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H&M Shoes Review

H&M Shoes Review

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is a fast-fashion clothing company. Operating in over 70 countries, 33 of those have online shopping available as an option, H&M has made a name for itself as one of the largest clothing retailers in the world.

Being a fast-fashion company means H&M sells some of the most affordable shoes you can find. There are 369 different shoe designs available in H&M’s line-up.

Let us look at a few shoes H&M has in its line-up:

H&M Premium Suede Sneakers

For a long time, many fast fashion brands did not have a premium line to speak of, but that has started to change in recent times. H&M also decided to join the fray and offer affordable shoes made with premium materials like suede and leather in their “premium” lineup.

The shoes look great, as do most shoes from H&M. The design is great and it comes in a variety of colors, like grey, dark blue, golden brown, white, and light taupe. They are designed to have a slim profile and rounded toes so they look great with any casual wear you choose.

Leather is used in the sneaker’s construction, justifying their premium branding. They have a cotton insole and lining making them more comfortable to wear. The sole is 100% rubber which is good for traction.

H&M has a reputation for having true to size fitting so just select your shoe size and be assured it is likely to fit. The shoe width may present a problem for narrow footed people as it does not appear they have different widths for selection.

The shoes appear to have a breaking period before they are comfortable for daily wear.

At $69.99, full retail, the shoes are worth checking out, maybe even trying them on to feel how they wear. The shoes are constantly sold out so you may check-in at different times to confirm their availability.

These shoes are a great selling point for the premium line from H&M. The compromises made are balanced out by what they got right and the price of the shoes.

H&M’s Suede Ankle Boots

 Chelsea boots are made in Portugal with burnished suede. It has a loop at the back, elastic side panels, and a 1 ¾ inch heel with pointed toes. The lining and insole are a 50/50 polyester and leather blend while the sole is 100% rubber.

Burnish can look great on shoes when done right but this has been described as excessive making the boot look like it has been damaged or pre-distressed.

They fit true to size without being tight at the toe box. This boot comes in at $79.99 making it justifiable despite the compromises made with the quality of the suede material.

Ankle Boots

You can also find a cheaper boot made with a polyester faux suede upper, polyester insole and lining, and a 3-inch thermoplastic rubber heel. This boot is only $34.99.

They have true to size fitting like other H&M footwear, they do however seem to be a bit narrow and may require a size up for a comfortable fitting.

Some customers have noted that the faux suede is easily scuffed and is prone to peeling.

H&M Leather Double Monk Strap

The shoe is constructed using real leather like other premium-quality H&M shoes. Soft leather has been used for the insole and lining construction and rubber for the sole. They have a basic shape that is not elongated while keeping the toe box from being bulbous or bulky.

The smooth leather is evenly shaded but unfortunately comes off as cheap. The straps have aged brass buckles that complement the leather rather well.

There is a version of this shoe available with suede instead of smooth leather. It has a better more premium look to it even as it shares other features with its smooth leather counterpart. We recommend this shoe over its counterpart.

For $80, the shoe’s construction quality and materials are well balanced.

H&M Suede Derby Shoes

The Suede Derby is made using soft suede with decent construction. They are slightly burnished at the toes.  A tall toe-box gives them a pretty sleek modern look, unlike classic bucks.

They have the same soft leather as the Double Monk Straps used for the lining and insole. A rubber sole for improved traction is a plus. Just like the double monks, these are from the premium quality line made in Portugal.

They fit true to size and have a little break-in time required before you can wear them sockless.

For $70, you get a good-looking shoe you can wear with your warm-weather wardrobe. They also go well with jeans and a sports coat for those cooler days.

Leather Ankle Boots

This is the premium quality version of the ankle boots constructed with soft leather for its sock, suede for its upper, rubber for its sole, polyester for lining, and leather for the insole.

They are fit true to size and are comfortable to wear with about a day to break in.

They are worth the $80 price tag H&M has placed on them.


Many H&N shoes look great regardless of the price tag or premium branding, they do, however, have a reputation of being poorly constructed. Considering the low prices, expectations regarding shoe quality should be tempered.

To be fair, even their premium products are fairly inexpensive, so being able to find decent quality suede shoes is quite the feat.

There have been some reports of H&M’s customer service being a bit lackluster. You can, however, receive refunds if you are unsatisfied with their products or trade them in for something else.

We only have a few non-premium shoes listed above, but these are also worth looking into when you are looking to buy your next pair of shoes.

Fast-fashion trends mean that a product is usually only available for a short period before it is replaced. If you do not like what is on offer right now, just check in at a later date and something better may be available.