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How to Stop Patent Leather Shoes from Squeaking

How to Stop Patent Leather Shoes from Squeaking

Have you ever had a pair of squeaky shoes? The noise made by squeaking shoes while walking may be irritating and embarrassing. Especially if you’re walking in a formal environment like a quiet office, hall, or courtroom; keep reading to know how you can eliminate the clicking noises and make your shoes quieter!

Increasing friction of the leather shoes with deterrents like Baby powder or any other non-toxic powder after identifying contact areas has shown to be the most effective way to stop patent leather shoes from squeaking.

Before drilling further on how to stop your shoes from squeaking, let’s first know what makes the shoes squeak.

Why Do Patent Leather Shoes Squeak?

Your patent leather shoes might be squeaking because of the following reasons;

  • They are new and in the break-in process.
  • They are old shoes damaged by prolonged wear and tear
  • The water inside the shoes
  • Smooth Sole
  • Wearing the patent leather shoes barefoot
  • Shoelaces are the ones squeaking and not the shoes
  • Unfitting shoes

Shoe squeaking can be caused by the factors listed above. In addition, the affected sections of your patent leather shoe can be more than one. It can be the shoe itself or the laces. The bottom of the shoe, the insole, and the outside elements might as well be affected. Shoes can squeak for various causes, including a combination of the above aspects.

Please verify whether trying to stop the noisy patent leather shoes will negatively affect the shoe warranty terms before attempting any of the procedures below!

How to Stop Patent Leather Shoes from Squeaking

The first step in solving any problem is troubleshooting to determine the source of the problem and make necessary changes.

Ensure that the squeaking isn’t caused by anything as simple as the shoe is new and needs breaking in. If you’ve been wearing the patent leather shoe for a while and the squeaking persists, try the following hacks:

Fix the Insole

The insole is a small strip of material that covers the shoe’s base from inside and keeps the foot comfortable. If the insole is loosely placed in the patent leather shoes, it can cause friction and squeaky noises.

Squeaking sound from the problematic insole is fixed by gluing the insole to prevent friction. Suppose you don’t have the technical know-how. In that case, another simple remedy is to detach the insole and spread talcum powder below it—talcum powder works to decrease friction between the insole and the base of the patent leather shoe.

  • Wear a Pair of Socks

As absurd and apparent as it may seem, some individuals have sweaty feet. As indicated earlier, moisture lessens friction since it’s a lubricant that might produce squeaking when the foot rubs against the shoe while walking.

Therefore, wearing a pair of cotton-based socks is the most ideal as they have a high absorbency quality. In addition, they serve best because they’re quick, affordable, and reliable.

Check on the Loosely Fitted Parts of the Shoe

Carefully examine the shoe’s components, looking for the loose bits that might be the source of the squeaking.

If that’s the case, the talcum powder is helpful. Generously sprinkle the powder in between the surfaces of the neighboring pieces to suck away moisture and maximize friction.

Squeaking Sole

If the shoe sole is loose, it may cause squeaking when walking. If the sole is loose, use a leather adhesive, such as super glue, to hold it in its right place. Keep it tightly held for some time until the adhesive dries up.

Another best solution to the squeaking sole is to massage the bottom using rough concrete or sandpaper until the appropriate texture and grip are achieved.

Checking on Moisture

If you stay in a wet area with frequent rains or the ground is soggy due to the diverse environmental causes, the moisture might decrease the friction of your patent leather to act as a lubricant.

In addition, sweaty feet can also cause uncontrolled fluid leaking into the patent leather shoe. As a result, it’s crucial to constantly put a toilet paper roll or even a newspaper inside the shoe to dry off the moisture before you wear it.

Squeaking Shoe Tongue

The shoe tongue is a strip of leather located behind the laces. It’s only found in shoes containing laces.

Shoe tongues give grip support for the heels, preventing your leg from slipping out. However, they can make you squeak when walking.

If the cause of the high-pitched squeals is identified to be the shoe tongue, you can sand down the edge of the tongue using sandpaper or even nail filler so that it doesn’t brush against the inner portion of your shoes to create the noise.

Patent Leather Shoes Overview

Patent leather is a type of leather material with a shiny appearance. The general outlook is obtained by coating the leather with lacquer.

Patent leather shoes come in various colors, but the most popular is black, which is understandable given that black works practically with every color.

Apart from the beautiful appearance of patent leather shoes, the shiny, mirror-like appearance gives it a waterproofing property. It also enhances its flexibility.

When cleaning the patent leather shoe, it’s crucial to use the correct protocols and tools. The soft bristle brush is used to scrape off dirt and dust from the shoe’s surface, and a soft flannel cloth is soaked in warm water to gently remove any lingering specks of mud and dust.

If scuff marks appear on the shoe’s surface after cleaning, use the shaving foam and toothpaste to remove them.

Generally, when it comes to elegant dress shoes for an official event, patent leather shoes are the way to go. They give comfort while keeping a fancy and opulent appeal, leaving you looking dashing.

Although squeaking is the only disadvantage, there are solutions to whatever makes your shoes produce high-pitched irritating squeals.

If you can afford it, buy a patent leather shoe. Look good, feel good, and even if it squeals, you’ve got this article as a guide.