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Feit Shoes Review

Feit Shoes Review

Indeed, the phrase “vegetable-dyed calfskin” isn’t the most common in the world of footwear. However, these naturally treated shoes by Feit are ground conscious in a practical way.

Not only are these shoes comfortable and great in terms of appearance, but the overall production process is chemical-free. And based on user’s reviews, these shoes keep on getting better and better even after wearing them for months.


Feit handmade sneakers are usually designed with a one-piece vegetable-tanned horsehide upper, which after being cut and hand-lasted, rests for a week to achieve proper shape. This care and attention to detail have drawn a large following to the company.

The overall style looks like a sneaker, but the interior construction is hand-welted- meaning the sole can be replaced when the time is right.

For the hand-sewn super high boot, you can wrap the laces around the ankle and pull through the moccasin-style tab. This modern shape creates a moccasin and military boot-inspired model of the classic series. Laces are available in both square leather and cotton varieties.

 The Outsole

Feit produces shoes with time-tested methods utilizing beautiful leather. The outsole is on another level for a luxury shoemaker certainly exclusive for standard and strange. Although it looks like a normal gum sole, it is actually derived from pure latex by Lactate Hevea in France.

All-organic products- no toxic chemicals or synthetics were involved in the making of these shoes. And they are ethically manufactured in China. The shoes are available in all sizes from 8 to 12.

These hand-sewn latex sneaker fits are designed to fit true to size, so they are slightly larger or rather more accommodative in comparison to Vans Classics. If you’re searching for the best sneaker, something that does not only employ the best materials but also boasts top-tier construction, then Feit Shoes are worth checking out.


Coming down to functionality, numerous things seem to come in handy during summer. In fact, the anticipation of the coming summertime has everyone thinking about how they’ll use their time off, whether that means spending time outside or heading somewhere fairly exotic for a vacation.

On that note, if you fall in the latter category, be sure to have Feit hand-sewn shoes with you. It’s just another summer staple to include in your packing list. No doubts that these are some of the chicest and most comfortable shoes in the range.

Both the Espadrille Court and Espadrille Ballet are available in white and black to match your style. However, each espadrille- similar to other Feit’s shoes is made from start to finish by one person. As such, there are only 40 shoes made in each color. That means if you’re planning to have these shoes for the summer, then you’ll have to act fast.

The stated welt on the sneakers is Goodyear, meaning you can get them resoled for a prolonged lifespan. Wearers can also add a Toppy Vibram rubber half-sole if they wish. Well, some stated that they’re not a huge fan of the look and silhouette featured here, but they also affirmed that the overall quality is undeniable and agreeable for wearing often for a long time.

About The Manufacturer

FEIT is a San Francisco-based footwear company. Reading on their “About Us Page”, the company was created by Tull Price (the founder of cult sneaker brand Royal Elastics), and his brother as a means of providing high-quality, modern shoes without damaging the environment.

Tull Price spent ten years studying and working in Europe, gaining experience and expertise in conventional production techniques. Feit products are a fusion of this dual history where the best of both classic and athletic footwear merge into a modern, minimal luxury product.

The brand makes each of its shoes by hand using natural materials, producing a limited number with a carefully selected group of craftspeople from around the world. Even the FEIT’s espadrilles are developed with the same quality level and care.

Feit aims at eliminating material waste and over packaging while trying to work around the chemical industry complex that supports most parts of shoe production. Visit their SoHo shop and you’ll feel a little closer to nature. It’s all made up of blonde wood and natural sunlight.


While the woven shoe has been around since the 13 century, Feit shoes take a modern approach to the timeless style. The price starts at $500 for each pair, where slim slippers with tinted color cost $520 and the stout lace-up hikers cost $700. There are no logos or grommets or off-neutral shades on any model. The brand also launched the Espadrille Court that costs $550. It comes with a lace-up tie to resemble a sneaker in addition to the fiber wrap.

Most shoes are developed with no seams, thus ensuring comfort while allowing the shoe to form naturally to the foot. Most Feit shoes also feature a natural jute-fiber wrap around the cork’s sole, which makes them ideal for days of sightseeing that you’ve probably planned for your next trip.

The leather, indigo suede, honey buffalo, semi-cordovan white are designed to remain consistent in firmness during both cold and hot days. The shoe ages to a subtle patina with use.


The Bottom Line

Sleek with minimal design, these hand-sewn sneakers will go with just about anything you wear. Style them with a pair of your favorite worn-in jeans alongside a loose-fitting button-down shirt to embrace that relaxed lifestyle while on your vacation. And once you’re back from the gateway, you can comfortably wear them with a pair of wide-leg trousers and a blazer.