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How Long Does it Take to Break in Birkenstocks?

How Long Does it Take to Break in Birkenstocks?

The break-in process of Birkenstocks needs commitment. Periodicity tends to vary depending on whether you have Birkenstocks with a soft cork or a little hard footbed.  Therefore, commitment is paramount because the whole transformation might be time-consuming. However, your patience and hard work will finally get their ultimate reward since the sandals will finally conform to suit the shape and size of your feet.

There is nothing that beats the comfort you feel when the new shoe works as if it’s only custom-tailored for your feet. It has been noted that the break-in of Birkenstocks needs between 2-3 weeks. You will walk miles wearing them without any complaints. Surprisingly, you might even forget that you had other shoes waiting for your attention at the shoe rack.

The time taken to attain Birkenstocks break-in might be short or long, depending on your level of commitment and patience. So first, how do you break in the new Birkenstocks? Are there hacks that can help in speeding up the whole process? Well, you don’t have to stress about how you can break in the new Birkenstock shoes and sandals. 

The Simplest Ways You Can Use To Break-in Birkenstocks Faster

  • Wear Them Everyday

The first thing you need to break in Birkenstocks successfully is to wear and walk some distance with them daily. Walking with the new sandals regularly quickens the adjustment of the Birkenstocks. But, within two to three days, you will have to feel its comfort sinking to a luxurious feeling.

Birkenstocks never select the areas in which they are worn. So wear them when you’re in or outside the premises of your home. Use them in the house only if they are clean. Walk with them in the garden. Still, you can wear Birkenstocks to a party or any other function for comfort. 

Long walks and exercises help in the removal of the initial rigidity of Birkenstocks. They gradually conform to your foot size and shape on frequent adjustment with the muscle movements.

  • Soak Your Sandal And Wear Them With Thick Socks

Another brilliant idea used to deal with the rigid and stiff footbed plus the straps of Birkenstocks is wearing thick socks while the sandals are slightly soaked with water. That prompts you to have a reliable pair of socks that you will be using every day. Wear your socks first before the sandals.

One more trick under this method is the use of cotton cloth in soaking the sandals. The technique works by softening the straps and footbed. When the materials used to manufacture Birkenstocks get some water, they tend to expand. Water also acts as a lubricant; therefore, the sandals will feel soft and comfortable. After soaking the sandals and wearing thick socks, walk with them even the whole day for satisfactory break-in results within the shortest time possible.

  • Ensure That The Strappings Are Adjusted Properly

It’s the most straightforward method, but most people always tend to forget. As you unbuckle the straps, make sure that the amount of space created is appropriate for your leg to fit in. During the initial break-in of Birkenstocks, you need to unbuckle the adjustable straps. Then, adjust it slowly until you’re confident that the size and shape are suitable for your feet.

This tip is critical because if the straps are not adjusted appropriately. You will complain about the unpatented blisters after some time. The discomfort might force you to stop the entire process of trying to break in the Birkenstocks sandals.

By soaking and keeping the right measure of strapping, enhanced comfort and a pleasant experience are felt while walking with Birkenstocks sandals. You’re allowed to wear a thick pair of socks any time you feel that the sandal strappings are rubbing to your skin and there is bad irritation. Try to prevent the possible eruption of blisters. Socks reduce friction between straps and the skin. When your sandals are generally comfortable, the break-in period is significantly reduced.

  • Heat with a Hairdryer

Leather materials are gradually expanded by heating. Therefore, if you feel that the new leather Birkenstocks are very tight, uncomfortable, and rigid for walking, try passing heat over them using a hairdryer. You can easily find a working hairdryer from your neighbors, relatives, or friends.

This method needs you to be very efficient, and you practice it more frequently. First, wear a thick pair of socks followed by the Birkenstock sandals. After that, find the hairdryer and connect it to the power. Next, switch on the device and use it to heat the sandals from all angles.

As you heat the sandals, be meticulous and focus on areas that you feel stiff and rigid.  Footbeds and straps need enough attention. Heat these areas to reasonable temperatures and only walk around with them when they’re warm.

Repeat the same procedure for the first few days after buying your favorite Birkenstocks. After some time, you will release that the sandals have stretched, and they feel more comfortable and pleasant.


Birkenstocks sandals have a good profile. The break-in process needs you to have some capacity to tolerate delays. However, 2-3 weeks is not an extended period. When the whole confirmation is done, your sandals will be comfortable for a lifetime.

The break-in period of 2 to 3 weeks is not always constant. Employ the hacks discussed above to reduce it even to approximately 2 to 7 days.  Soak before walking with them every day. Remember to wear a thick pair of socks. There is no harm caused if you can bend it inwards and outwards a few times. However, before bending them, ensure that the straps are unbuckled. Gradual bending keeps them flexible.

Buying the right size of Birkenstocks matters in its break-in. Improper-sized sandals with the wrong width will make your feet undergo a painful and harsh experience. You can use a hairdryer to expand the leather material and ensure that your feet have sufficient space. Soaking is a great alternative that offers the desired comfort from the sandals quickly.