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How To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor With Baking Soda?

How To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor With Baking Soda?

There are various things that can be considered embarrassing and stinky shoes is undoubtedly one of them. Shoe odor can be annoying and damaging both to your personality and persons around you.

As such, many commercial products are purported to mask or eliminate shoe odor, but one of the easiest, and certainly one of the most economical methods, is using baking soda. Getting rid of shoe odor has never been so easy.

All it takes is to have some baking soda. The substance needs to sit in the shoe, and can even be more effective when done in the evening, or when you’re not planning to go wearing your shoes in the next day.

While doing your research, you may have across suggestions that placing an open baking soda in the refrigerator can help eradicate foul food odor. Applying the same principle, baking soda can be similarly useful to keep your shoes fresh and pleasant.

So, don’t be tempted to throw your favorite pair of sneakers to washers or dryers to fight the odor. Why damage your shoes while there are other, more effective tried-and-true methods to help maintain your shoes? 

How it Works

Technically speaking, baking sodium is sodium carbonate, a powder substance with some bit of alkalinity. Chemically, baking soda is linked with the effects of neutralizing the acidity of many things in its proximity, including the moisture in footwear where odor-building bacteria thrive.

Like other compounds that create an odor, sweat from human feet is naturally, but slightly acidic. On the other side, baking soda outward magic might stem from the fact that it counteracts the acids that raise bacteria.

Another odor-subsiding effect of baking soda is that it simply absorbs moisture, thus controlling the condition within the shoe, making it hard for bacteria to thrive. Apart from serving as an odor-eliminating substance, baking soda is also associated with several benefits:

  •       Reducing shoe odor using baking powder minimizes the chances of developing sensitive skin reactions that could occur when using other products.
  •       Baking soda removes odor without involving fragrances that interfere with your shoes’ construction.
  •       Baking soda can also be useful as a fungicide and is linked with antibacterial properties.
  •       Additionally, it is by far the most economical means to treat stinky shoes.

Removing Shoe Odor With Baking Soda

Smelly shoes or sneakers are no match when they come into contact with baking soda. Generously, sprinkle soda in the stinky shoe. Shake the shoe around to distribute the powder and leave it intact overnight. When the morning comes, dump out the powder. We advise that you be careful when using baking soda against smelly leather shoes- repeated usage can make them dry out.

Ideally, you can come up with your own reusable “odor killers” shoe deodorizer by putting your old socks with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda and have them tied in a knot. Pop the stuffed socks into each shoe at night before resting. And when the morning comes, remove the socks. Your shoes will probably breathe easier.

This method basically involves the process of baking soda comes into contact with most of your shoes’ interior, making sure the odor-producing bacteria have nowhere to hide. However, the method is much more favorable to cloth shoes than suede or leather shoes. Continued use of baking soda can make the shoe to be a little brittle. For leather and suede shoes, you are better off creating and using baking soda sachets.

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Making Baking Soda Sachets for Your Shoes

This is probably the most suitable option of removing odor, especially when dealing with leather or suede shoes. For better results, put a sachet of baking soda inside your shoes after every wearing. This will help absorb the odor until you’re ready to put them on again.

So how do you make baking soda sachets? It’s simple. In a small piece of cloth, wrap up some baking soda and tie the stuff with a string or a ribbon for that matter. You might want to add a few drops of essential oil such as lavender to the sachet. This will help add a pleasant smell while the baking powder is executing its odor-removal work.

After making the sachets, you can put them inside your shoes, preferably after every time you take them off. Walking shoes and sneakers are particularly more prone to collecting odors in the course of the day. As such, keep the sachets in the shoes until the time you need to wear them again.

Eliminating Odor from Sandals Using Baking Soda

As we know, sandals are typically worn barefoot, which makes them more susceptible to odor- not to mention that they can be stubborn to some extent when you want to free them from odor.

Start by preparing a plastic bag. Put half a cup of baking soda into the plastic bag, followed by the sandals, and then seal it. Shake the bag to distribute the baking soda over the sandals. Then leave them inside the bag for at least two days.

When the time is due, remove the sandals from the bag and shake off the excess powder before wearing them. For suede or leather sandals, be sure to wipe off the baking soda from the straps. As soon as you’re done, your sandal will be fresh, clean, and ready to wear.

Bottom Line

All things considered, baking soda, chemically known as sodium carbonate, is abrasive and absorptive enough to eliminate many stains and smells. As far as the topic “how to get rid of shoe odor using baking soda” goes, baking soda is an effective, cheap and accessible way to give your stinky shoes a fresh lease of life.

It is a versatile leavening powder linked with multiple applications aside from cooking. From mouthwash and improving exercise performance to alleviating itchy skins and sunburns. Similarly, baking soda is well worth it to have on hand in case you got your shoes stinking.