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How To Remove Flat Back Earrings

How To Remove Flat Back Earrings

For those who love ear piercing, there might come a time when you have problems with earring back stuck for one reason or another. This could be due to poor threading or the earring backs being affixed too tightly to the earring post, making it stressful when you try to take it out.

Fortunately, you don’t have to feel frustrated when you’re unable to unscrew the back of your earrings. Well, for starters, the process can be a little stressful, but we have some helpful tips on how you can remedy an earring back stuck situation, with various types of earrings.

Check these tips out and you’ll be able to do so in no time.

How to Remove Flat Back Earrings

When you only just pierce your ears, they are likely to be sensitive to forged metals. This can leave you experiencing pain and costly side effects. Whether you find them uncomfortable for taking off or sleeping, it’s about time you use a small surprising hack to resolve the issue.

Some simple household items such as tweezers, petroleum jelly, and rubbing alcohol will come in handy. Here’s everything that you need to do:

First, apply some rubbing alcohol on a clean ball and gently pat the cotton ball onto your earlobe. The point here is to remove dead skin cells and oils that could be causing the problem. Leave the situation for a few seconds to dry.

Once the front piece is loose, hold the flat back with your fingers, and then carefully pull the front piece away from the post. You can simply remove the flat back earrings by holding the post or rather the back of the earring with your fingers and then gently and carefully pull/screw the front piece from the post.

How to Remove Screw-In Studs

Screw-in earrings, also known as internally threaded earrings, have a threaded top that screws into its post. To take out an internally threaded stud, hold the flat back tightly in one and while unscrewing the top to the left. If both balls unscrew, consider choosing the one that’s easiest to access and unscrew.

Most barbells use threading on both ends and both balls may be removable. However, this is not always the case as some models may have one of the balls permanently attached by press-fitting probably to reduce manufacturing cost, which means it cannot be removed.

How to Unscrew Stuck Back Earring

To take out a stuck earring back, commonly known as a clutch, first wash your hands with antibacterial soap and then rub a small amount of petroleum jelly on the backside of the earring. Once it is lubricated, hold the front of the earring in place and gently turn the clutch to loosen it.

How to Remove Hard Plastic Earring Backs

To get hard plastic off earring backs, soak the back by placing a cotton pad soaked with oil right over the back and holding it there for a bit. The point here is to soften the back a little and cause it to enlarge slightly possibly, bringing the hole back to its initial size.

How to Remove Studex Earrings

Hold the front of the stud firmly with one hand while cupping the bottom of your ear lobe with your finger. Be careful not to pull down on your earlobe. Using your other hand, pinch the stud backing between your index finger and thumb. Then pull the back out of the earring carefully and quickly, while keeping the stud in place.

How to Remove Push-Pin Studs

If you want to remove the push-pin stud, firmly hold both ends of the earring. Then twist and pull out the top (the decorative piece) while holding the flat back post in place. After pulling out the top or rather the decorative piece of the stud, you will realize that the post has a little bend that helps to ensure your top latches into its labret.

How to Remove Fixed Bead Rings

Fixed bead rings, also known as captive bead rings do have a ball that doesn’t move the point of closure. The purpose of the bead is to make the earring move around less in your ear and consequently help it better and faster.

If you want to remove your fixed bead ring, grab the earring on either side of the ball and twist your fingers or the earring, for that matter, in counter directions away from one another. The earring should look like the beginning of a spiral when opened.

Note that captive bead rings are a distinctive design of jewelry. There are two indentations on each side of the bead and the ring uses tension to rest in each indention on either side. As such, the bead itself has to be removed completely.

How to Remove Seamless Rings

Seamless rings, also known as clickers, have a subtle hinge and a closure that clicks in/out. While this may be a little hard to relocate, you can gently feel around the earring with your thumbnail to locate the hinge as well as closure- or alternatively, as a friend.

If you want to remove the seam ring, locate the closure point and click the hinged portion out, away from the rest of the earring.

The Bottom Line

It can be stressful when earring back doesn’t come off for whatever reason. This is a quite common problem that usually happens after wearing a new piercing. When that happens, you’re likely to experience pain when trying to remove or sleep with such stuck flat back earrings.

But now that you have a complete guide and safety tips on how to remove flat back earrings, screw-on, stuck butterfly back, and safety earring backs from your earlobe, you don’t have to worry about such problems at all.

Just keep in mind that the tips discussed above are very general and not provided by a doctor. So you might want to visit your doctor for a bit of more professional or responsible advice.