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How to Get Free Shoes

How to Get Free Shoes

Most companies offer shoes as a giveaway offer. That is probably the most popular method used by many people to get free items from different manufacturing firms. Some people can get the free shoes as an exchange for a review. Other free shoes are only for those in specific jobs. For example, the companies that provide free shoes for healthcare workers. There must be a way for you to get an offer of the free shoe on this list.

Free Shoes Online Through Testing Programs

Many individuals have once heard and probably understand how this program works. It gives high chances to anyone who wishes to get free shoes without paying. They only have to participate in the mandatory testing program.

Basically, this method means that you will get free shoes by giving your consolidated thoughts on the shoe. The reviews cover aspects like style, fitness, comfort, or how it helped you on any sports activity.

How to Get Free Nike Shoes 

For one to qualify, you have to apply for the product tester post. You will get some apparel or a pair of free shoes after coordinated communication processes through email. Therefore, you should have a fully active email. On the other hand, if you live close to a testing center, you must go for an in-person shoe test. 

The recruiting company will allow you to wear the shoes for a certain period. It might be more than a month, and the signature requirement is to do certain activities in them.  For example, you will be asked to use them in any game to test how strong they can endure wear and tear. When the testing period is over, you will have to return them for further evaluation and identification of areas that need improvements. Research and development of shoes is a continuous process; thus, you will find a company looking for more testers after completing one phase of another different organization.

The company is top-rated, and people are always trying to get an offer from them. They have a program whereby anyone can get in touch and help them design new products or improve the model and style of their already existing products.

Nike is widely renowned for offering free sneakers for testing. When one cannot choose which shoes they received from Jordan shoes, no one will tell you. Nike is more likely to send their new arrivals at no cost for appraisal.

Getting Free Shoes from Vans

Vans do not have testing programs but has other ways of offering free shoes to their target audience.

”Vans Family” is a program for the customer loyalty scheme. Once you are a member, you will unlock entry to a particular family product, promotion, and experience.

Other ways can be confirming your email, referrals to friends, and purchasing Vans products. In this unexpected way, you earn points that can be redeemed for any product like a pair of shoes.


Getting Free Shoes from Adidas

The first procedure involves opening a personal account from Adidas’ website. You need to register as a product tester. You have to make sure you are above the set minimum requirements.

The requirements include living either in Europe or the US, being above 18 years and swearing not to test competitor products or share sensitive information on what you are asked to do.

If you pass the test, you will get emails inviting you to participate in the round test. An incredible reward with Adidas shoes follows your acceptance. The relevant bodies will offer programs on how you will be required to test the product given. If your work impresses them, you’ll continue as the eligible participant for future tests. That means that while you may not keep the free shoes, you can have new ones regularly, depending on your participation.

How to Get Free Shoes From Brooks

You have to sign up for the testing program and qualify. Their requirements are majorly similar to those of Adidas. Given that Brooke is known for runners, others who prefer other sports can be considered. This is because Brooks is looking for all sorts of people using their shoes in different ways.

You will use the free shoes for at least three months. Brook will then request you to return the shoes with feedback that will be used for further research and development. At this point, you can relax and wait for the next chance to participate.


Getting Free Shoes from New Balance

First, you need to sign up to become a product tester. Some information will be required majorly on how often you exercise.

If you pass the requirements, you will communicate with them through the mail. They will ask you to wear them like any other pair of shoes. You will then provide feedback on their usage, fitness, comfort, and more. Your information will help them improve the New Balance product line.

Free Shoes for Healthcare Workers

Some big companies have come out to offer free shoes to medical staff and other frontline workers as a small way to say thank you for the excellent work they are doing while trying to save lives.

Free Kizik Shoes for Healthcare Workers

It is popularly known for its hand-free shoes as one can slip them on and off without touching. This will give complete protection to the health workforce since their environment is more exposed to viruses and bacteria, among other microorganisms.

Free Crocs Shoes for Frontline Workers

These shoes are comfortable enough, and great news shows more than 860,000 pairs of shoes globally have been donated.

Other Ways of Getting Free Shoes

  • Free used shoes mostly advertised on Facebook and other websites
  • Free shoes for low-income families offered by various organizations