in their footwear- Many other brands appear to be well-made, but their soles aren’t cushioned. However, for Rossi, they are soft with supportive and comfortable cushioning.


  • They’re heavier than other boots – it’s hard to notice during the first few hours, but after a day of running around in Rossi’s, you’ll feel weighed down.

Blundstone Overview

Blundstone is another famous footwear brand with a large global fan base. It was founded over a century ago in Tasmania. Blundstone boots, designed for rough terrain, are now often worn as daily footwear.

They’re a multi-purpose, all-in-one shoe suitable for casual and more rugged usage. Since 1870, the business has developed backcountry-friendly styles such as steel-toed labor boots and insulated winter boots.

Blundstone boots appear to be a little flimsy, lightweight, and easy to slip on. According to various customer reviews, Blundstone boots last long if properly with proper maintenance and when used in extremely harsh terrain.

These one-of-a-kind boots are crafted of a single piece of leather that conforms to your feet smoothly, and the thin sole keeps you close to the ground.


  • Lightweight and comfortable – Blundstone boots are quite pleasant and comfortable to wear once they’ve been broken in. The lightweight nature of each boot ensures that your feet and legs are not overworked.
  • Blundstone is made of high-quality leather- The main material used to make Blundstone is a single element of leather. It’s light and flexible, allowing you to contour your foot while giving adequate support and durability.


  • They take a long to break in- every time you buy a new Blundstone, it takes a long time for the boot to feel comfortable.
  • The size of the boots might vary – if you’re buying the first pair of Blundstone boots, it’s a good idea to consult their sizing chart beforehand because their size differs from that of many other brands.

Rossi vs Blundstone: Which is the Best Brand for You?

Since there is no obvious winner between these two Australian brands, here is a simple guide to help you decide on the best boot and brand to go with.

If you want elegant, lightweight, and comfy footwear, go for Blundstone. Don’t mind if the ankle support isn’t as strong as it might be.

If you’re searching for a long-lasting boot with excellent support and great comfort, go for Rossi. Don’t mind if they feel a little heavier.

Notably, before you buy any Blundstone footwear brand, please check the Blundstone sizing chart for the right fit.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between Rossi vs. Blundstone is a tough task. It all boils down to personal choices and demands.

Both make sturdy, comfy, attractive, and all-season footwear that will undoubtedly appeal to everyone. However, one thing to remember is that Rossi boots are considerably heavier because rubber is used to increase the sole’s traction.

On the other side, Blundstone boots have relatively weaker innersoles, so you’ll need to get quality innersoles if you need extra support.