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How to Stop Crocs From Squeaking

How to Stop Crocs From Squeaking

No one wants to be that person — the one who walks into a room, and everyone looks up to see who’s making all that racket.

If you have Crocs, you know what I’m talking about. Whether you’re wearing them around the house or out in public, they make a squeaking sound when your feet rub against the inside. While it might not be as embarrassing as farting while lifting weights, it can still ruin your day.

Well, if your Crocs are making that annoying squeaking sound when you walk, don’t worry; we’ve got some easy solutions to stop squeaky crocs in their tracks so that you can get on with wearing them without the embarrassment of sounding like a duck every time you take a step. 

Why do Crocs Squeak?

There’s no one reason why crocs squeak. Some people say it’s because of the tiny holes at the top of the shoe for ventilation; others think it’s because of the soft rubber material that they are made from.

Crocs mostly squeak because of the friction between the sole of your foot and the inside of the shoe. There is nothing wrong with your pair of Crocs, this is a common occurrence and it is usually caused by moisture or sweat. Sweat can be absorbed into the foam and make it wet, which reduces the coefficient of friction between your foot and the shoe. This then causes an annoying squeaking sound when you walk.

Another possible explanation is the build-up of dirt inside the shoes. Dirt is continuously created when you wear your Crocs, but it’s easy to remove as long as you clean them regularly. However, if you let the dirt pile up, it can get in between the shoe’s sole and its upper section and cause squeaking.

Often, shoes that have been used for some time will stop squeaking as the inner layer breaks down, but this can take a long time and ruin your enjoyment of your crocs.

The squeaking will stop after some use, but there are some tricks that can help to speed up the process and keep your Crocs quiet.

How to Stop Crocs From Squeaking

There are a few ways to stop Crocs from squeaking, some of which are more effective than others. Try one or more of these techniques.

Use Talcum Powder

You can make use of talcum powder to eliminate the squeaking. It is a very common home remedy that you can easily find. You only need a little bit of powder to stop the squeaking. Put a small amount of talc in your hand, spread it around, and then rub it into your Crocs. The powder should fill any cracks inside your shoe and soak up moisture preventing your shoes from squeaking when you walk.

Use Baby Powder

If you don’t have talcum powder, then you can also make use of baby powder too. The method is similar to that of using talcum powder. You should sprinkle some baby powder on the inner sides of your shoes and then apply pressure on it with your hand so that it completely absorbs into the lining of the shoe. 

Dry Them Out:

Crocs will squeak when they are wet or damp (or if you live in a humid climate).

You can dry them by:

Wearing them on a sunny day or near a heater or air conditioner if they are wet. This may help if you have only worn them once or twice and they are still damp. The quickest way to dry them is to set up a fan blowing directly at them. This will dry them out within an hour.

Putting them in the sun for an entire day if you have experienced several rainy days in a row or have worn them for many days without drying out.

Break Them In

The easiest and cheapest way to stop your Crocs from squeaking is by wearing them regularly. The more often you wear them, the better the Crocs will fit on your feet! The material will become softer, and it won’t create that annoying squeaking noise anymore. Try walking around your house while wearing your Crocs to speed up this process. If they still continue to squeak after a couple of weeks of use, try one of the other methods we’ve outlined.

Use Chalk

Chalk absorbs moisture and can also help to lubricate surfaces that start squeaking. Sprinkle chalk into your Crocs and rub it around with your fingers so it works its way into all of the holes in the shoes. Walk around with chalk-filled Crocs for about 15 minutes to let the chalk do its job.

Clean the Soles

If rubbing chalk on the bottom of your Crocs isn’t appealing, you can also clean them with a nail brush, toothbrush, or other small scrubbing tool dipped in dish soap or shampoo to remove any dirt or residue on the soles. Soap will also lubricate the soles of your shoes and stop them from squeaking during movement. 

Use Silicone Spray

Most hardware stores sell silicone lubricant spray in a can, which can be applied directly to squeaky shoes. Spray only a small amount on your shoes, then use your fingers to work it into all of the holes in your shoes and rub it onto any areas where other parts of your shoe rub together as you’re walking.

How to Keep Crocs From Squeaking?

 Nothing is worse than walking around the house and hearing the annoying squeak of your Crocs. Luckily, there are several ways to keep your Crocs from squeaking:

Make sure you have the right size. The most common way people end up with noisy Crocs is by purchasing a pair that does not fit correctly. If your Crocs are too big, your foot will not be snug in the shoe and will move around more than it normally would. This movement causes friction against the inside of the shoe and creates a squeaking noise. If you’re not sure what size you need, stop by a Croc store and have an employee help you try on some shoes.

Put on clean socks. Socks that have been worn too many times often become stretched out or thin in places where they are rubbed against shoes. Putting on socks that do not fit snugly can cause your feet to move around in the shoe more than normal, which can create friction against the inside of the shoe and cause a squeaking noise when you walk.