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How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

While we all deserve to have a favorite pair of shoes, Hey Dude offers a large selection of comfortable, stylish footwear to explore. Hey Dude shoes are popular because they entered the market with an exceptionally unique style alongside top-notch quality. Also, the shoes are lightweight, breathable, and very accessible in terms of wearability.

However, as an emerging footwear brand, it’s common to have lots of questions about it. So this article seeks to help you know more about Hey Dude shoes by addressing one of the most frequently asked questions “how to tighten Hey Dude Shoes”.

How Can You Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

While most people prefer a snug fit to the easy-on lace fit that most Hey Dude shoes offer, you can always make your shoes tighter by simply tightening the knots on each side. 

You will just need to pull the shoe closer and knot it such that the knots are closer to the eyelet. Hey Dude shoes are generally designed to provide a loose-fitting, supposedly for comfort but you can always tighten them to your feet by properly tying the shoelaces.

Another common question associated with fit is how to stretch Hey Dude shoes. However, one thing worth mentioning is that the only Hey Dude shoes that stretch easily are the sox and stretch styles. These models are developed with an elasticated fiber that makes them easily adapt to the shape of your feet.  

One best way to stretch a textile Hey Dude shoe (not leather) is to freeze it. To do this, half-fill a Ziploc bag with water and lock it, then tuck it into the shoes and put them in the freezer. The shoes will stretch with the expansion of the ice.

Do Hey Dude Shoes Fit True To Size

The most impressive thing about Hey Dude shoes is that they are light, stylish, and affordable. They check almost every box anyone would expect in casual shoes. However, coming down to size, some of their models run true to size, while others don’t- though on the bright side, every product page on the company’s online stores includes sizing tips to guide you.

It’s also good to note that Hey Dude offers shoes for both women and men. While the Wally, Paul, Chambray, Thad Chambray, and Welsh styles are typically peculiar to men, the Peyton, the Wendy, and Laila styles are great for women.

Why Makes Hey Dude Shoes So Popular

Timeless Design

Whether you love classical, traditional-looking shoes, or something off-the-wall, probably to contrast western-like outfits, Hey Dude shoes are meant to match just about any fashion choice. The shoes are lightweight and flexible and are available in standard colors and unique designs like doodles, plaids, and patterns.

For those who want something more comfortable, yet more dressed up, probably for a meeting, you can find a pair that suits your needs. What’s even better, most Hey Dude shoes are machine washable, meaning you can count them looking excellent for years.

Also, Dudes footwear line seems to be a great choice for someone looking for a good pair of walking shoes. Their soles are developed with a patented sole technology while the insole is considerably thick memory foam. One Hey Dude insider described walking in Hey Dude shoes as walking on the cloud. They’re generally soft and supportive starting from the collar down to the footbed.

Large Selection

Designed in Italy, Hey Dude shoes are made for everyone to enjoy. The brand offers a wide selection of men’s and women’s as well as youth products. Indeed, they seem to understand that every foot is unique. Perhaps this is the reason why most of their shoes are crafted with comfortable fabric that adapts to your feet alongside replaceable memory foam-based footbeds for sustainable comfort.

Most lace Hey Dude styles come with elastic laces. That means you can easily slip them on and off. While the Wendy for women and Wally for men are the most popular, other styles will easily expand your choices, from slip-on models to sandals and booties and even styles with plush fleece linings that are particularly great when you want to stay warm. There are also, moisture-wicking models that keep your feet cool and dry throughout the day.

Hey Dude’s Eco-Friendly Options

Reading on their website, Hey Dude has a great commitment to preserving the environment and is proud to provide eco-friendly products. For instance, men will find recycled leather and chambray versions of the iconic Wally and Thad models, while women will shop for eco-conscious shoes from the Wendy and Misty lines. After all, it feels good to know that the manufacture created your favorite footwear with sustainability in mind and that the purchase was a reliable investment.

Still, under sustainability, some Hey Dude shoes such as the Mistral style are vegan. The shoes have been developed from natural and ethically sourced materials. Meanwhile, there are ones made of leather, suede, and leather-lined memory foam insoles. Those aren’t vegan-friendly. Besides, you opt for the cork-lined or canvas-lined insole.

Some Dudes are Machine Washable

Well, not all Hey Dude shoes are machine washable but most of them are. The brand’s canvas and fabric shoes can all be tossed in the washing machine for a refresh up. However, while you can machine wash the canvas, six, and stretch styles, be sure not to use the washing machine on suede, leather, or wool styles.

Note that you should wash the sox, canvas, and stretch styles under cool conditions. You might want to set your machine to a slow or non-spin cycle. To wash canvas shoes, simply remove the insoles and any badges or toggles fitted on the shoe.

Set the machine on a cold was and put in some washing powder. You might also want to use a color-catching product when washing the shoes especially if the shoes are multi-colored to prevent color running.