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Nike vs Vans

Nike vs Vans

Nike and Vans are two brands from different eras with a cult following. Some people have been wearing the company’s shoes for nearly their entire lives, while others may only buy them when they need some new kicks.

What makes Nike and Vans so different? Read on to find out! You might just find your next pair of shoes.


Nike is an American shoe and apparel company that was originally founded in 1964. The headquarters are located in Beaverton, Oregon. The shoes were originally called Blue Ribbon Sports and were created by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman for the track team at the University of Oregon. They started selling them to other athletes but soon people who weren’t even athletes wanted them so Blue Ribbon changed their name to Nike.

The company’s first big hit was the Nike Cortez, a loafer-style running shoe. In 1972, Nike released the Nike waffle trainer. It was the first shoe to feature Nike’s “swoosh” logo. The design of the shoe was inspired by a waffle iron that Bowerman owned. The company has released hundreds of different styles and designs since then, but they are most known for their athletic shoes. They are worn by professional and amateur athletes worldwide.



Vans is an American brand of skateboard shoes founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren in California. The shoes were originally made from a single piece of rubber that was attached to a canvas deck shoe. They were meant for the skateboarding world, but since then they have branched out into different types of shoes. The Vans brand has grown to encompass many different types of shoes including work boots, high tops, low tops, slip-ons and even school books.

The company has a number of famous fans including Charlie Sheen, Kurt Cobain and Tony Hawk. They also have a number of celebrities that are directly involved in their business including Steve Caballero and Flip.

Average vs Premium Quality Goods

Nike and vans are both made up of a variety of different products. Nike is made up of shoes, apparel, bags, hats, caps and accessories. On the other hand, vans is predominantly made up of shoes and clothing (dresses, jumpers and hoodies). Because of this it’s quite difficult to compare the two. Both of them have premium goods and all other goods in their range.


Nike Vs Vans: Shoes

In terms of shoes, both brands have their pros and cons. However, many people agree that Nike is the most comfortable brand on the market. It’s said that you could run a marathon on their shoes if you wanted to.

Nike has a slightly better variety in terms of shoe types, but if you’re not into sports then this won’t really matter to you. Vans also has its wide variety of shoe types too (only a little bit smaller).

Nike is also the best quality shoe brand. The shoes are made of premium materials and are very durable and not likely to wear out like other brands might do. However, this is because most of their shoes are pretty expensive. Unfortunately, their budget range doesn’t last very long, compared with other brands such as vans. The budget range from Nike is about the same as the average range for vans.

Nike VS Vans: Clothing

Nike clothing is made up of a variety of different products (such as t shirts, shorts, jumpers, dresses and accessories). However, the range is quite small compared to vans. As they say, ‘Just do it’, Nike apparel is known for its stylish design and durability. You can also find long sleeved jumpers in this range which is very hard to find within vans.

If you’re into sports, then Nike is the best brand for you. The clothing is made up of a variety of different products and is also very professional for sports, such as golf and basketball. This is an area that many other brands lack in so if you’re into sports, then this is a great thing to consider when making a decision between the two. In terms of streetwear, Vans has the upper hand. They’re known for their designs and it’s very hard to find any other brand that can compete with them.

Nike Vs Vans: Hats

Both van and Nike have a lot of caps in their range. They both have various different types, such as beanies, winter hats, baseball caps and more. However Nike is the better quality one when compared to the average range from vans. This is because the hats are durable and don’t stretch that much.

Nike Vs Vans: Bags

Nike is better when it comes to bags (other than the typical messenger bag). They have a wider variety than the average range of vans. They also come with a variety of different types, such as backpacks, tote bags, and more. Vans also has their own basic range, but the only thing is that they don’t last very long